Paryushan 2024: Dates, Quotes, Routine & everything!

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Paryushan is considered a sacred Jain festival. This auspicious festival is celebrated by the Shwetambar and Digambar communities of Jain all over the world. The festival takes place in the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada. The Hindu month of Bhadrapada is known for its Shukla Paksha, Paryushan 2024, which usually takes place between August and September.

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The occasion lasts 8 days for Shwetambar members, while the Digambar Jain community members celebrate the festival for 10 days. Besides that, Ganesh Chaturthi comes on the ninth day and Anant Chaturdashi, known in Jainism as Samvatsari, comes on the tenth day. 

The Paryushan 2024 festival in Digambara lore is called Das Lakshana Dharma, while in Shwetambara lore, it is called Paryushan, which means coming together. 

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Overview of Paryushan Parv 2024

Starting Date 31st August 2024
End Date 7th September 2024
Paryushan Parv meaning Abiding and Coming Together
Samvatsari 2024 8th September 2024
Main Quotes Michhami Dukkadam

Why is the Paryushan Festival celebrated?


It is said that the Paryushan Parv 2024 is celebrated to reconnect with your soul. The festival’s primary goal is to detoxify negativity within yourself and ask for forgiveness for any mistake you have made. The festival also emphasises rectifying the mistakes and not repeating them in future by taking vows. 

A procession of the Kalpa Sutra is held on this festival’s third day, followed by Trishala, mother of Mahavira, demonstrating her sacred dreams. A few days later, Mahavira’s birthday is celebrated. Ananth Chaurdsashi marks Vasupujya’s attainment of nirvana on the tenth day of Paryushan 2024.

This festival is all about achieving salvation and following the path of righteousness. Jain people meditate and perform purification of body and soul to improve their inner personality. It is believed that fasting these days cleanses the body and makes people focused and determined because it helps them become unattached to worldly pleasures. On the last day of the Paryushan 2024, known as Samvatsari, people ask for forgiveness and end the day with vows.  The last day is the Jain Forgiveness Day 2024 on 30th September 2024.

What is the routine of the Paryushan Festival?

  • Fasting is done by the Jain people throughout the time.
  • They are taught to control their anger by following nonviolence and peace.
  • The main purpose of Pratikraman is to seek forgiveness for sins that people may have committed in their daily lives, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Pratikraman is performed with two and half hour prayer with meditation. 
  • Micchami Dukkadam is said after the Pratikraman to seek forgiveness for any mistake committed in the past and not to repeat them in future.
  • People involve themselves in meditation, prayers, and introspection.
  • Water must be boiled before drinking and food must be eaten before sunset as per Paryushan fasting rules.
  • Their diet during this festival is very simple and satvik.
  • The Jain people avoid eating green vegetables.
  • As a way to conclude this festival, people gather to celebrate with one another during Samvatsari 2024 date (19 September 2024).
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Important Dates for Paryushan 2024

Paryushan 2024 Start and End Date  is 31st August and 8 September 2024 respectively. Those who are Shwetambar Jains will begin the Paryushan on Saturday, August 31, 2024; those who are Digambar Jains will begin on Thursday, August 31, 2024. This year, the Paryushan 2024 dates will be celebrated between August 31, 2024, and September 8, 2024. Below are the details about each date and what people do on that day.

31st August 2024: On this day, the lord body composition happens.

1 September 2024: The Varghoda will be removed from Potha ji

2 September 2024: Kalpasutra Pravachan

3 September 2024: Mahavira Swami’s birthday celebration

4 September 2024: Prabhu’s school program

5 September 2024: Reading day of Kalpasutra

6 September 2024: Barsa Sutra Darshans, discussion on Chaitya traditions, Samvatsari Pratikramans, etc. will be held

7 September 2024: Involve repentance for the entire year’s sins

8 September 2024: Samvatsari Day Celebration (Samvatsari 2024 Date)

Basic Principle of Paryushan Festival

As part of this Paryushan 2024, each Jain adheres to the following principles: Right knowledge, Right faith, and Right conduct. When we break the word Paryushan into its two parts, Pari, which means to recall oneself, derived from Vasan, which means to either be aware of oneself or recollect oneself at a specific location, we can understand its meaning.

Paryushan 2024 is observed by all Jains who fast on the first and last day and eat before sunset. When fasting, they only drink boiled or purified water, and they do not eat before sunset during the period of fasting. Reading holy Jain books and scriptures is a must. Meditation and prayer are mandatory, and Jain monks deliver speeches and lectures.

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Significance of Paryushan Festival

Paryushan 2024 is the symbol and significance of energy, good vibes, positivity and new beginnings. The festival emphasises on the removal of any sort of negativity from individual lives. The Jain devotees rigorously follow their vows of right knowledge, faith and path. These eight days are considered sacred by the Jain devotees and they practice forgiveness. The main Paryushan Parv 2024 is to practise calmness and remove any bad habit or addiction one has in their life.

Paryushan Festival 2024 Quotes

Some Paryushan 2024 wishes are mentioned below:

  • May this Paryushan Festival give you abundant happiness and prosperity.
  • May this festival remove negativity in your life and bloom with happiness in your life. Happy Paryushan Parva.
  • Enjoy every moment of your life, and don’t hurt anyone; we all have the right to live. Have a happy Paryushan Parv!
  • Let me ask for your forgiveness if I have failed you knowingly or unknowingly in any of our deeds, words, or actions on this Holy Day of Paryushan 2024.
  • Wishing you a happy Paryushan MahaParva, a festival of forgiveness, discipline, and self-awareness.

Put these Paryushan 2024 status on your social media channels to wish everyone.

Last Day of Paryushan

Samvatsari 2024 Date is 8th September 2024. During the Paryushan festival, Micchami Dukkadam plays a prominent role in the Jain community. It is an ancient Indian phrase that is derived from Prakit. People say “Micchami Dukkadam” at the end of the festival, which means “may all evil do not harm.” Saying this sentence shows forgiveness to the wrongdoer and the wrongdoer. The last day of the Paryushan or Samvatsari festival is a time for Jains to seek forgiveness from their friends and relatives with the Micchami Dukkadam 2024 date.

Last Words!

Get ready for a week-long meditation, prayer, and fasting festival during the holy Jain festival of Paryushan 2024. Paryushana is a holy festival observed by both far and near relatives and also by those close to you who may have hurt you in the past. Forgive your near ones and forgive those who may have hurt you in the past.

Check Paryushan Dates

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    Those who are Shwetambar Jains will begin the Paryushan on Wednesday, September 11, 2023; those who are Digambar Jains will begin on Wednesday, August 31, 2023. – September 11, 2023 is not a Wednesday its Monday!!!!

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