Top Biotechnology Jobs in Canada (with Salaries)

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Science is an umbrella-like subject that holds several other streams under it. Agriculture, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Forestry, etc. are some of such subjects. A stream that combines the biological and technical aspects in this field is known as Biotechnology. You should be a graduate in this stream in order to get biotechnology jobs in Canada.

This stream is further broken down into four categories: Human, Environment, Industrial, Animal, and Plant. The positions in this field are highly sought after and adaptable due to the subject’s diversity. To get into biotechnology jobs in Canada, you should graduate from a reputable university or college. Here is the list of some top colleges that offer biotechnology as a stream.

Top 5 Biotechnology colleges in Canada

1) The University of Toronto

University of Toranto Canada

The University of Toronto is one of the most famous universities in the whole world. As a result, almost 21% of the total students are from abroad here. Indian students ranked 2nd in terms of numbers which shows the craze for university among Indian students. They offer a PG course for Biotechnology that comes under the M.Sc branch. The fee charged by them for the same is INR 35.1 lakhs per year and also helps to get a place in pre-eminent biotech jobs in Canada.

2) The University of British Columbia (UBC)

The University of British Columbia Canada

UBC is located in Vancouver in British Columbia and was established in 1908. The university is currently observing an enrollment of 55,887 students. Moreover, the campus is spread over 400 acres of lush green land that provides an appropriate environment for study. The college offers M.Sc courses with a duration of 5 years in Biotechnology. Also, the tuition fee to be paid every year is INR 32.3 Lakhs.

3) McGill University

McGrill University Canada

McGill University is among the top education institutions in Canada. Proof of the same is that it ranked 31 in the world QS ranking. Biotechnology courses are offered by them under the UG program. They train students to industry standards to facilitate their Canada biotechnology jobs placements. The charge for the year is INR 15.17 Lakhs.

4) McMaster University

McMaster University Canada

Established in 1887, McMaster university has a total enrollment of 33,147 students from all over the world. McMaster also counts in the top 3 research universities in Canada. They provide a combined degree/ Diploma Program for biotechnology. The duration of this course can be up to 4.5 years for which one has to pay INR 3.65 Lakhs per year.

5) Queen’s University

Queen’s University Canada

Queen University believe in experiential learning for students and that is why it holds 2nd rank in the same. A total of 125 courses are currently available with the university which is accompanied by 8 schools of different streams. One can pursue Biotechnology at the University through their B.Sc. course to get biotechnology jobs in Canada for Indians. It costs around INR 14.44 Lakh a year to enroll in the course.

Eligibility for Biotechnology Jobs in Canada 

Eligibility for Biotechnology Jobs in Canada 

Before starting as a Biotechnologist or even applying for biotech jobs in Canada. You should meet certain standards to make the application process go more smoothly. Therefore, you would need certain credentials and knowledge to secure a well-paying, secure, and prestigious position with a renowned organisation.

  • A Graduate Degree

Nowadays fegrees and certifications have become compulsory.With a degree or other qualification in your profession, you can demonstrate your commitment to and knowledge of the topic in order to land a stable career. The interviewers will initially take into account your degree before moving on to the further rounds of selection.

  • Proven experience or internship

Theoretical aspects of the subject may be important but can not get you a job if you do not have considerable work experience. This is the rationale behind why so many students choose to sign up for internships. These are non-paid biotechnology jobs in Canada for the short term. After completing this period, you will be awarded a certificate declaring that you hold experience of a specific time in that particular field

  • Master’s Degree

A better education would imply more knowledge, which would undoubtedly support in obtaining a respectable salary. Any pharmaceutical business that wants to fill its most coveted positions needs a subject matter expert. Thus, earning a master’s degree might provide you access to chances that are more highly regarded. 

Top Job Roles in Biotechnology

Top Job Roles in Biotechnology

Being a very vast subject, there are many job roles that one can find in Biotechnology. From very basic pay to a Class A salary, every sort of Canada biotechnology jobs can be found. Canada has a very large and extensive network of hospitals, universities, laboratories and other technical facilities.

Therefore, Canada serves as an excellent place for studying and working in biotechnology. Make sure you know the right way to reach an employer in Canada and have proper documents, then you can apply for the following job roles.

  • Microbiologists

Microbiologists are professionals who study biology in microorganisms. This can be done to test, evaluate or screen a drug and its effect. The expected salary can be between USD 60k – USD 90k per annum.

  • Research Scientist

Research Scientist- Biotechnology jobs in Canada

The Research Scientist should hold great knowledge of chemistry and reaction. Their job role will consist of purifying, altering, and synthesising chemicals and different compounds. Their package is around USD 40k per annum.

  • Quality Assurance Officer

The main goal is conducting quality assurances audit and supervising workers to maintain the best quality as per biotech jobs in Canada. The average salary for this job role can be USD 57k – USD 161k per annum.

  • Research Officer

These professionals have a great command of bioengineering. Moreover, their core work is the discovery and development of microdevice technology. A research officer may earn up to USD 60k – USD 100k per annum.

  • Manufacturing Technologist

The fundamental task of a Manufacturing Technologist is to innovate the manufacturing procedures for more efficiency. While looking after the technical chores of the unit is another function performed by them in biotechnology jobs in Canada. Their average pay is somewhere around USD 58k – USD 80k per annum.

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How to apply for biotechnology jobs in Canada?

Biotechnology jobs in Canada

Step 1: Try to determine what are the exact skills, experience and qualifications you would require to work in biotech jobs in Canada.

Step 2: The next step contains searching for methods to showcase your skills. A candidate is required to know about the interview practices in Canada.

Step 3: Keep in mind that your skills and other qualifications should match Canadian Biotechnical standards. Otherwise, it will not be possible to get a job there, legally.

Step 4: After doing all those things, try to improve your language and communication skills. This should be done so your language does not become a reason for your rejection. 

Step 5: You are now set to apply for biotechnology jobs in Canada. Collect your documents and other necessary certificates and dress smartly for the interview. Make sure your personality reflects self-confidence and esteem.

Available Jobs and Salary stats of Biotechnology in Canada

Salary stats of Biotechnology in Canada

The Canadian companies that recruit for Biotechnology jobs in Canada for Indians areincluded in the table below. You may now apply for jobs via a variety of platforms, do well in the interview, and get chosen for the position.

In addition, the salary of new hires or experienced workers in Canada is astounding, which is what’s most intriguing. Therefore, be aware of the salary shown below and strive harder to realise your ambitions.

Companies Job Roles Package (in INR)
Polytide Technology Inc. Microbiologist 47 – 71 LPA
Custom Biologics Biotechnology Technician 31 LPA
FOP Experts Conseils Inc Quality Assurance Officer 47 – 67 LPA
Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. Food Research Scientist 61 LPA
Custom Biologics Biological Scientist 43 LPA
Xenon Pharmaceuticals Research Scientist 55 – 86 LPA
Cyclia Inc Drug Discovery Scientist Not Available


Biotechnology jobs in Canada

The above are some top biotechnology jobs in Canada for which you can apply. The most crucial item that should be on your mind is language and conforming to the requirements for talents. In certain situations, high designation occupations might even pay up to one CPA. Therefore, there is enough potential for Biotechnology Jobs Canada. Finally, put in the effort to earn a better education in Canada so that you can land the career of your dreams in a variety of fields.

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