Shri Sammed Shikharji Jain Temple: Complete Guide to Giriraj

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Jain community is one of the religions in the world that highly believes in spirituality and non-violence while living a peaceful life. Thus, temples and other sacred places are an inseparable part of their daily routine. One such famous temple among the Jains is Shri Sameed Shikharji Jain Temple

In the article, we will be discussing some important information about the holy site. This is one of the most visited temples by Digamabara and Svetambara. Various information regarding the temple will be provided. History, location, and timing, as well as the methods to complete Shikharji Jain Yatra, are mentioned in the further sections. 

About Sameed Shikharji Jain Temple

About Shikharji Jain Temple

The Shri Shikharji Jain Temple is founded on the highest peak of the state Jharkhand in the Gidhi district. The building holds significance for both Digambar and Svetambara. It is said to be the place where twenty of the twenty-four Tirthankaras in the Jain religion left their physical bodies. They finally achieved Moksha, the independence from the cycle of life and death, here.  

The title of the Shikharji Jain Temple itself has various meanings. For instance, the word “Shikharji” means venerable peak. The region is also named Sammed Sikhar, meaning a ‘peak of concentration.’ The reason for keeping such names for the temple is that all the Tirthankara get Moksha and the ultimate enlightenment from here through meditation. 

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Shikharji Jain Temple Location

Jal Mandir Shikharji Jain TempleAerial view of Jal Mandir Image Courtesy: Pankajmcait

As already mentioned, the temple sits on the highest peak of the state. The site is located in the eastern rural part of India. One can visit the same through NH-2, i.e., the Delhi Kolkata Highway. However, one has to ascend a height of 1,370 metres to visit the holy place. 

The Shikharji Jain Temple is of great importance for people following Jainism. Every year a bunch of masses visit the temple for peace of mind. Moreover,  Ashtapada, Girnar, Dilwara Temples of Mount Abu and Shatrunjaya along with Shikharji Temple is considered the ‘Pancha Tirth’ for people belonging to Svetamabara. 

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Shikharji Jain Temple Timings

Shikharji Jain Temple timings

Shikharji Jain temple follows a strict rule when it comes to timing. The time limit decided by the temple’s administration is from 4 AM to 5 PM. Although, the timing is subject to change following various factors. Considering the time given would be a safe option to follow. 

The devotees have to perform a parikrama of 27  miles or 43 km of Shikharji. This is a renowned ritual performed to make your prayers accepted by the god. Tourists and devotees have to travel through the Madhuban forest to reach the pilgrims. 

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Shikharji Jain Temple History

Shikharji Jain Temple History

The exact date of establishment of the temple is still blurry. Therefore, people try to look for any mentions or references to this temple in ancient scripture. The very first reference to the temple was found in the book “Jantar Dharmakatha.” It is considered the oldest and most fundamental as well as the core book for Jains. 

This was then followed by Parsvanathacarita which was a 12th-century biography that gave us some instances of the temple. It was written by Parsva. On the other hand, modern history states that the Shikharji Jain Temple was built by Vastupala and Visaladeva. Both of them were reputed officers in the King’s court at that time. 

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Shikharji Jain Temple Architecture

Shikharji Jain Temple Architecture

The temple is simply full of ancient idols, statues and inscriptions which are dated even earlier than the 14th century. The current structure of the temple was designed and constructed by Jagat Seth in the year 1768 CE. At the same time, the Sanskrit texts and inscriptions, mentioned at the bottom of every image, were written in 1678. 

The walls of the Shikharji Jain Temple on the hills also contain mural paintings. The images reflect the existence of other Jain Temples of Parasnath Hill. These images even include the Svetambara Bhakthamara temple. This temple was the first one of its kind to have Bhakthamara Stotra Yantra and was established by Acharaya Ramchandrasuri. 

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Sameed Shikharji Jain Mandir Photos

Tonk of 23th Teerthankar Parasnath at Shikharji Jain MandirTonk of 23th Teerthankar Parasnath at Shikharji Jain Mandir Image Courtesy: AGRIM.AJ

Jal Mandir Shikharji Jain MandirShikharji in Jharkhand is the most important Jain pilgrimage destination. The Parasnath hills is where twenty out of 24 Tirthankaras of Jainism attained nirvana, hence know as Nirvana Bhoomi. Image Courtesy: Rizhwickh

Gautam Labdhi Vihar, Madhuban, Shikharji Jain TempleGautam Labdhi Vihar, Madhuban, Shikharji Jain Temple Image Courtesy: Bodhisattwa

How to reach Shikharji Jain Temple from Durgapur?

Railway, Taxi or personal vehicle can be used to reach Shikharji Jain Temple. However, the cheapest way to get there is the train which only costs INR 300 – INR 975 for one side.

How to get to Shikharji Jain Temple from Gaya?

The Shkharji Jain tirth distance from Gaya is 140 km. Taxi, railways or personal vehicles are commonly used for travelling. Taxi is considered the fastest mode of transport to travel to Parasanth hill. The duration of the journey would be 2h 43m.

How to get to Shikharji Jain Temple from Nalanda?

Mahavir Tonk Shikharji Jain TempleMahavir Tonk, Shikharji, Giridih district, Jharkhand, India Image Courtesy: Bodhisattwa

A huge base of tourists visits Shikharji Jain Temple from Nalanda. Taxi and train services are preferred for transportation. The time taken for the train is 8 hours 4 minutes while a taxi would only take 3 hours 19 minute.

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Places to Stay Near Shikharji Jain Temple

Being a famous tourist spot, several hotels and Dharamshala can be found near the Jain Temple. Hotels are started from the range of 30 km from the temple. Some nearest hotels that offer sammed shikharji room booking are The Wedding Bells, Seventeen Degrees Hotel, Morpho Bokaro, Hotel Reliance, etc. 

The average room price of the hotel is INR 1400. However, one can always choose a more expensive room as the budget allows. 


FAQs About Shikharji Jain Temple

1) What are the opening and closing times for Shikharji Jain Temple?

The opening time for Shikharji Jain Temple is 4 AM – 5 AM. On the other hand, the gates of the monument close from 5 PM – 6 PM

2) How much time will it take to climb up to Shikharji temple?

Although it depends upon the walking speed of the traveller, a person with average speed can reach in 3 hours. It could be a fun trip rather than a tiring one if you love walking between hills and nature to reach the Shikharji Jain temple

3) Sammed Shikharji how many steps would it take to reach there?

A person has to take around 12000 steps in a day which will constitute 27 km of distance. To illustrate, if a traveller initiates his/her journey at 4 AM then he/she will conclude it by 12-2 PM. 

4) What is Shikharji famous for? 

According to Jain mythology, 20 of the 24 Tirthankaras achieved Moksha by meditating at the same place. Therefore it is considered a holy site.

5) Can we reach Shikharji by air? 

Currently, no aviation services are provided directly to Shikharji Temple. But one can take a flight to the nearest airport to Shikharji, i.e., Ranchi Airport. 

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