Best MSc Biotechnology Jobs in India

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Getting a master’s degree gives you leverage for better salary hikes and jobs. If you are willing to start your career after completing MSc in Biotechnology, you have plenty of options. The Indian market is very diverse and offers many options when it comes to finding MSc Biotechnology Jobs. Many multinational companies have their research and development centers in India. These companies are always looking for talented individuals with an MSc in Biotechnology. Apart from that, many government organizations offer many MSc Biotechnology Jobs to qualified ones.

Overview of MSc Biotechnology Jobs in India

Msc Biotechnology Jobs in India

MSc Biotechnology Jobs are very diverse. One can find a job in sectors like agriculture, healthcare, food and beverage, cosmetics, environmental services, and many more. The MSc Biotechnology Jobs and salary in India is around 4-5 lakhs per annum. However, this may vary depending on the company you work for and your experience.

Industries where you can apply for MSc Biotechnology Jobs

You can find a job in many industries after completing your MSc in Biotechnology. These include:


Agriculture MSc Biotechnology Jobs

You can find a job as a research scientist or an agriculture extension officer in agricultural companies.


Healthcare MSc Biotechnology Jobs

Graduates can work in hospitals, clinics, or laboratories as a medical researcher or a healthcare consultant.

Food and beverage industry:

Food industry in MSc Biotechnology Jobs

You can opt for food processing units, breweries, or distilleries as a quality control manager or a food technologist.

Cosmetic industry:

Cosmetic industry in MSc Biotechnology Jobs

There is a wide range of career-building options in cosmetic companies as a research and development scientist or a production manager.

Environmental services:

Environmental services in MSc Biotechnology Jobs


After completing your master’s degree you can find a job in environmental consulting firms or NGOs as an environmental scientist or an environmental engineer.

If you are currently graduated in Biotechnology then you can also apply for various BSc Biotechnology Jobs.

Skills required for MSc Biotechnology Jobs

MSc Biotechnology Jobs

Some of the skills that are required for MSc Biotechnology Jobs are:

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good time management skills
  • Willingness to learn new things

If you have these skills, you can find a good job in the biotechnology field.

Some of the top companies that offer MSc Biotechnology Jobs in India are as follows:

  1. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
  2. Lupin Pharmaceuticals
  3. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  4. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
  5. Cadila Healthcare
  6. Wockhardt Limited
  7. Mankind Pharma
  8. Pfizer
  9. Aurobindo Pharma
  10. Biocon

Some of the top companies offer MSc Biotechnology Jobs in India. However, many other smaller companies and start-ups provide good job opportunities for those having a bachelor’s degree.

Government organizations like CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), and DBT (Department of Biotechnology) also offer MSc Biotechnology govt jobs to experience holders.

List of Msc biotechnology jobs and salary 

List of Msc biotechnology jobs

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best MSc biotechnology jobs in India:

Research Scientist

Research Scientist in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Research Scientist after MSc Biotechnology: ₹8,07,800

A research scientist is responsible for conducting experiments and researching new areas in biotechnology. They work with a team of other scientists to develop new products and processes. A research scientist typically has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, biology. However, they can opt for MSc in Biotechnology for better options.

Quality Control Manager

Quality Control Manager in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Quality Control Manager after MSc Biotechnology: ₹3,10,000

A quality control manager’s role is to ensure that all products meet the company’s standards for quality. They develop and implement quality control procedures, train employees on these procedures, and monitor compliance. A quality control manager has a master’s degree in biochemistry, biology, or another relevant scientific discipline.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Regulatory Affairs Specialist in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Regulatory Affairs Specialist after MSc Biotechnology: ₹6,50,000

A regulatory affairs specialist helps companies comply with government regulations. They keep up to date on regulation changes, prepare reports and applications for regulatory approval, and represent the company in meetings with regulatory agencies. To apply for such MSc Biotechnology jobs for freshers, you must have a Master’s degree.

Product Development Manager

Product Development Manager in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Product Development Manager after MSc Biotechnology: ₹10,00,000

A product development manager takes care of developing new products and overseeing production. They work with a team of scientists and engineers to create new products and ensure they are safe and effective. To be on this position, you must have MSc Biotechnology with prior working experience in a govt or private organization.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Sales Representative after MSc Biotechnology: ₹4,80,000

A sales representative sells products or services to customers. They develop relationships with customers, provide them with information about products or services, and close sales. This is one of the MSc Biotechnology jobs you can apply as a fresher and gain plenty of experience. You can also start this job after completing bachelor’s degree. 

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Business Development Manager after MSc Biotechnology: ₹5,30,000

A business development manager is deals in generating new business opportunities. They identify potential customers, develop relationships, and sell products or services. MSc biotechnology jobs like this require you to have understanding of your discipline along with knowledge of CRM software, and 3-5 years of working experience.    

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Marketing Manager after MSc Biotechnology: ₹3,50,000

A marketing manager develops and implements marketing plans. They research customer needs, build marketing campaigns, and track the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. As a marketing manager, you are the in-charge of a territory and supervise your subordinate marketing agents in the relevant fields. 

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Assistant Professor after MSc Biotechnology: ₹7,00,000

An assistant professor teaches courses at a college or university. They develop course materials, deliver lectures, and mentor students. An assistant professor typically has a PhD or undergone a research fellowship programme at any government institution. 

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Postdoctoral Fellow after MSc Biotechnology: ₹24,00,000

A postdoctoral fellow conducts research under the supervision of a senior scientist. They design and conduct experiments, analyze data and write papers describing their findings. This is also one of the MSc Biotechnology jobs that require you to complete PhD from a university after graduating.

Consulting Scientist

Consulting Scientist in Msc biotechnology

Average Annual Salary of Consulting Scientiest after MSc Biotechnology: ₹4,80,000

A consulting scientist provides expert advice to companies on technical issues related to their business. They analyze data, solve problems, and provide recommendations. You must have a PhD degree in Biotechnology in order to apply for the position. Many reputed government institutions like DRDO, ISRO, and other research establishments offer this position.

You can also apply for DBT JRF Exam, if you want to apply for top notch central government jobs after biotechnology.


The scope for MSc Biotechnology Jobs is very good in India. With the right skills and experience, one can easily find a job in their desired sector. Many job portals list MSc Biotechnology Jobs. One can also search for jobs on company websites or government websites. For those looking for MSc Biotechnology Jobs, it is important to have a good understanding of the various sectors and industries that offer these jobs. One should also be aware of the skills required for these jobs. With the right skills and knowledge, you can easily find good MSc biotechnology Jobs. You can also read about Top Biotechnology Colleges in India.

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