Chitharal Jain Temple: The Complete Guide 


About Chitharal Jain Temple 

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Bhagavati Temple and Jaina-bas Relief at Chitharal Jain MandirBhagavati Temple and Jaina-bas Relief Image Courtesy: Aviatorjk

The temple is a well-known monument of the south Indian subcontinent. Chitharal Jain Temple, also known as Chitharal Malai Kovil, is situated on a hill. Some other popular names for the temple are Chitharal Cave Temple and Bhagwati Temple. 

It is basically a monument with two buildings. One of those buildings is assigned to the Jain temple and it is one rock-cut temple. While the other one is a Hindu goddess temple. The Hindu temple is a combination of one rock cut and stone architecture. One can easily book a tour and retrieve more information about the temple from the Chitharal Jain Temple contact number

Chitharal Jain Temple Location

Chitral rock cut Jain temple, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
Chitaral monuments are on the top of a stone hillock. Image Courtesy: Ms Sarah Welch

Chitharal Jain Temple is located near Chitharal village located in the district of Tamil Nadu in India. This temple is based on the religion Jainism. It is located 55 kilometres in the northwest direction and 4 kilometres away from Kuzhithurai town. 

In addition to this, the Hillock known as Thiruchanattu Malai and Chokkanthoongi Hills known by locals have the Chitharal rock Jain Temple. The mountains are on the north side of Chitharal village.

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Chitharal Jain Mandir Photos

History of Chitharal Jain Temple

This temple’s whole area is also referred to as Thirucharanathupalli and the hill rock is Tiruchcharanattu malai, which states that it is a holy charade. This whole temple has beds and two monuments. According to the Archaeological Survey, they stated that those beds are from the first century of BCE to the sixth century of CE. 

Meanwhile, the one cave temple and the main monument are roughly from the ninth century. Besides that, there are three sanctums with Jain pictorial as – Parsvanatha, Mahavira, and Padmavati. Moreover, there is also a Hindu Temple inspired by the Hindu goddess, wife of Lord Shiva Parvati also known as Bhagwati. This is known to be added after the ninth century, after finishing the construction of the Chitharal Jain temple.

Chitharal Jain Temple Timings

Chitharal Vimanam Chitharal Jain TempleChitharal Vimanam Image Courtesy: Santhoshj

The Chitharal Jain temple is open from 5 am to 9 pm and 7 days a week. One thing to keep in mind is that there are no entry fees to visit the Chitharal rock Jain Temple. If someone asks to pay the money, don’t give it to them as it is totally free to visit there. You can contact the Chitharal Jain temple contact number for the timings too.  

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Chitharal Jain Temple Architecture

Chitharal jain mandirImage Courtesy: Karthi.dr

The Chitharal Jain temple is hammered out of a natural cave. You will see three sanctums inside the main temple. The Hindu temple is on the south side of the main temple. There is one more monument on the hill, we can go there by climbing a few steps above.

Additionally, it is known that around the 13th century the cave temple was converted into the Bhagvati temple. If you enter the Chitharal Jain temple you will find that there are 3 rooms where the first has the image right above it. And the other 2 are empty because the prayers are conducted in all the rooms. 

Moreover, there are a total of 9 scripture out there. One said that there was a Jain civilization there during the 1st century. The temple is under restraint by the Devaswom Board of Kerala and permission is needed to visit the temple.

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Mode of transport to visit Chitharal Jain Temple

Chitharal Jain Temple

By Road: Kanyakumari has one of the best roadways systems in all over India. This roadway is well-connected with other major cities. Because of the best services of public transport you can consider travelling to Chitharal Jain Temple by road if you are not too far. Your distance must be less than 250 km. Otherwise you can face the problem, then you should go by train. 

By Train: Major states are also connected to Kanyakumari by the means of train. A high-speed rail corridor will also run in Kanyakumari station The top speed is 320kmph and will be able to complete 482km in just 2 -2.5 hr. So because of well-connected routes trains could be recommended to visit Chitharal Jain Temple. 

By Air: Chennai International Airport is one of the most famous and biggest airports all over the Indian subcontinent. It is connected to all the major state’s airports and abroad. Thus, air would also be preferred to visit Chitharal Jain Temple. 

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How to reach Chitharal Jain Temple from Bangalore?

Chitharal Jain Temple from Bangalore

The distance between Bangalore and Kanyakumari is around 660 km if we go by road, and 540 km by air. The total time will take around 8hr and 15 min if you go by road. On the other hand, 1hr and 10 minutes if you go by air and 40 min more to visit Chitharal Jain Temple. The fare might go around Rs 4500 to Rs 6000, and the cost to get the Chitharal Jain Temple would be around 1000 Rs which is considered approx.

If you want to get the cheapest way to get there then the train is recommended. The total cost of a train ticket is 600 Rs and approx time is 15hr and 30 min. And by bus, it would cost around 900 Rs from Bangalore to Kottarakkara and approx time taken is around 13hr and 23 min.

How to reach Chitharal Jain Temple from Udupi?

How to reach Chitharal Jain Temple from Udupi

The train is the second cheapest and fastest method of transportation for people in Udupi. And it is advised because you must first travel to Bangalore for a flight before repeating the same procedure. Around 1100 Rs will get you to the Varkala railway station, and about 800 Rs will get you from Varkala to Chitharal rock Jain Temple via public transportation. It will take roughly 14 hours and 2 minutes to complete.

Air fare from Mangalore to Trivandrum costs about 5000 Rs, and the flight takes about 3 hours and 35 minutes. The bus ride from Udupi to Trivandrum costs about 1200 Rs, and the whole travel time is about 9 hours and 42 minutes. So make an informed decision to get the Lord’s pure blessings at the Chitharal Jain Temple. 

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How to reach Chitharal Jain Temple from Mangalore?

How to reach Chitharal Jain Temple from Mangalore

Taking a flight from Mangalore to Trivandrum is the suggested way to get from Mangalore to the Chitharal Jain Temple. From Mangalore to Trivandrum, the flight takes around 3 hours and 35 minutes, and the ticket price is about 6200 Rs. Afterward, you can travel by public transportation to Chitharal Temple. Bus transportation from Mangalore to Kollam would cost you about 700 Rs via rail.

It takes around 12 hours and 6 minutes to complete, and the trip from Kollam to Chithara fair costs about 560 Rs and takes about 31 minutes. You could ride the train for 500 Rs, which would take 12 hours and 9 minutes to get from Mangalore Jn to Varkala. Finally, the cost of Varkala to Chithara is around 720 Rs and time will take around 35 min to get there.


FAQs on Chitharal Jain Temple

1)What is the Chitharal Jain Temple location?

The Chitharal Jain Temple is located at 86JQ+W9V, Vellamcode, Tamil Nadu, 629151.

2) What is the total distance between Trivandrum to Chitharal Jain Temple?

It will take roughly 1 hour and 10 minutes to go the 49.7 km total route.

3) What is the Chitharal Jain Temple opening time?

The opening timing of Chitharal Jain Temple is from 5 am to 9pm.

4) Is clicking pictures allowed in Chitharal Jain Temple?

In most temples, it is prohibited but in some cases, you may get permission. You can contact the Chitharal Jain temple contact number.

5) Is there any entry fee for visiting the Chitharal Jain Temple?

No, there is no entry fee required for visiting the monument. 

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