Hastinapur Jain Temple: Location, Timings & Distance

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One of the most humble and simple living religions in India is Jainism. They believe every life form has a soul. Therefore, they try to use the natural resources minimum in their life. That can be a reason why Jains are pure vegetarian. Moreover, they also boycott onion, garlic and other impure edibles and visit one of the well-known Hastinapur Jain Temple yearly. 

In addition, Jains are very strict and sincere about their prayers to gods. Hence, the community has constructed eye-pleasing monuments and temples that not only attract Indians but tourists from all over the world. Besides that, Hastinapur Jain Mandir is counted among the most significant Jain temples. Here is brief information about the temple that one should know. 

About Hastinapur Jain Temple

Ashtapad Hastinapur Jain Temple

Ashtapad Hastinapur Jain Temple Image Courtesy: Pratyk321

The temple is among the oldest Jain temples in Hastinapur. The main idol of the Hastinapur Jain Temple is Shri Shnatinatha. He was 16th Jain Tirthankara and the temple is dedicated to him. Moreover, the temple is also known as an architectural marvel in the whole city. 

It observes a great tourist base that visits the monument for mental peace. The number of travellers visiting this temple is in the thousands. The place where the temple is built is also believed to be a sacred location. Various legends and tales are associated with that region which again adds to the importance of the temple. 

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Hastinapur Jain Temple Location

The Hastinapur Jain Temple is located in Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh. Hastinapur is also known as the capital city of Kauravas, from Mahabharat, in Hindu mythology. Thus, the area is highly visited by Hindus as well as Jains. For people following Jainism, Hastinapur is also known as the Kash. There is a strong belief that the three Tirthankara of Jainism were born here. 

Therefore, Hastinapur is counted among the holiest places in India. Due to this fact, several mythological events which are quite important in the corresponding religion occurred at the place. Additionally, one of the five disciples of Guru Gobind Singh Ji was also born in Hastinapur due to which a craze for visiting the place can also be seen among Sikh Devotees. 

Hastinapur Jain Temple Timings

Shri Shantinatha Shwetambar Temple at Hastinapur Jain Temple

Shri Shantinatha Shwetambar Temple Image Courtesy: Pratyk321

The temple is open for all the devotees as well as the visitor on all 7 days of a week. However, one can only get a chance to enter the temple if he/she adheres to the timing, specified by the temple’s administration. A person is only allowed to visit the temple after 6 AM in the morning, when Hastinapur Jain Mandir open and before 8 PM in the evening. 

People visit the monument to see and take blessings from the Mulanayak or the principal deity of the temple. Shri Shantinath is worshipped in the temple, who is in Padmasana posture. Apart from that, the 17th and 18th Tirthankara of Jains and their idols are also present there. 

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Hastinapur Jain Temple History

As already mentioned, Hastinapur Jain Mandir history is quite rich as various mythological events have occurred in Hastinapur. And that is why a temple was constructed here.  The temple was first glorified by Raja Harsukh Rai and was developed in 1801. Shantinatha, Kunthunatha and Aranatha, the three Tirthankaras were born in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries here, respectively. 

Also, a famous belief of Jains about the first Tirthankara is also based in Hastinapur Jain temple. Rishabhanatha, the very first Tirthankara, ended his fast at this place. When King Shreyans offered the Tirthankara a glass of sugarcane juice or ikshu rasa then it marked the ending of the fast of the Tirthankara. 

Hastinapur Jain Temple Architecture

Jambudweep Rachna Hastinapur Jain Temple

101 ft tall Sumeru Parvat situated in the centre of Jambudweep Rachna with a diameter of 250 ft at Hastinapur Jain Temple. Image Courtesy: Jainvaibhav1307

The temple is rich in architectural wonder which is enough to attract a huge number of tourists every year. The main praying hall of the temple contains the idols of Mulanayak Shri Shantinath in Padmasana posture while the statues of Shri Kunthunath and Shri Aranath are placed on either side of their idol. The Hastinapur Jain Temple images can be found on the internet. 

Manastambha, which is a 31 feet high pillar-like structure, was constructed in 1955. It is established outside the entrance of the main temple. The Trimurti Mandir contains all the statues of three Tirthankara at the temple. The premises also contain the temple for goddess Ambika. The statues of the same were discovered at a canal. Last but not least, an image of Shri Neminath is also carved at the head of the goddess. 

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Hastinapur Jain Mandir Photos

4th-century Jain-relief excavated at Nishiyaji at Hastinapur Jain Temple4th Century Jain relief excavated at Nishiyaji at Hastinapur Jain Temple Image Courtesy: Jain Encyclopedia

Shri Shantinath Bada Jain Mandir HastinapurShri Digamber Jain Bada Mandir Complex Hastinapur Courtesy: Jain EncyclopediaMain Entrance of Shri Digamber Jain Prachin Bada Mandir

Entrance gate of Shri Digamber Jain Bada Mandir Hastinapur Image Courtesy: Muditjain1210

Jain Prachin Bada Mandir HastinapurCentral Shikhara of the Mulanayak Temple Image Courtesy: Pratyk321

How to reach Hastinapur Jain Temple from Meerut?

Meerut is probably the nearest city located from Hastinapur Jain tirth. One can easily reach the temple using a taxi or a private vehicle. It would cost only INR 770 –  980 to get there by taxi. 

How to reach Hastinapur Jain Temple from Muzaffarnagar?

Kailash Parvat Rachna at Hastinapur Jain Temple

Kailash Parvat Rachna Image Courtesy: Pratyk321

From Muzaffarnagar, Hastinapur Jain Temple distance is 46 kilometres. Again, no train or flight service is available to reach there. You can use local taxis or any other private vehicle. The duration of the journey would be approximately an hour. 

How to reach Hastinapur Jain Temple from New Delhi?

A train, bus, or taxi can be taken to reach Hastinapur to visit the temple. The cheapest mode of transport would be the train via New Delhi, the fare will cost INR 910 – 1680. On the other hand, the fastest way to get Delhi to Hastinapur Jain Temple is by hiring a Taxi which will take 1 hour and 47 min to reach your destination. 

Places to Stay Near Hastinapur Jain temple

Mahavir Jinalya inside Kailash Parvat Rachna at Hastinapur Jain Mandir

Mahavir Jinalya inside Kailash Parvat Rachna Image Courtesy: Pratyk321

A variety of hotels and Dharamshala can be found in Hastinapur. These lodging service providers cater to every type of customer. Quality hotels and guest houses within the range of 0 – 30 km from Jain temple can be found through Hastinapur Jain Temple room booking.

Hotel Subhadra Residency, Hotel Night Inn, Moon Guest House, Hotel Crystal Palace, etc. are some of them. The cost of the room can be anywhere from INR 486 to INR 4,480. Moreover, most of the hotels provide free cancellation and free pick up and drop services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mahavira Jal Mandir Jal Mandir Hastinapur Jain Temple

Mahavira Jal Mandir Image Courtesy: Muditjain1210

1) What are some eating facilities near Hastinapur Jain Temple?

Hastinapur is not a developed city hence, not much variety of food is available there. But one can have the local and north Indian cuisines. 

2) What are some other tourist spots to visit apart from the Jain temple?

If you are an eager learner of history then various museums, temples and other ancient monuments can be found near Hastinapur Jain temple. 

3) Who established Hastinapur Jain temple and when?

The famous Hastinapur Jain Temple was constructed by Raja Harsukh Rai in 1801.

4) What is the exact timing of the Hastinapur temple? Are they Flexible?

The timing for the Jain temple is from 6 AM – 8 PM in the evening. No tourist or devotee would be allowed to enter after this duration. 

5) What is the contact number of Hastinapur Jain Temple management?

The Hastinapur Jain Temple contact number is 087555 03350. You can contact them for their queries. 

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