What is the Space Force Season 3 Release Date?

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Guys, who is your favourite actor in comedic roles? And Steve Carell, who played one of the most recognizable TV characters in the office comedy The Office, is unquestionably on the list. In any case, Greg Daniels and Carell reunited for the drama and comedy series “Space Force” following the success of the office comedy “The Office.” Overall, Space Force, two seasons have already debuted, therefore the question is whether Netflix will continue to carry Space Force Season 3.

Greg Daniels’ Space Force made its Netflix debut on February 18, 2022. Since taking control of the Space Force of the United States, Naird has had a lot of work to properly build it, so it makes sense that many people are curious about what lies ahead for him and his impeccable team. His primary objective has been to persuade the US military and government that his branch deserves respect and consideration since the commencement of the show. So let’s see what’s next for fans. 

Will Space Force get renewed for Season 3 on Netflix?

Space Force Season 3 release date

Season 1 of Space Force began with 10 seasons. Despite this, Space Force season 2 was able to craft a shorter plot with only 7 episodes that mostly highlighted the talented actors. However, the audience frequently responded by demanding budget cuts, which made it challenging for the team to continue operating.

Additionally, Netflix’s decision to renew Space Force Season 3 has been significantly impacted by the change in filming location. The Naird, on the other hand, is not a quitter and, like essentially every patient person, he too finally accomplished his goal at the conclusion of Season 2, leaving us all in suspense as to what will happen next.

Undoubtedly, the fans want another fantastic season 3 of Space Force. Despite the reviews’ varied opinions, the show has been a success and can go on for at least one more season. Although, following the two enormous successes, Netflix has canceled Space Force Season 3 due to budget cuts. Even so, the third season might debut in 2023 or early 2024. 

What is the Space Force Season 3 Potential Release Date? 

Space Force Season 2 had just been released in February 2022. So it would be premature to anticipate another season in 2022. With conflicting critical reviews, Netflix has chosen not to renew Space Force Season 3 further. 

Additionally, Netflix has taken a huge financial impact as a result of the budget cuts and the changing shooting sites. In response, Netflix has decided not to renew, probably for one more season of cost-cutting. 

After two seasons, the show was officially canceled, which is terrible. Despite the shocking conclusion and other surprises, we can no longer count on it. As a result, Space Force Season 3 release date is impossible to anticipate; nonetheless, it won’t come as a surprise if we get a third season because of the show’s impressive cast. 

Overview of Space Force Season 3 

Show Name Space Force Season 3
  • Steve Carell
  • Greg Daniels
Original Release May 29, 2020
  • Workplace Comedy
  • Military Fiction
Total Seasons 2
No of Seasons 17 episodes
Running Time 27-36 minutes
Space Force Season 3 Release Date Not yet announced
Country Origin United States
Original Language English
Where to watch Netflix
Space Force IMDB Ratings 6.7/10

How will the Space Force Season 3 plot play out?

Space Force Season 3 trailer and Plot

The adventures of General Mark Naird (Steve Carell) and his team will resume in the forthcoming season. The president’s mission to put “feet on the moon” by 2024 was shown in the Space Force Season 1. Then, as season 2 came to a close, Naird and his excellent team discovered a giant asteroid hurtling toward Earth. 

Regarding Space Force Season 3 Netflix, the plot is very much intended to be expanded upon on screen through comedy and thriller. Netflix would never, however, favor a plot that has no positive reviews. So get ready for another well-known storyline.

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Who will appear in the Space Force Season 3 Cast?

If Space Force Season 3 Netflix is released, the main cast, led by Carell, is likely to return. Here is a list of the Space Force Season 3 cast members who, barring tragic events, should be back with a bang. 

  • General Naird as Steve Carell.
  • Dr. Mallory as John Malkovich.
  • Erin Naird as Diana Silvers.
  • Tony Scarapiducci as Ben Schwartz.
  • Dr. Chan as Jimmy O Yang.
  • Brad as Don Lake.
  • Andrea Ali as Tawny Newsome.
  • Captain Lancaster as Patton Oswalt.

When will the Space Force Season 3 Trailer be available?

Well, following significant budget cuts and unfavorable ratings, Netflix has canceled Space Force Season 3. Since no filming has taken place, it is evident that the trailer cannot be expected. Thus, the Space Force Season 3 trailer is not yet available. It’s so obvious that the news has devastated the fans, but don’t worry—just keep monitoring the most recent updates for optimistic information. 


1) Will there be season 3 of Space Force?

Netflix has not yet renewed Space Force Season 3, but we can await the news and anticipate the season to arrive around 2024. However, sources claim that Netflix has plans to cancel the show. On the plus side, neither Netflix nor the creators have made official announcements. 

2) In what location was the Space Force shot?

The California State University, Dominguez Hills campus served as the location for the majority of season 1’s filming. In contrast, Season 2 was filmed in Vancouver in May 2021 and released in February 2022.

3) Is the Space Force a real thing?

Actually, the sixth branch of the American military is the U.S. Space Force.

4) How many episodes of Space Force aired till now?

10 episodes made up the first season of Space, which debuted in 2020 on Netflix. However, a shortened season with only 7 episodes comes after it. So overall 17 episodes have been aired on Netflix. 

5) Where to watch Space Force Season 1 & 2?

Netflix owns Space Force’s first two seasons. Dependably, it will only be accessible on Netflix once Space Force season 3 has been confirmed by the streaming network. 

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