BTech Biotechnology Jobs & Salary for BTech Biotech in India

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BTech Biotechnology jobs are often sought by those looking for chemical and textiles sector jobs, agricultural sectors jobs, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturing enterprises. Those who work in this sector can also pursue teaching jobs at colleges and universities. However, it isn’t the only option; one may also work for the government or commercial sector laboratories engaged in research.

In India, the average BTech Biotechnology salary package ranges from INR 5-8 LPA, with Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr. Reddy’s, Bharat Biotech, Biocon, Indian Immunologicals Serum Institute of India Ltd, and so forth being some of the top BTech Biotechnology recruiters.

What are the BTech Biotechnology Jobs in India?

According to job listings on the internet, there are a variety of occupations accessible for biochemists and microbiologists, from mainline Biotechnologists and Microbiologists to Medical writing executives, Medical representatives, and more. The average pay they receive might be determined by several things like job sort, area of expertise, position, location, and whether it is government or private work.

For example, a government research employee or CSIR worker with a monthly average wage of INR 15,000-30,000, including all government perks, may be hired. Similarly, top pharmaceutical firms may start paying these officials at around INR 12,000-20,000 per month and subsequently increase their yearly pay to nearly INR 10 LPA.

Jobs in demand for Biotechnology

Biotechnology has been one of the most important scientific developments of the previous quarter-century. After the Covid-19 pandemic, biotechnology experts have assumed a higher level of importance. It is an interdisciplinary field with numerous career possibilities open to graduates after completing a biotechnology program.

BTech Biotechnology jobs are popular because they offer job-ready skills and higher compensation. Along with determining the biotechnology engineering salary, let us now discuss what jobs are available after B.Tech Biotechnology.

Check for options available for Government Job after Biotechnology.

Here is the list of top BTech Biotechnology Jobs and Salary:

#1 Biomedical Engineer

Average Annual Salary for Biomedical Engineers after BTech Biotechnology: ₹ 30 lakhs

Biomedical engineers apply their expertise in both engineering and biology to address challenges in biology and medicine, develop the quality of medical equipment, diagnostic devices, and medical software, and improve the efficacy of such technologies in patient care.

#2 Biochemist

Average Annual Salary for Biochemist after BTech Biotechnology: ₹ 3.6 lakhs

Biochemist is one of the many BTech biotechnology jobs for freshers in the government and private sector. A Biochemist studies the chemical features of living things and biological functions. They also identify the impact of medicines, hormones, and nutrients on tissues to develop medical treatments that may benefit society. They spend the majority of their time in laboratories analyzing large research projects.

#3 Microbiologist

Average Monthly Salary Package for Microbiologist post BTech Biotechnology: ₹69,800 INR

Microbiologists are scientists passionate about viruses, bacteria, and the immune system. They learn expertise in developing medical and industrial items to improve human health. These specialists spend most of their time diagnosing and treating viral illnesses to aid health concerns.

#4 Medical Scientist

Average Monthly Salary for Medical Scientist after BTech Biotechnology: ₹ 110,000

Clinical laboratory researchers delve into diseases and propose preventative therapies to enhance patient health. They are always searching for new medical technology to develop and test. Furthermore, they frequently analyze medical samples to standardize drug dosages, procedures, and strength of the medications and medicinal compounds. There is a huge demand for BTech Biotechnology Jobs like this after the pandemic.  

#5 Process Development Scientist

Average Annual Salary for Process Development Scientist after BTech Biotechnology: ₹ 7.0 Lakhs

The role of a process development scientist is to oversee the manufacturing process in a company’s laboratory to improve the quality and efficiency of the result. A process development scientist is in charge of developing new methods for scaling up existing goods as well as devising innovative products once they have been ready for production.

#6 Clinical Technician

Annual Average Salary for Clinical Technician after BTech Biotechnology: ₹4.0 Lakhs

Clinical technicians apply automated lab equipment, sophisticated robotics, and specialized computer software to gather and evaluate test data. They are also known as medical laboratory scientists or biological technicians. Their major responsibility is collecting samples, performing tests, and interpreting body fluids, tissue, bacteria cultures, and other substances’ findings.

#7 Biomanufacturing Specialists

Annual Average Salary for Biomanufacturing Specialists after BTech Biotechnology: ₹6.5 Lakhs

Biomanufacturing experts utilize gadgets and techniques to guarantee products satisfy demanding purity, safety, potency, and quality standards. Because bioproducts are frequently produced on a mass scale, it necessitates sophisticated scientific know-how and industry laws and regulations.

#8 Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Annual Average Salary for Regulatory Affairs Specialist after BTech Biotechnology: ₹6.5 Lakhs

This is one of the reputed BTech Biotechnology govt jobs you can apply for after graduation. The primary responsibility of a regulatory affairs specialist is to liaise with governmental agencies, such as the FDA, to ensure that an organization’s products comply with all applicable laws and regulations. They must also keep up-to-date on any changes in rules that may affect the company’s operations. Regulatory affairs specialists typically have a scientific or medical background.

#9 Quality Control Specialist

Average Annual Salary for Quality Control Specialist after BTech Biotechnology: ₹ 6.5 Lakhs

Quality control specialists ensure that all products manufactured by their organization meet the required quality standards. They develop and implement quality control procedures, test products for defects, and investigate product quality complaints. Quality control specialists usually have a background in science or engineering.

#10 Sales and Marketing Specialist

Average Annual Salary for Sales and Marketing Specialist after BTech Biotechnology: ₹8.6 Lakhs

Sales and marketing specialists promote and sell an organization’s products or services. They develop marketing plans, identify potential customers, and conduct market research. Sales and marketing specialists typically have a background in business or communications.

Sales and marketing specialists play an important role in promoting and selling an organization’s products or services. They develop marketing plans, identify potential customers, and conduct market research. Sales and marketing specialists typically have a background in business or communications.

Reasons to Pursue Career in BTech in Biotechnology

1. Job Security: The industry’s demand for BTech biotechnology jobs is growing. 

2. Wide range of career options: A degree in biotechnology provides you with a wide range of career options. You can either work in the public sector or the private sector.

3. Good salary: A BTech in Biotechnology can help you earn a good salary. The average salary for a biotechnologist is around Rs 4 lakhs per annum.

4. Growth potential: There is a lot of scope for growth in biotechnology. With the right skills and experience, you can start your own business in this field.

5. Flexibility: You can choose your own working hours. You can either work full-time or part-time.


This was the list of the top Btech biotechnology jobs available. So, whether you’re just starting your career or looking to make a change, this is the perfect time to explore the many opportunities in this exciting and rapidly-growing field. And don’t forget – if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our list, simply apply anyway. With so much demand for skilled professionals in the biotech industry, there’s no telling where your next opportunity might come from.

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