Nakoda Jain Temple: Important Things about Nakodaji

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Jainism is counted among the oldest religious communities of India after Hinduism and Buddhism. They are also one of the religions that share their roots, cultural background and linguistic properties with Hindus and Buddhas. Moreover, they are considered to be very humble and thus, visit Nakoda Jain Temple yearly once. Even more individuals come every month and do nonstop bhakti, which is eye-watching. 

In addition, if we talk about their food habits, Jains strictly avoid any kind of impure food. According to them non-vegetarians, onions, garlic, etc. should not be considered edible things. Also, they are very sincere about their religious practice. Therefore, Nakoda Jain Temple and other sacred places are of great significance to them. 

About Nakoda Jain Temple 

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The Nakoda Jain temple is located in the Barmer District of Rajasthan. The place is considered to be one of the purest and holy places for Jains. As a result, a huge number of people, including Jains as well as non-Jains, visit the temple to take blessings. 

The mulnayak, or the principal god of the temple is Lord Parshwanath. The idol of Bhagwan is in Padmasana’s posture. It is believed that every person who bows against the lord with faith and respect, gets prosperity in life. Additionally, people also visit Nakoda Jain Temple to make their life smooth and hurdle free. 

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Nakoda Jain Temple Location 

Nakoda Jain Temple Location 

Nakoda Jain Temple is situated in the Barmer District of Rajasthan. The village is known as Mewanagar as per the official records of Rajasthan’s state government. Some other names of the area are Nagara, Virampura and Maheva, which have changed with passing time. 

After the establishment of the temple, the village got popular with the name Nakoda. Which soon became a famous tourist destination as well as a sacred place where Jains offer their prayers. The ‘Miracles’ at the Nakoda Jain Temple are considered the main factor for influencing the popularity of the temple. In order to get the Lord Parshwanath Blessing, it is thus a call to everyone to visit this sacred temple at least once a year. 

Nakoda Jain Temple Timings

Nakoda Jain Temple Timings

The Nakoda Jain Temple timings to visit the premises are quite simple. A visitor is allowed to pray at the temple from dawn to dusk. While it is preferred to visit the temple around 11: 30 AM. At this time, the devotees initiate the ritual of offering oil to pilgrims. Also, one can also reach out to the temple during the Poush Krishna Dashami which is celebrated as the birth of Lord Parshwanath. 

The overall atmosphere around the region is good. The Jain temple is situated in the forest hills. People believe that every particle of the temple is sacred. Also, visiting this temple is the most calming feeling they have ever got. 

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Nakoda Jain Temple History

Nakoda Jain Temple History

The famous Nakoda Jain Mandir was constructed and established by Parampujya Shri Sthulibhadra Swami. The ancient statue of the Mulanayk placed in the temple is believed to have magical superpowers. These superpowers, as locals tell, are used by the god to maintain the faith of devotees in truth. Moreover, these miracles due to superpowers are one of the reasons for their fame. 

The place Nakoda was formerly known as Virampur. It is said that two brothers Shri Virasen and Shri Nokaresen established two villages in the third century. Both the villages were apart by 20 miles of distance. The villages were named after their names i.e., Virampur and Nakorenagar. 

Nakoda Jain Temple Architecture 

Nakoda Jain Temple Architecture 

The main idol or the Mulanayak of the temple is Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan. The idol of Bhagavan has a dark complexion with a height of 58 cm. In the idol, the Bhagavan is in Padmasana posture. The statue of the good looks calm, soothing and miraculous at the very first glance. The Nakoda Jain Temple images can be found on the internet, which is worth seeing. 

According to records, the main statue placed in the temple was extracted from the Nakoda village which is situated near Siduri. Due to the same reason, the temple is also renowned with the name ‘Nakoda Parshwanath Temple. The idol was installed by Acharaya Shri Vijay Himachal Suri. He was a driven personality and also installed various other idols of Tirthankaras. 

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How to reach Nakoda Jain Mandir from Jodhpur? 

How to reach Nakoda Jain Mandir from Jodhpur

The Nakoda Jain Temple distance from jodhpur is approximately 100 kilometres. A tourist can cover this distance in 6 hr 40 min by train by paying a fare of INR 160 – 940. On the other hand, a person can also opt for the taxi which would only take 2hr 57minutes to cover the same distance. 

How to reach Nakoda Jain Tirth from Ahmedabad? 

Flying services are the best mode for travelling for a person hailing from Ahmedabad. Flights can be booked from Ahmedabad airport which will land at Jaipur airport. From there, one may take a cab to the railway station to get a train to Bijainagar. Apart from that, the total cost of the journey can go up to INR 8,250 to reach Nakodaji Jain Mandir.

How to reach Nakoda Jain temple from Jaipur?

How to reach Nakoda Jain temple from Jaipur

To reach Nakoda Jain Temple, one can choose Train, Bus or Taxi as a mode of transport. The cheapest way to get there will be by Train which will cost only INR 160 – 880. On the other hand, a taxi is preferred for the fastest transportation which will take only 2 hours and 35 minutes. 

Places to Stay Near At Nakodaji 

A lot of quality hotels and Nakoda Jain Tirth Dharamshala can be found in Mewanagar and its surrounding regions. These hotels provided wifi, free parking, free breakfast and fitness facilities on their premises. The room price of such hotels and other lodging facilities providers can go from INR 734 – 12,000. Some of these hotels are Hotel Tulsi Inn, Lal Bagh Raj Resort, Neelkamal Palace Hotel, Hotel Kailash Empire and various others. 


FAQs on Nakoda Jain Temple

1) What is Nakoda Jain Temple famous for?

The Jain temple is famous for its miracles that are the result of some supernatural power of God. 

2) What is the most common miracle that one can see at Nakoda Jain Temple?

The flame of diyas placed in the Nakoda Jain Temple bows against the sadhus who are considered even greater than the kings. 

3) Are there any strict Nakoda Jain Temple timings to follow?

Although no strict timing is there, currently, the temple follows the basic rule of visiting i.e. from sunrise to sunset. 

4) What is the exact address of the Nakoda Jain temple? 

Nakoda Jain Tirth address is Nakoda, Mewanagar, Barmer, Rajasthan 344024. 

5) Is it legal to click pictures in the Nakoda Jain temple?

No strict law or rule is formulated to govern the same. Therefore, visitors are free to take photographs without disturbing the decorum of the temple. For further details you may contact Nakoda Jain Tirth contact number. 

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