Why Shailesh Lodha Left from TMKOC Cast?

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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Many actors and actresses from the sitcom have made shocking allegations against the show’s producers, particularly producer Asit Kumarr Modi. Shailesh Lodha is one of these actors, who has worked on the show for nearly 14 years. Shailesh fought and won a legal battle against TMKOC’s producer, Asit Modi, over unpaid dues barely a month ago. In a recent interview, the actor openly discussed Why Shailesh Lodha Left TMKOC.

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Why Shailesh Lodha Left TMKOC?

Why Shailesh Lodha Left TMKOC?

Recently, Shailesh Lodha spoke about his departure from the popular TV show TMKOC during an interview with Lallantop. Shailesh stated that he prioritized his self-respect when asked about the reason behind his exit. He elaborated on the situation by recalling an incident from 2022 where he got invited to appear on the stand-up comedy show “Good Night India” on SAB TV. Shailesh was excited to showcase his talents as a poet on the show, but things changed when TMKOC producer Asit Kumarr Modi expressed his disapproval of his participation. Shailesh shared more details about his conversation with Modi and expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome.” “I shot for it and even recited a poem there. Taarak Mehta’s producer called me the day before the show to see if I could be on it. And the language he used was not civil, which infuriated me.”

Even after resigning, Shailesh expressed his willingness to work with the show’s creators, recognizing the importance of a smooth transition for his character’s ending. Although his departure details were openly discussed, the actor claimed that the producer was withholding his previous earnings to put pressure on him. Shailesh also disclosed that Asit Kumarr Modi had requested him to sign documents, a meeting he declined. On April 5, he sent an email explaining that he had continued shooting as a goodwill gesture but would no longer do so. The producers insisted he sign an agreement that he believed would restrict his rights. Shailesh said, “The issue was never about money, but the disrespectful way I was treated.” I had to take legal action, and the case was settled in court.’

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When did Shailesh Lodha win his lawsuit against Asit Kumarr Modi?


It was reported that TMKOC producer Asit Kumarr Modi owed Shailesh Lodha a significant amount of money. However, the two parties have recently come to a resolution through a settlement agreement. According to a report by The Times Of India, Asit has agreed to pay Rs. 1,05,84,000 to Shailesh as part of the settlement. It is worth noting that Shailesh had sought assistance from the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) earlier this year to recover the unpaid dues.

Shailesh Lodha Controversy

Shailesh Lodha’s Left TMKOC news has sparked debate, not only because of unpaid dues but also because of his harsh criticism of how producers treated him. Lodha has boldly asserted that the entertainment industry’s stars and producers share a delicate balance of power. In a recent interview, he stated, ‘No producer is bigger than the actor,’ emphasizing the critical role that actors play in the success of a show.

This statement emphasizes the importance of artists and implies that those in positions of power should not undervalue or mistreat them. Lodha’s remark sheds light on the complicated relationship between artists and producers, given that producers significantly influence a production’s creative and business aspects. Lodha has garnered considerable attention for speaking out against this power disparity, sparking a discussion about the importance of acknowledging and valuing the contributions of performers.

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Asit Kumarr Modi’s arrogant behavior with TMKOC cast

Shailesh Lodha revealed a shocking incident in which Asit Kumarr Modi, the producer of TMKOC, demeaned the cast by referring to them as his servants. Lodha confronted Modi about his disrespectful language after being disturbed by it. Lodha expressed his displeasure by recounting how Modi’s derogatory remark irritated him. Lodha decided to leave the show in February 2022, which he emailed to Modi.

Despite this, he continued to fulfill his professional obligations by attending shoots until April, demonstrating his professionalism and understanding of the production team’s need for a smooth transition. Lodha’s decision to leave the show emphasized the value of respectful communication and professionalism in the entertainment industry.

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