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The much-awaited sequel of Avatar, The Way of Water, has featured a diverse range of characters and cast. After a long and arduous 13-year wait, the highly anticipated sequel to the highest-grossing film of all time has graced our movie theaters. Director James Cameron is back with Avatar: The Way of Water, which follows the Na’vi on their journey through Pandora’s oceans and continues where we left off 15 years ago from Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña)’s story.

Avatar 2 Cast

Embark on an epic exploration as you witness firsthand how far this remarkable tribe has come. The Way of Water provides viewers with an immersive introduction to the Metkayina, a clan living among the waters and led by Ronal (played by Kate Winslet), who is expecting her first child.

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What We Know about the Cast of Avatar : The Way of Water

James Cameron has a knack for bringing together a great cast, and the sequel of Avatar looks no different. Avatar: The Way of Water cast includes the following stars and cast members who make the storyline of Pandora even more stupendous. Let’s start with the Avtar 2 Cast’s leading couple first.

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington)

Avatar 2 Cast Jake Sully (Sam Worthington)

Sam Worthington is back, resuming his pivotal role as Jake Sully in Avatar: The Way of Water. After the first movie’s events, he has settled comfortably into both leading and parenting roles with a clan known as Omatikaya – all while now having four kids! Audiences are excited to see how this new chapter will unfold for him.

Despite this, Jake finds it hard to completely escape his human past and soon discovers that his old nemesis Colonel Miles Quaritch has returned with a mission of destruction. This leaves the Sully family no choice but to flee through the forest in search of refuge within the water tribes on Pandora.

Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña)

Avatar 2 Cast Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña)

Jake would not be the same without his beloved partner, Neytiri, a warrior who is an exceptional mother to her offspring. In Avatar 2, she must leave her clan and the valley of trees where she was raised to evade human persecution. The talented Zoe Saldaña returns as Neytiri for this long-awaited sequel before appearing once again with other extraterrestrial characters in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 this year.

Ronal (Kate Winslet)

Avatar 2 Cast Ronal (Kate Winslet)

The work of acclaimed director James Cameron provided Kate Winslet the opportunity to shine in Avatar: The Way of Water. Her incredible feat of holding her breath for seven minutes – eclipsing Tom Cruise’s previous record – further emphasized her star power and captivated audiences worldwide.

Winslet’s character, Ronal, is a new face in Avatar 2 and the Tsahik (spiritual leader) of the Metkayina clan. She is also pregnant with her third child when she embarks on this challenge. Even though initially leery of Sully family, after witnessing Kiri’s impressive connection to Pandora’s sea life, Ronal takes a liking to their adopted daughter and develops an admiration for her incredible abilities.

Tonowari (Cliff Curtis)

Avatar 2 Cast Tonowari (Cliff Curtis)

If you’ve followed the Avatar franchise and its upcoming sequels, then surely you know of Cliff Curtis’s character Tonowari. Standing in a similar position to Jake Sully, he is the Olo’eyktan or leader of the Metkayina tribe and mates to Kate Winslet’s Ronal. Together they share two kids, Ao’nung and Tsireya.

As soon as the Sullys arrive at Pandora’s oceanside home, Tonowari must make an important decision: grant them sanctuary, but it brings unforeseen ramifications when humans attack his people later on.

Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang)

Avatar 2 Cast: Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang)

Yes, now comes the bad guy… After an unexpected return to sequel’s cast, Stephen Lang’s character Colonel Miles Quaritch is back for more action despite his untimely end in the first movie. Quaritch was at first the head of safety for RDA on Pandora.

However his demise happened during a battle against Jake and Neytiri in Avatar. The Way of Water divulged that before his death, Quaritch’s memories had been uploaded to an Avatar host body designed specifically for him so he could continue with his mission. Quaritch’s mission remains unchanged in the sequel: to eliminate Jake Sully.

But, surprisingly, as he pursues his target, Quaritch reunites with Spider, a human son that he never knew existed. To everyone’s surprise, they form an unexpected bond along their treacherous journey together.

Mo’at (CCH Pounder)

Avatar 2 Cast: Mo'at (CCH Pounder)

Emmy-winning star CCH Pounder graces us with her return to the Avatar universe as Mo’at, Neytiri’s mother. With awe-inspiring performances in ER and The X-Files under her belt, she joins the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water for a brief but meaningful performance. As spiritual leader of the Omatikaya clan and connected to Eywa via psychic connection, Mo’at is a powerful force that will help lead our heroes forward, Eytukan (her husband) was killed during the first movie ever in this remarkable franchise. We get to witness more from CCH Pounder when she reprises her role as Mo’at again in the 3 sequel.

General Frances Ardmore (Edie Falco)

Avatar 2 Cast: General Frances Ardmore (Edie Falco)

Edie Falco, widely recognized for her role as Carmela Soprano in The Sopranos, will be joining the cast of Avatar 2 with a less significant part. She stars as General Frances Ardmore and is responsible for guaranteeing that RDA meets its fresh prime objective – establishing Pandora to make it an enduring habitat for humanity. To reach this goal, she drafts Colonel Quaritch to battle Jake Sully, who has aroused Na’vi people against RDA forces and hindered their supply routes.

Kiri (Sigourney Weaver)

Avatar 2 Cast: Kiri (Sigourney Weaver)

Sigourney Weaver’s comeback to the Avatar franchise is nothing short of astonishing, as she will portray a brand new character in the sequel. In her earlier portrayal of Dr. Grace Augustine—the scientist spearheading Pandora’s Avatar program and responsible for forming bonds with the Na’vi people—Weaver has returned as Kiri, an adolescent daughter born out of Jake Sully and Grace’s friendship through their Avatar bodies. And now that she is part of the ‘Sully family,’ this 14-year-old girl may just find something unexpected on Pandora…

Throughout the movie, Kiri battles with her outsider identity and is desperate to learn more about her birth mother. After swimming with the Metkayina tribe and establishing a connection to their spiritual Tree in the ocean, she finally obtains some answers; yet it leads to an unexpected violent seizure.

Neteyam (Jamie Flatters)

Avatar 2 Cast: Neteyam (Jamie Flatters)

As the eldest child in his family, Neteyam feels immense pressure from his parents, Jake and Neytiri, to protect their other children. Despite their best efforts, he is tragically killed while attempting to rescue them during a fight against the RDA – an event that crushes all of Neytiri’s hopes for her beloved son.

Lo’ak (Britain Dalton)

Avatar 2 Cast: Lo'ak (Britain Dalton)

Lo’ak, the younger sibling in the Sully family portrayed by Britain Dalton, takes a leading role as one of Avatar 2’s major characters. With an impulsive nature identical to his father Jake’s that leads to turbulent times between them both, he is known for being quite mischievous. In The Way of Water movie, he displays extraordinary friendship with Tsireya from Metkayina clan and their outcast Tulkun whale pal Payakan.

Tuktirey/Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li Bliss)

Avatar 2 Cast: Tuktirey/Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li Bliss)

The little one of the Sully family, Tuktirey, or “Tuk” as she is lovingly called by her siblings (portrayed by young actress Trinity Bliss), relies heavily on her older sister Kiri for guidance and mentorship. While seven-year-old Tuk may still be too tender to join in their more strenuous adventures, that doesn’t stop her from being right at the heart of all kinds of exciting moments.

Spider (Jack Champion)

Spider (Jack Champion)

While audiences may recognize Jack Champion from his brief appearance in Avengers: Endgame, he is set to take on a much more significant character in Avatar 2. Being the only human child of the Sully family and son of late Colonel Quaritch, he desperately wants to fit in with his Na’vi siblings but faces Neytiri’s disapproval as she’s hesitant about accepting him.

As Avatar: The Way of Water unfolds, Spider’s birth father Quaritch abducts him and utilizes his connection to the Sully family for selfish purposes. Despite their tumultuous relationship, an unlikely bond forms between them when Spider chooses to save Quaritch instead of allowing him to drown – a fascinating twist that sets up potential storylines for the next installment in this captivating franchise.

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Tsireya (Bailey Bass)

Tsireya (Bailey Bass)

The Avatar 2 cast recently welcomed its youngest star, Bailey Bass. At nine, she portrays Tsireya (also known as Reya), daughter to renowned clan leaders Tonowari and Ronal. Devoted to her Metkayina tribe family, Reya is a proficient free diver and a brave protector. However, she finds herself in an ethical dilemma when she grows close to Lo’ak.

Ao’nung (Filip Geljo)

Avatar 2 Cast: Ao'nung (Filip Geljo)

Filip Geljo, a Canadian actor, portays Ao’nung in Avatar 2. He is the child of Ronal and Tanawari and is particularly remembered for initiating a fight with Lo’ak and Neteyam after bullying Kiri. Later in the film, he develops into an ally to Sully’s children by offering assistance to help rescue Lo’ak’s incarcerated Tulkun.

Rotxo (Duane Evans Jr)

Avatar 2 Cast Rotxo (Duane Evans Jr)

Rotxo, portrayed by Duane Evans Jr. is one of the youngest characters featured in Avatar 2. He is known as a close friend to Ao’nung and partaking in the scuffle with Sully’s siblings. Similarly to his companion, he befriends Metkayina’s visitors from planet Na’vi, as they teach him how to hold his breath underwater.

Mick Scoresby (Brendan Cowell)

Avatar 2 Cast: Mick Scoresby (Brendan Cowell)

Brendan Cowell’s Avatar journey began with The Way of Water, in which he played Mick Scoresby – a secondary antagonist assigned to the RDA responsible for tulkun hunting. In addition, Scoresby was captain of the large-scale marine hunt vessel: SeaDragon. Later in the sequel movie, scores by assisted Quaritch during their mission to locate Jake, making him an enemy number one amongst Metkayina since they share close ties with tulkuns.

Ian Garvin (Jemaine Clement)

Avatar 2 Cast: Ian Garvin (Jemaine Clement)

In Avatar: The Way of Water, Dr. Ian Garvin (played by Jemaine Clement) serves as the RDA’s field researcher on Pandora’s xenomarine biology and is assigned to Mick Scoresby as his consultant for tulkun hunting due to his extensive expertise in Pandora’s oceans. Unfortunately, if he refuses to take part in Scoresby’s mission, the RDA will close down Garvin’s laboratory – leaving him with no other choice but to join the perilous voyage into unknown waters.

Which Cast members to Expect in Avatar 3?

After a long lull between the first two Avatar films, fans can rejoice that production of the third installment has reached its end, with a-hour cut of the now circulating. Prepare yourselves. Avatar 3 is hurtling toward us all and will arrive in theaters by 2024.

With the franchise’s emphasis on family connections, it is almost certain that many actors from Avatar 2 will be rejoining us in its threequel. Of course, this excludes those who were not so lucky to survive until then, such as Neteyam. To name a few, Worthington, Saldaña, and Weaver are already confirmed for their return. At the same time, new characters in Avatar 3 have yet to reveal themselves, though, with all current names, we needn’t worry about remembering them until 2024 has arrived.

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