Top Biotechnology Jobs in Mumbai & how to apply?

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Today, science has evolved to such an extent that even microorganisms, bacteria and living cells are used in industrial processes. These are used for scientific purposes to make and develop new machines, tools and antidotes for various diseases or illnesses. And thus, there is a great demand in the market which increases the biotechnology jobs in Mumbai. The branch of science that deals with the same is known as Biotechnology.

This stream is the integration of Biology along with technology. There is a vast need for qualified biotechnologists who have a good experience in the field. In Mumbai, various colleges and institutions provide courses and several programs for biotechnology. As a result, here is the list of top colleges in Mumbai that can help you get the best biotech jobs in Mumbai.

Top Biotechnology Colleges in Mumbai

1) Mithibai College (MC)

Mithibai College Mumbai

Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mithibai College was established in 1961. The institution holds certification from UGC and is accredited with ACITE. Also, the affiliation to the college is provided by Mumbai University.

Biotechnology is available at the college as a stream in both UG and PG courses. The fee charged for M.Sc. and B.Sc is INR 50k and INR 35K for the first year respectively.

2) Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College (RRAC)

ramnarain ruia autonomous college mumbai

RRAC is certified by UGC and is a private college. This is deemed to be a university which was founded by Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali. Moreover, the institution also holds an ‘A’ grade certificate awarded by NAAC.

In addition, biotechnology can be opted for by enrolling into B.Sc or M.Sc. The fee structure for M.Sc. is INR 37,295 while for B.Sc one has to pay around INR 7,450 for the first year. These courses train students to become better employees to increase their chance of getting better biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

3) Jai Hind College (JHC)

JHC is ranked 25th by the Week according to their 2020 stats. The college initiated its first academic batch in 1948 as a public college. A total of 15 undergraduate and 5 postgraduate courses are available with them.

Meanwhile, for biotechnology Jobs in Mumbai you should pursue the courses that are provided under B.Sc. and M.Sc. The tuition fee for 1st-year costs around INR 6,130 for B.Sc. and INR 13,602 for M.Sc.

4) Kishinchand Chellaram College (KC)

Kishinchand Chellaram College Mumbai

KC College is ranked at 28th position as the overall best Biotechnology college in India today in 2021. The institution functions as a public college which has also received an ‘A” grade from NAAC.

Besides, B.Sc. and M.Sc courses provide the biotechnology stream at INR 10,735 and INR 50,920 for the first year. Also, the course emphasises experiential learning & is benchmarked by industrial standards. Thus, providing top- quality education to students to be placed in biotech jobs in Mumbai.

5) Mumbai University

mumbai university

The state university of Mumbai was established in 1857 and holds various certifications and awards for its exceptional performance. The university is ranked 95th place by NIRF All India ranking.

With a NAAC grade of ‘A’, M.Sc can be pursued from this college to study biotechnology. The fee for the same starts at INR 11,325 for the first year of the course.

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Eligibility for Biotechnology Jobs in Mumbai

Biotechnology jobs are in demand but require some documents and certificates along with some experience in the field. Most of the biotechnology jobs in Mumbai require some significant documentation which is listed below.

  • Firstly, you should have at least an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology. This is the minimum requirement that a candidate must fulfil.
  • Experience is probably the second most important thing which can not be replaced by any course.
  • Make sure you enrol in an internship during the final year of your B.Sc. Biotechnology.
  • The internship will give you an idea about the ground reality and can act as a hand on practice. These are mostly unpaid but the value it will add to your professional career is something you should look for.
  • At last, if you want to get higher pay or designation in the initial phases of your career then pursue a master’s in the same subjects.
  • It has been observed that companies prefer more educated and experienced candidates for higher designation. Moreover, it will also give you an extra advantage to get biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

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Top Job Roles for Biotechnology in Mumbai

Job roles in Biotechnology are mostly related to microorganisms, bacteria and other organisms. These are studied and analyzed in order to research, develop a drug or create a tool or machine to help other industries.

Additionally, these industries may include healthcare, food industry, chemical industry and many other allied businesses. Therefore, let’s have a look at top Biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

  • Bio Technician
  • Zoologist
  • Epidemiologists
  • Microbiologist
  • Agricultural and food scientist
  • Genetic counsellor
  • Medical Scientist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Biochemist and many others

How to apply for biotechnology jobs in Mumbai?

In order to land the best biotech jobs in Mumbai, you need to follow some steps to register yourself for the interview successfully. No matter whether you are applying from on-campus placements or a normal placement you should know the following steps.

  • Try to identify the job that is best suited for you. Any job that is undervalued or overvalued may cause problems in future.
  • So, it is always better to find a job that is appropriate and is from a company that values its employees.
  • Once you have stumbled upon a perfect job, check for the demanded documents. If you are even missing any one of them, arrange it.
  • After completing the list of all documents required, schedule an interview with the HR or other interviewing officers.
  • Be assured about your looks and dress during the interview, if offline. Be confident and revise all the potential questions that can be put up there.

These steps can surely enhance the probability of selection for biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

Average Salary Stats for Biotechnology Jobs in Mumbai

CompanyJob RolesPackages ( in INR)
Electrobrain modern technologies Pvt ltdMedical Coder3 – 5.5 LPA
V P Placement  Pharmaceuticals Research Associate, Research AssociateNot available
Sanofi-aventis Pvt LtdMedical Head – Transplant & ThrombosisAs per industry standard
Indian Institute of patent and trademarkBiotech Analyst4.25 – 6 LPA
Strategic Alliance Management ServicesLab technician3.5 – 5 LPA

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Wrapping Up

The above were some of the prominent information that you should know. Biotechnology is indeed a vast field and thus offers a wide range of biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

In the beginning, the job roles are a bit complex to handle for some professionals. But as you step further, the designation gets more prestigious with higher pay in the biotech jobs in Mumbai.

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