What are the best options for Government Job After Biotechnology?

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For many people, getting a good career in the government sector is a dream come true. There are several government job after biotechnology available for candidates after they complete their studies. It all depends on your job search strategy and knowledge. Passing the different PSC, UPSC, and SSC exams increases one’s chances of landing a good job (Staff Selection Commission).

Government jobs after biotechnology courses are crucial not just for citizens but also for the entire country. Government jobs are the only way to ensure that workers are paid fairly and that the system runs smoothly. As a result, selecting candidates to fill positions in the job market is a difficult task. The Public Service Commission is in charge of this.

Government jobs after biotechnology

Exams for the Public Service Commission are primarily used to recruit persons for various governmental positions within the states. The Indian Forest Service Exam – (IFS) Exam is one of the exams offered by the UPSC and you can apply for it to get various biotechnology jobs after graduating.

The PSC test follows the same schedule as the Union Public Service Commission, including prelims, mains, and interviews. The curriculum, however, may differ from one state to the next. Exams are held individually and in different ways for various biotechnologist jobs ranging from entry-level to high-level positions.

Candidates who meet the criteria are then shortlisted and invited to take the next exam stage. The procedure continues according to the job’s importance.

The following are some of the most common government employment areas for candidates for government jobs after biotechnology.

  • Laboratories for Testing
  • groups that work with seeds and nurseries
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Agricultural Research Organizations Government Colleges
  • Hospitals for Botanical Surveys
  • Food Institutes for Medical Research
  • Departments of Wildlife and Fisheries
  • Schools in the Public Sector

1. SRF/JRF/PA in Science and Research

SRFJRFPA in Science and Research- Government jobs after biotechnology

Science and research are one industry where there will never be a latent hiring phase. India desperately needs scientists and researchers to carry out their experiments, patents, and technical research, among other things. This industry provides unrivalled opportunities for professional development, financial security, and progress.

There are approximately 10,000 biotechnology jobs available for science and research students/candidates, with a lot of flexibility for job searchers, especially women. SRF/JRF/PA in Science and Research

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2. Officer of Science/Education

Officer of Science Education - Government jobs after biotechnology

They must work with the State Director and the Senior Education Officer to effectively and efficiently roll out certain science-related tasks. These responsibilities may include programmes at Government Schools, where they must liaise with the State Department of Education to begin the programme, manage and coordinate with Principals and Teachers.

To meet the eligibility criteria for a government job after biotechnology, you must have a CSIR NET qualification. Government agencies hire individuals for research positions based on their CSIR-NET / ICMR JRF / DBT / GATE scores.

3. Manager of a laboratory

Manager of a laboratory - Government jobs after biotechnology

Maintaining lab equipment performance through defining quality standards, building operations, quality, and troubleshooting processes are all part of the job description. In addition, they must guarantee employee compliance, certify instrument performance, and make arrangements for equipment replacement, service, and repair.

A lab manager also coordinates with the buying department to maintain equipment supplies inventory, review and establish inventory levels, forecast needed supplies, place orders for supplies, and verify receipt of supplies.

Government job after biotechnology Hiring Lab Managers: THSTI, CDSA-THSTI, and all CSIR Research Labs often hire Lab Managers. Candidates with a master’s degree in life science or biotechnology, or a bachelor’s degree with relevant experience, will be considered for this position.

4. Officer in charge of technology

Officer in charge of technology - Government jobs after biotechnology

Validating equipment and procedures for various technical processes according to SOPs, testing samples according to SOPs, maintaining equipment in a competent state, and providing technical assistance to consumer scientists are all part of this job profile.

5. Biologist who studies the sea

Marine biologist jobs are popular these days. They are responsible to investigate the degradation of ocean habitats and proposes remedies for long-term development. They will almost certainly find work with governments, non-governmental organisations, and academic institutions to perform particular tasks like product creation and process formulation. The ability to appreciate marine life, have a scientific mindset, be curious, and analyse data are all essential.

6. Government jobs in the public health sector

Government jobs in the public health sector - Government jobs after biotechnology

This work will need simultaneous monitoring of the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey and assisting in the supervision and monitoring of field monitoring activities in each zone. This is a government job for biotechnology excellent job opportunity for high-performing professionals who want to help the country’s public health problems but are willing to travel to other locations for oversight monitoring visits.

7. Ecologist

Ecologist is one of the sought-after biologist jobs people seek.As anecologist, you study ecosystems and keep track of the plant and animal life that thrives in the area. Ecologists are typically employed by government agencies, NGOs, and research groups.

Ecologists have the opportunity to work both indoors and out in the field. Their research aids policymakers in developing plans for long-term development and resource utilisation. Conservation and forestry are two fields where ecologists can work.

Foresters direct recreational, environmental, economic, and conservation activities to manage and safeguard forest areas. Farmers and government organisations rely on conservation experts to save water, soil, and other natural resources. Data on soil, food, water, and the air is collected and analysed by ecologists in research roles.


Conclusion - Government jobs after biotechnology

Getting a government job after biotechnology stream is not difficult, but it’s not a walk in the park either. It may be extremely difficult because thousands of people apply for only a few hundred positions. While hard work is essential for success, having certain additional abilities might help you go the extra mile.

Candidates must also be self-starters and self-drivers and exhibit good analytical skills. To keep oneself up to date, one must have a passion for information; in research, a strong desire to succeed is an absolute must. In addition, students must have a strong interest in biological sciences and the ability to think creatively. IT experience and computational skills can also be beneficial.

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