Sonagiri Jain Temple: Complete Guide To Travel

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Jainism is a significant element of Indian culture, with over four million Jains in India. There are some concepts that Jainism shares with Hinduism and Buddhism. This is because of some similarities between the cultural and linguistic origins in all three religions. Ultimately, Jainism is a separate religion in its respect. To know more about Jainism, visit Sonagiri Jain Temple.

Jains are people who embrace Jainism. The core of Jainism is a concern for the well-being of all individuals in the world as well as the overall health of the universe. Jainism’s core element is the spiritual enlightenment that may be gained via nonviolence and minimising damage to all living things. They may avoid doing this by never thinking, speaking, or acting aggressively. By visiting the Sonagiri Jain Mandir you can understand all these things.

About Sonagiri Jain Temple

Sonagiri Jain Temple is a popular pilgrimage destination for Jain devotees. The term “Sonagiri” refers to “Golden Peak.” There are 77 Jain temples in the mountainous area and twenty-six in the town. Temple no.57 is the main among them. Besides that, the temple attracts visitors because of the uniqueness of its spire. The temple is visible from a far distance because of its tall Spire. 

As said previously the primary temple is temple number fifty-seven, which is located on the hill. This temple features a beautiful artistic spire. Two additional stunning idols including Lord Sheetal Nath and Parsvnath have also been placed in this region. Most interestingly, this stunning Sonagiri Jain Temple covered over 132 acres of two hills.

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Sonagiri Jain Temple Location

The temple is situated in the Datia district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Sonagiri Jain Temple nearest Railway station is Sonagiri station. Travelling by train is one of the cheapest ways of transport to reach the mandir. There are several public and private transportation options accessible to get to Sonagiri Jain Temple. Sonagiri is 15 kilometres from Datia, 45 kilometres from Jhansi.

Sonagiri Jain Temple Timings

Sonagiri Jain Temple timings for visitors are from 5 Am to 9 PM. The temple has no entry charge to enter the temple. Further, the visitors are allowed to spend only one hour inside the temple but there are no restrictions on spending time on temple premises. Photography inside the temple is also allowed. 

For more details about timings and accommodation, you can check on the Sonagiri Temple website. Here you can check the availability of accommodation details also.

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Sonagiri Jain Temple History

Sonagiri Jain Temple has high historic importance due to the presence of multiple old Jain temples. This temple is special because in this place Nanganag Kumar and his fifteen million supporters obtained Moksha. Shri Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra is a notable temple among others that make this location a well-known Jain pilgrimage site. It retains religious significance from the 9th and 10th centuries due to the presence of multiple such temples. 

In addition to this, it acquired fame as a sacred site for a large number of devotees and austere saints to exercise self-discipline and worship Gods according to Jain tradition. The ascetic monks and worshippers used to come to Sonagiri Madhya Pradesh Jain temple to practice austerity and self-discipline.

This pilgrimage site is considered divine by Digambar Jains. Digambar Jain constructed the temple in the 9th and 10th centuries. On the other hand, the temple honours Jain 8th Tirthankar Bhagavan Chandraprabhu. Lord Chandraprabhu, who was said to be eleven feet tall, is the principal deity in this temple. You can get Sonagiri Jain Temple history in Hindi on the temple’s official website.

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Sonagiri Jain Temple Architecture

The Sonagiri Jain temple established from the 9th and 10th centuries are excellent examples of that era’s architectural style. The main temple has an 11-feet-tall idol of Chandraprabhu on a meditation poster. The inherent sculptures, a pillar of white stone outside the temple are guaranteed to attract one’s attention.

Similarly, the whole peak of this magnificent hill Shatrunjaya is covered with approximately 900 temples. To reach the top you need to travel 3 & 1/2 km, approximately 3500 steps from town. Moreover, it is made up of over 800 temples that are classified into tuks. Detailed sculptures, gorgeous idols, and pictures can be seen throughout the cluster. Devotees and visitors can experience an awe-inspiring view throughout the journey. 

Additionally, miners can be seen on both sides of Temple No.59, ‘Gumbajdwar.’ The lofty spires that symbolise magnificent architectural richness describe all 77 gorgeous Jain temples. The major temple’s setting on the hills is not only wide but also artistically stunning. 

Furthermore, the temple is well-known not just for its spiritual value, but also for its architectural beauty. Pilgrims and tourists visiting the temple are taken aback by the 43-foot-tall Manstambh, also known as the column of dignity.

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Sonagiri Jain Mandir Photos

How to reach Sonagiri Jain Temple from Delhi?

Delhi to Sonagiri Jain temple distance is approx. 450 km. There are 4 ways of transport available to reach the temple. If you can afford it, a flight journey is an easy mode of transport. It costs around INR 5,000 to 7,000. 

How to reach Sonagiri Jain Temple from Gwalior?

Gwalior to sonagir Jain Temple distance is approximately 70 Km. Many public highways, as well as private vehicles and taxis, serve this temple. The cheapest mode of transport is by train; it costs around INR 1000.

How to reach Sonagiri Jain Temple from Jhansi?

Jhansi to Sonagiri Jain temple distance is around 41 KM. It approximately takes a 1-hour journey.  Therefore, the fastest and most cost-effective way for you to get to this most sacred Jain Temple and receive the Lord’s blessings is in a cab. 

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Places to Stay near Sonagiri Jain Temple

Sonagiri Jain Dharamshala offers food and accommodation to pilgrims and visitors. Major Dharamshlas are Delhiwali Dharamshala, Beespanthi Kothi, Vrati Ashram, and Terapanthi Koth. Apart from these, there are three Jain dining halls that accommodate pilgrims. Also, there are soem famous hotels where you can just reside and visit the Sonagiri Jain Temple in the morning. Whereas Sonagiri Jain temple Dharamshala contact number is 07522-262226. So if you any query, feel free to ask them.

Frequently asked questions

1) What is the best time to visit Sonagiri jain Temple?

The best time to visit Sonagiri Jain Temple is during Mahavir Jayanti. 

2) What is the opening and closing time of Sonagiri Jain Temple?

This Jain Temple allows visitors throughout the year. It opens at 5 am and closes at 9 pm.

3) What is the exact address of Sonagiri temple?

The accurate location of the Sonagiri Jain temple is the Sonagiri Datia district of Madhya Pradesh.

4) How to contact the Sonagiri Jain temple committee?

Sonagiri Jain temple contact number is 08719977531. 

5) In case of any suggestions or doubts, who do we need to contact?

Sonagiri Samrakshini Committee manages the entire hill region. For suggestions contact 07522 – 262222 or 262375 or 262223. 

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