Tijara Jain Temple Alwar – Jain Atishya Kshetra

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India is a diverse country with various religions and races living it. One such community which is believed to have resided in India since 300 BCE is Jain. There is a strong theory about the origins of this community. According to historians, the very first community of Jains started living in the Eastern Part of India and built great temples like the Tijara Jain Temple.

However, due to various reasons, a shift in their population placement was seen. All the Jain families shifted to Maharashtra and its surrounding areas. As a result, 4% of the population in Maharashtra are following Jainism as their religion. This can be also a potential reason why most of the Jani temples can be on the eastern side of the country including Rajasthan and are doing Tijara Jain Temple accommodation business.  

About Tijara Jain Temple

Tijara Jain Mandir

This Digambar Jain temple is dedicated to Chandraprabha. The place is also known as Atishaya Kshetra or “a place where the miracle happens”. If we talk about the geographical aspects of the building, then it is located in the Alwar District of Rajasthan, India. The Tijara Jain Temple is situated 55 kilometres away from Alwar and 110 kilometres from Delhi.

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Chandra Prabhu Baghwan who is the major idol of the temple was the eighth Tirthankara. It was inaugurated as a temple and historical monument in 1956. Ever since its opening ceremony, people have been eager to visit the temple. 

In addition, people have a glance at its beauty while staying at the Tijara Jain Temple accommodation. Apart from Bhagwan Chandra, Bhagwan Parshvanath and Bhagwaan Mahaveer are worshipped in this temple.  

Tijara Jain Temple Location

Garden at Tijara Jain MandirImage Courtesy: Capankajsmilyo

With a 15-inch or 38 cm white marble statue of Chandraprabhu, the temple is situated near the Jain Mandir Road, Jian Mandir Market, Tijara Rajasthan. The statue of the deity is in lotus opposition. Historical records state that the idol of the temple was installed on the 3rd day of Vaisakha Shukla. The estimated year is around 1497. 

As already mentioned, the building not only serves as a temple but is also a tourist spot where tourists can stay by doing Tijara Jain Temple online room booking. A large number of tourists always visit this temple every time they visit Rajasthan. The sense of art and culture in such places is tremendous and eye-pleasing. 

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Tijara Jain Temple Timings

Being a holy and confined place, not much flexibility is provided when it comes to visiting hours. A tourist or a traveller is only allowed to visit the temple from 8 AM- 9 PM. Besides that, the timings are kept strict and of short duration to prevent any damage to the monument during the night. 

There is no entry fee for visiting the monument. Also, a person from any caste creed can visit it. However, the only condition while being the Tijara Jain Temple is to maintain the decorum of the monument.  Any loud sounds or other indisciplined activity are strictly prohibited. 

Tijara Jain Temple History

Manasthamba in the temple complex Manasthamba in the Tijara ji Jain temple complexImage Courtesy: Bill william compton at en.wikipedia

The place was unfurnished and in poor condition until 1956. That year the whole temple and its surrounding area were glorified and converted into an impressive monument. The process was initiated with the restoration of the idol of Chandraprabha. The recovery of the statue took place on 16 August 1956.

Later in 1972, a 20 cm statue of Chandraprabhu was added to the Tijara Jain Temple. It was discovered in the lotus position. Many other statues had been retrieved from that place. One such instance is the white stone statue of a deity that was found underground. This also proposed the theory that the place was a Dehra, which is an area where Jain gods are worshipped. 

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Tijara Jain Temple Architecture

15 feet 3 inch Padmasana Chandraprabha Idol sitting on 5 feet pedestal at Chandragiri Vatika, Tijara, RajasthanImage Courtesy: Pratyk321

As already discussed, the idol of the temple is a 15-inch white marble statue of Chandraprabhu. All the statues are placed in a rectangular manner which has been decorated with pinnacles. Even the walls and the glass installed in the building depict the ancient stories in a pictorial manner. 

An excellent work of carving and painting out of natural elements can be seen at the boundary and glass of the temple. Being an important Jain temple, these paintings and other carvings convey the stories of Tirthankaras life. 

In addition to this, a town named after the deity of Tijara Jain Temple is present with Tijara Jain temple accommodation. The town is spread over an area of 100+ acres, namely Chandrlok. In order to get the pure blessings of Lord Chandraprabhu, it is necessary to visit this old and holy temple every year. 

Tijara Jain Temple Photos

Lord Chandraprabhu Tijara Jain TempleImage Courtesy: Pratyk321

Charan at Tijara Jain Temple - location from where main idol was excavatedImage Courtesy: Pratyk321

Tijara Jain MandirImage Courtesy: Pratyk321 Tijara ji Jain Mandir

How to reach Tijara Jain Temple from Alwar?

The distance between Tijara and Alwar is only 48 km and hence it does not take much time to reach there. The cheapest mode of transport would be by driving your own car or another vehicle. It would only take 1 hour and 11 min to reach with a cost of 560. Otherwise one may choose a Taxi for the same to ease the check-in process. 

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How to reach Tijara Jain Temple from Faridabad?

Tijara Jain Temple

Taxi and driving by your own car are some ways through which you can visit Tijara Jain Temple from Faridabad. The approximate distance between the two is 70 km. On the other hand, the time duration of the journey can be 3 Hours and 37 min. 

How to reach Tijara Jain Temple from Noida?

The recommended method for transportation from Noida is using a bus and train. The expected time of journey would be 5 hours 13 minutes while the total fare would cost INR 560 – 1400. One can choose a private vehicle to choose the Tijara Jain Temple accommodation. 

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FAQs about Tijara Jain Temple

Tijara Jain Temple

1. Why is Tijara Jain Temple famous?

The beautiful architecture and the white marble idols of gods with a peaceful environment is something that really lures tourists. A number of packages are available that offer Tijara temple tours along with the Tijara Jain Temple accommodation. 

2. Are there any ticket fees for visiting the Tijara Jain temple?

No, visiting and enjoying the cultural art on the wall of Tijara is completely free. Any fee or money would not be charged by the management. The only thing they want is to keep the property clean and safe.

3. What is the Tijara Jain Temple contact number? 

The Tijara Jain Temple contact number is 094136 32950. On the above number, feel free to ask any questions you may have about timings, transportation, etc. 

4. What are some transportation facilities to reach Tijara?

One can take the railway as a mode of transportation. The nearest railway station to Tijara in Alwar which is 55 km away. 

5. What are the lodging facilities near Tijara Jain temple

A range of hotels and Dharamshala could be found near the tourist destination. Almost all hotels are near the Tijara Jain Temple with their price starting from INR 436 – 19,137. One can also opt for Tijara Jain Temple online room booking. 

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