10 Best Beauty Parlour Training Courses – Beautician Course

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A beauty parlour training or beautician course will teach you everything you need to know about makeup and the beauty industry. Cosmetology, aesthetics, hair, makeup, nail art, eyelash extensions, airbrush technologies, spa, diet and nutrition, laser therapies, Ayurveda, mehndi, salon management, and other skills are covered in these beautician courses.

These academies hire trained professionals who provide these beautician courses, who are helpful and supportive, as well as knowledgeable about the latest trends in beauty parlour training, tips, and technologies. Among the numerous beautician courses available, beauty parlour training is the most demanding, with affordable beautician course fees

Top 5 Beautician Course

Top 5 Beautician Course

Some institutes provide the best beautician course and beauty parlour training in beauty and makeup. This article discusses them further, including private and government beauty parlour course fees.

1) Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness

Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness

A beauty parlour training institute in Delhi NCR that offers an international beautician course is Orane. The Orane International Academy has been in operation for many years, offering over 100 courses. Orane International School of beautician course, with its top infrastructure and trained professional artists, offers a variety of certifications, beauty parlour training, degrees, diplomas, international diplomas, and postgraduate diplomas in hair, makeup, and beautician course at reasonable beauty parlour course fees.

Orane Institute provides beneficial beauty parlour training and beautician courses that can help you start a career in the beauty and makeup industry or advance your current career. You can take a free demo class before deciding on a course that suits your needs. Delhi, India is the address.

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2) Fashion Media Government Makeup Course

Fashion Media, the government makeup beautician course and beauty parlour training, is a field of study that covers all aspects of fashion and beauty. This beautician course focuses on the overall theme of makeup. After earning a diploma in fashion media makeup, a properly trained and skilled artist can find work in the fashion or film industries.

The demand for artists will undoubtedly increase. Private institutions charge a slightly higher fee for this, whereas government beauty parlour course fees are an average fee. If you want to work as a makeup artist in the fashion industry, this diploma beautician course and beauty parlour training is for you.

3) Meribindiya International Academy

Meribindiya International Academy

This is India’s first beauty academy, offering government certification for beautician courses and beauty parlour training. Hina Khan recently named Meribindiya International Academy India’s best beauty parlour training school. Students from all over India come to Meribindiya International Academy to learn beautician courses and get proper beauty parlour training. It is located near the Sunehri Market, near Sector 18, Atta, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, shop no. 1, 2nd and 3rd floor.

4) VLCC Institute of Beauty and Wellness

VLCC Institute of Beauty and Wellness

VLCC Institute is a popular academy situated in Delhi that offers international beautician courses and proper beauty parlour training and has 95+ branches across India. They were founded in 2001 and now provides over 100 high-quality beautician courses and beauty parlour training workshops with reasonable beautician course fees.  

To know more about the admission procedure to the VLCC Institute, their beauty parlour course fees, and career opportunities, you can take a look at their official website. The trained beauty experts teach you the latest trends in beautician courses and techniques in beauty parlour training used in the industry using their blending learning technique. Along with beauty industry tips and tricks, VLCC also provides beauty parlour training in entrepreneurship and soft skills. They, too, help job assistants.

VLCC has highly qualified and trained personnel who provide you with real-world experience beginning at the student level. They also provide beauty parlour training internships and workshops at reasonable beautician course fees.

5) Tulip International Institute for Healthcare and Cosmetology 

Tulip International Institute for Healthcare and Cosmetology

It is another government-approved beauty school. The institute claims to use cutting-edge technology to teach cosmetology, modern beautician course, and beauty parlour training to its students. Each procedure is taught with great care to ensure that students learn the techniques correctly. 

With a certificate from the institute, the PG Diploma courses in cosmetology and other beautician courses add value to the students’ learning with government beauty parlour course fees. Graduation is the minimum educational requirement for a PG Diploma in cosmetology and in other beautician courses. The government beauty parlour course fees for various courses here range from 34 thousand to 75 thousand. The course lasts about 3 to 4 months.

Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy

Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy

Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy for beautician courses and beauty parlour training was founded by Shahnaz Husain, a pioneering professional Indian beautician. The academy was established a long time ago. Candidates enrolled in various beautician courses and beauty parlour training courses can benefit from the academy’s expertise.

The academy provides a variety of diplomas, certificates, and other beauty and care courses. In addition, the academy provides courses in salon management, investment skills, and other areas. Not only that, but they also provide workshops on beauty parlour training.

The Natural Training Academy

The Natural Training Academy

It provides some of the best beautician courses. Hair cutting classes, bridal makeup, skin treatment, hair styling, and beauty parlour training are provided for both men and women and are all available at reasonable beauty parlour course fees.

These beautician courses teach students about various skin care, hair care, and makeup products. Hair spas and all types of skin treatments are taught with great care here. In general, students who have passed their 12th board exams can enroll in a full-time or part-time beautician course at the Natural Training Academy.

Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy

It was founded in 1993. Aditi Srivastava is the president here. Previously known as the Pearl Academy of Fashion, Pearl Academy began offering candidates the best beautician courses and beauty parlour training validated by the United Kingdom’s Nottingham Trent University in 1995.

Pearl Academy offers a variety of beautician courses. These courses range in length from 13 weeks to 3 months. The following are some of the most popular courses, drama makeup, hairstyling, massage, beauty makeup mani-pedi, and more.

Lakme Academy

Lakme Academy

Lakme Academy, in collaboration with Aptech, began operations in 2015. For over 35 years, Lakme Salon has been one of the most well-known names in hair and beauty. Lakme Academy offers candidates a variety of beautician courses that help them improve their skills for a career in the beauty industry at both the national and international levels.

It also offers a variety of job opportunities and beauty parlour training to graduates of beautician courses. Lakme Academy provides courses like cosmetology, hair treatment (basic, advanced, and short-term courses), skin treatment, and much more.

ISAS Makeup Training School

ISAS Makeup Training School

In 2010, it was founded with the goal of elevating the culture of the beauty industry and imparting knowledge of different beautician courses and providing beauty parlour training in India at reasonable beauty parlour course fees, and it has since expanded to 11 centers around the world. They are India’s prestigious institute that provides advanced teaching methodologies by utilizing the best of internationally acclaimed cosmetic brands, as well as world-renowned accreditation.

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Aspiring students who want to give their clients a new look enroll in these beautician courses. There are several reasons to believe that India will be the next big thing in global beauty care. 

To begin with, the country’s economy has improved in recent years, increasing purchasing power. This is reflected in the beauty industry, with an increasing number of women spending money on makeup and learning these beautician courses and beauty parlour training.

Furthermore, online stores like Nykaa and video blogs are helping India’s beauty industry thrive. Their certification has a high global value and is a one-way ticket to work with many major brands and corporations. They also provide 100% job placement assistance and alumni status.

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