Is Wakfu Season 4 Releasing? Everything You Should Know About This

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We know that Japan and the United States are well-known for anime and cartoons, but we cannot exclude it from other countries. Wakfu is a French cartoon that began in 2008, and it’s almost on the verge of launching Wakfu season 4. The entire cartoon show is based on a game known as Dofus. The show is available on Steam for free, but fans are waiting for the official news regarding the launch of Wakfu season 4. 

Wakfu Season 4
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The plot or the story revolves around a character named Yugo who has mysterious powers and a mysterious past. As he continues to know more about his people and past, so do others come to know about the same. Wakfu is a name given to the mysterious powers of Yugo, and several people of the land want his powers. Despite dealing with the evil of the land with his brotherhood Tofu, the number of evils keeps increasing. And to know more about Wakfu season 4, you need to read this guide in detail.

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Is Wakfu Season 4 being released for the viewers?

Wakfu Season 4 release date
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The good news is that Wakfu Season 4 is coming for the viewers and audience. On 7th May 2020, the Ankama Animations made an official confirmation that the making of the season 4 is in progress. A campaign was also launched by the production company to raise funds for the cartoon show. After saying all these, it can be considered that the production house and the cast will take some time to make the show before it is launched or aired on television sometime in 2024.

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What is the Wakfu Season 4 about?

Wakfu Season 4 plot
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A brief interview with ToT has revealed several revelations about the happenings of the Wakfu season 4. Season 4 will not be a time-skip version of the third season. Instead, the show will pick up right from the place where it ended. Also, in the show, the producers will be featuring a new antagonist, and thus, Qilby won’t be a big bad for this show. 

The producers aim to make Wakfu season 4 a proper link between the Wakfu video game and the sequel video game named Waven. The interview has also revealed some unofficial news about the launch of a series based on the sequel game Waven. 

Although it might be a hint or a major spoiler for the viewers, the producers of the Wakfu show tend to end on a happy note. Besides making the least season happy, they also want to add an emotional touch to it.

Overview of Wakfu

First Released October, 2008
Total episodes 71
Upcoming Season Season 4
Channels France 3, Netflix
Characters Yugo, Az, Amalia Sheran Sharm, Rubilax, Ruel Stroud, Adamai, Grufon and others.

 Which studio has the responsibility for making the Wakfu Season 4?

Wakfu Season 4 cast
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The Wakfu animated and the cartoon show is co-produced and animated by France 3 and Ankama Animations. And the same has been happening since day 1 with no change in producers and co-producers. Since the animation company, Ankama was the first to give a hint about the 4th season of Wakfu; the fans can be sure about no changes or alterations regarding the production house. 

Besides making cartoons, the Ankama production house is also known for making video games and live-action shows. Moreover, they are also in charge of making the upcoming sequel, Waven. 

Its co-producers, France 3, have also made some famous shorts, animations, and films. Inglorious Bastards and the show Law and Order were both produced by the France 3 animation house. Besides being a production house, they also have their TV channel where the shows are aired first.

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Where to watch the Wakfu Season 4?

The first three seasons of Wakfu are available on Netflix. Netflix is the only legal way of watching the show unless you are residing in the country of origin, France. Apart from Netflix, French viewers can also watch the first three seasons of Wakfu on Anime Digital Network.

But, since France 3 has its own TV channel, Wakfu Season 4 will also be aired on its channel of France 3 once it’s launched. And for international audiences, the show should be available on Netflix as well.

Final Words

With fans eagerly waiting for the launch and release of the 4th season of Wakfu, the cartoon show, the producers, and the co-producers are working day and night to get the show aired on television and on Netflix very soon. Therefore, with much hype and popularity in the first three seasons, Wakfu Season 4 will also be popular and will attract millions of views. 

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