Innocent Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & More

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Fans are still awaiting Innocent Season 3 as 2022 has passed, and we have almost entered the second quarter of 2023. Though there is no confirmation yet, the show has still managed to keep up its suspense and has kept everyone hooked. It’s already been two long years since the second season of Innocent was released in 2021. Based on what news is circulating about the show, here is what we were able to scour about Innocent Season 3.

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Innocent Show Overview

Innocent Show

Innocent is a British legal drama television series created and written by Chris Lang. The four-part series, which aired on ITV from 5 April to 26 April 2018, stars Lee Ingleby as David Collier, a teacher who is wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife Tara and must prove his innocence after serving seven years in prison.

The show also stars Hermione Norris as Sally Wright, an ambitious barrister who takes on David’s case and works diligently to uncover the truth; Adrian Dunbar as Martin Bryce, David’s solicitor; Katherine Kelly as Sam Ryan, the determined detective inspector investigating Tara’s murder; Elliot Fletcher as DS Connor Makepeace; Daisy Head as Lucy Costigan, David and Tara’s daughter; and Angel Coulby as Jo Spencer, a former colleague of David’s.

The series follows David’s story throughout his trial and eventual exoneration as his lawyer Sally Wright works to uncover the truth behind Tara’s murder. The show delves into issues surrounding wrongful convictions and explores how such convictions can be overturned by examining evidence overlooked or suppressed in court.

It also examines the effects such wrongful convictions can have on those convicted and their families. Innocent received positive reviews from critics, who praised the performances of Ingleby, Norris, Kelly and Dunbar and Lang’s writing for creating suspenseful scenes with emotionally charged moments. The series has been described as “engrossing” and “thought-provoking”, with viewers praising it for its quality writing, acting, and direction.

Innocent won the Royal Television Society Award in 2019 for Best Drama Series. It was also nominated for Best Drama at the BAFTA TV Awards in 2018. The series was highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike and has since gained a cult following. The 2nd series of Innocent aired on ITV on May 17, 2021. It’s been almost 2 years since then and viewers are psyched to watch Innocent Season 3.

Show Title



Mystery, Drama, Anthology


Matthew Arlidge and Chris Lang

Star Cast

Lee Ingleby, Katherine Kelly, and Samuel Sim

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Original Language


Total Seasons Aired


Total Episodes


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Initial Release Date

14 May 2018 to Present

Innocent Season 3 Release Status


Innocent Season 3 Release Date Status

Innocent Season 3 Release Date

As of March 2023, ITV has not confirmed an official renewal for season 3 of Innocent. Despite this, it does not necessarily mean the show has been cancelled – there may be a pause in production, and no announcement or schedule has occurred yet. Rest assured that we shall update this post as soon as more details become available.

What Would be Innocent Series 3 Cast Like?

Lee Ingleby will likely return as David Collier, the series’s protagonist. Other cast members such as Katherine Kelly (Sam Ryan), Adrian Dunbar (Martin Bryce) and Angel Coulby (Jo Spencer) could possibly make a comeback in Innocent season 3, with some possible additions to the cast.

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What about Innocent Season 3 Trailer?

At this time, there is currently no trailer available for Innocent Series 3. We will update this post as soon as it becomes available.

What Would Innocent Series 3 Plot Line be

Innocent Series 3 Plot

We are unsure what direction Innocent season 3 will go, it may pick up from where the previous season off or go in an entirely new direction altogether. We can expect more suspenseful scenes, emotionally charged moments and unexpected plot twists as David continues their quest for justice against his wrongful conviction.

The show has been praised for examining wrongful convictions and how such convictions can be overturned by looking at evidence overlooked or suppressed in court. It also explores wrongful convictions’ effects on those convicted and their families. We expect season 3 to delve deeper into these issues and explore more challenging topics related to the criminal justice system.

How many Episodes will there be?

Every show season had 4 episodes each, so expect the same for season 3. Now, the wait is on for an official announcement about Innocent Series 3’s renewal. Stay tuned to find out more information about this thrilling series.

What is the Renewal Status of Innocent Series 3?

Renewal Status of Innocent Series 3

The current status of Innocent Series 3 is uncertain. As mentioned earlier, ITV has not officially renewed or cancelled the series yet. However, it does not necessarily mean that the show has been cancelled – there may be a pause in production, and no announcement or schedule has occurred yet. Rest assured that we shall update this post as soon as more details become available. For now, fans must remain patient and wait for an official renewal from ITV before making assumptions about Season 3’s fate.

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