Streaming Christmas Movies 2023

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Over the Top (OTT) platforms are becoming increasingly popular, and streaming Christmas movies is no exception. Online streaming has become a regular pastime for many people during the holiday season. With so many streaming options, enjoying some of your favorite festive films has never been easier. Watching your favorite flicks on-the go allows viewers to watch classic favorites or discover new titles from around the world. Here is a quick look at why you should use streaming platforms to watch your favorite flick on Christmas and how you can do it.

Why be streaming Christmas movies instead of watching on cable TV?

Streaming Christmas Movies

The main reason why streaming Christmas movies is becoming a preferred option for many people is its convenience and flexibility. Streaming Christmas movies allows you to watch your favorite films whenever and wherever you want. 

You can enjoy classic titles from the comfort of your home or on-the-go, without worrying about missing out due to airing times. Streaming services also have an extensive library of festive flicks, allowing viewers to find something they will enjoy. Streaming platforms also come with various features such as pause, rewind, fast forward, and more; these features give you complete control over your viewing experience.

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Why you should be streaming Christmas movies, how to stream, and which movies you can watch

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How should you be streaming Christmas Movies?

Streaming Christmas movies is easy and convenient; select a streaming platform and select your desired movie. Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer an extensive library of festive flicks that can be enjoyed anytime. Most of these streaming platforms also have a range of features to choose from, allowing viewers to customize their viewing experience.

Some Popular Streaming Christmas Movies at Present

If you feel baffled about finding the right Christmas movie to stream, here are some of the most popular festive films.

1. The Grinch (2018) Streaming on Netflix

The Grinch popular christmas movies

Starring Jim Carey, The Grinch is a heartwarming remake of the classic Dr. Seuss story about a grumpy creature who attempts to ruin Christmas for all of Whoville. This festive flick offers plenty of laughs and an important message about the true meaning of holiday cheer.

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2. The Holiday Calendar (2018) Streaming on Netflix

The Holiday Calendar Christmas movies on Netflix

This contemporary Christmas rom-com stars Kat Graham as a talented photographer gifted an advent calendar that predicts the future. The Holiday Calendar will have viewers laughing, crying, and wanting more.

3. Love Actually (2003) Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Love Actually (2003) Christmas Movies

The classic British romantic comedy follows eight couples during the festive season in London. Love Actually has become a cult favorite over the years and is a must-watch for anyone looking for holiday cheer this year.

4. Elf (2003) Streaming on Hulu & Amazon Prime Video

elf movie christmas movie

Elf has become one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, starring Will Ferrell as Buddy, an elf who travels to New York in search of his biological father. Elf is a classic feel-good movie that will never get old.

5. A Christmas Prince (2017) Streaming on Netflix

A Christmas Prince The Royal Baby net

This charming festive flick follows a young journalist who goes undercover as a tutor to get the scoop on a prince living in a small European country. A Christmas Prince offers plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and an inspiring story about true love.

6. The Best Man Holiday (2013) Streaming on Hulu

The Best Man Holiday

The holidays may be the backdrop for Best Man Holiday, but who cares when a movie features Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, and Morris Chestnut doing a New Edition dance and lip-sync number? Nearly 15 years after they all gathered for Lance’s (Chestnut) wedding (and nearly 15 years after the release of The Best Man), a group of old friends gathered in New York to celebrate Christmas together.

Like with any old friends reunion, everyone simultaneously recalls their fond memories and unresolved issues. No further spoilers, let’s say that the chuckles are genuine and the drama—cancer diagnoses, pregnancies, marriages—is significant—the perfect film for your Friendsgiving celebration.

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7. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Airing on Amazon Prime

It's a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life is now considered a classic, but few people know that it was a flop when it first came out in 1946. Fortunately, it eventually found the audience it deserved and has been loved by many ever since. People who enjoy watching Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey learn how important he is to his family, friends, and town will never tire of this film.

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) streaming on Apple TV+

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is not only well-known, but it’s adored by many and remains one of the best animated Christmas movies to date. And it is one of the best Christmas movies for families to watch together. Streaming it on Apple TV+ is the perfect way to introduce your children and grandchildren to Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang while they all enjoy a good laugh.

9. Jingle all the way (2014) Streaming on Starz

Jingle all the way (2014)

Jingle All the Way is a fun, silly Christmas movie that stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a workaholic dad. In this 1996 comedy, his search for the most hotly demanded toy on Christmas Eve is made more complicated by a mailman who’s also hunting for it.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) airing on Disney+

The Nightmare Before Christmas movies on Disney Plus

Tim Burton’s dark fantasy musical is part of Halloween and Christmas movies. It follows Jack (Chris Sarandon), the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, as he discovers Christmas Town and becomes obsessed with the holiday. Other voice cast members include Catherine O’Hara, William Hickey, Paul Reubens, and more. This 1993 classic is quite the oddball treat!

Wind up

These are just some of the endless options that can be found when streaming Christmas movies, so why not try something new this year? Streaming services offer an extensive selection of festive flicks, allowing you to enjoy your favorite classic or discover something new. Streaming Christmas movies is easy and convenient, allowing viewers complete control over their viewing experience. So what are you waiting for? Grab some hot cocoa and settle in for some holiday cheer. Happy Streaming!

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