Start Up Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & Episodes

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Kdramas have been keeping us entertained since a long time now. Call it classic romantic K-shows or the crime thrillers, there’s a whole lot of variety to binge-watch from. ‘Start Up’ is one such Kdrama that is not just another romantic drama but a show that offers you a slice of life.

Start Up Season 2
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Seo Dal-Mi’s journey in the initial season of StartUp was filled with captivating twists and turns, leaving viewers thoroughly engaged until the conclusion. The show’s intriguing storyline managed to strike a chord with the audience, igniting their desire for a second season of StartUp Kdrama. The first season was notable for its realistic and mature approach, where the characters’ personal relationships did not hinder their professional growth. With a stellar debut installment, fans eagerly await news about the possibility of a Season 2 of Start Up. In this article we have gathered information on the upcoming season’s progress and everything that will help you to understand about Start Up Season 2. Have a look!

Start Up Season 2 Renewal Status

Start Up Season 2 Renewal Status has been creating a lot of buzz amongst the fans. Amidst the abundance of circulating rumors surrounding the Season 2 of Start-Up, fans have found themselves in a state of confusion regarding the show’s renewal. To provide clarity and address these questions, we have compiled all the available information regarding the status of Start-Up season 2. Unfortunately, we must confirm that there will be no continuation of the series beyond season 2, as it has been officially canceled.

However, we do believe in miracles and are fingers are crossed for Start Up Season 2 to happen.

Start Up Season 2 Release Date

Start Up Season 2 release date
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Start Up Season 2 Release Date is not available at the moment. Start-Up fans were delighted by the first season, thoroughly enjoying the captivating chemistry between the lead couple of the show. Now, their curiosity is piqued as they eagerly anticipate updates on the release date of Start-Up season 2. However, at present, the series renewal has not been officially announced. Until the renewal is confirmed, there won’t be any updates regarding the release date and time for Start-Up season 2. We will keep you posted on the progress of the show in question.

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Start Up Season 2 Cast

Start Up Season 2 cast
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Start Up Season 2 Cast is what fans of the show are really looking forward to. The phenomenal cast members of Start-Up season 1 left an indelible mark on viewers, garnering immense love and admiration. Fans were captivated by their performances and are now eagerly anticipating their return in Start-Up season 2. If the series receives a renewal, the following talented actors will grace the screen once again:

Bae Suzy, portraying the role of the determined Seo Dal-mi, Kim Seon-ho, captivating hearts as the complex Han Ji-pyeong, Nam Joo-hyuk, bringing life to the ambitious Nam Do-san, Kang Han-na, portraying both the driven Won In-jae and Seo In-jae, Kim Hae-sook, impressing with her portrayal of Choi Won-deok, Song Seon-mi, delivering a memorable performance as Cha Ah-hyun, Eom Hyo-seop, embodying the character of the steadfast Won Doo-jung, Moon Dong-hyeok, adding depth to the role of the loyal Won Sang-soo.

With this incredible ensemble cast, fans can eagerly anticipate the return of their favorite characters, their dynamic performances, and the captivating storytelling that made Start-Up season 1 a resounding success.

Start Up Season 2 PlotΒ 

Start Up Season 2 plot
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Start Up Season 2 Plot can only be estimated as of now. For that we will circle back to the ending of Start Up season 1. The first season of Start-Up concluded on a high note with 16 captivating episodes, leaving fans elated by the beautiful ending. Titled “Scale Up,” the final episode masterfully transitioned the storyline to 2020, revealing the remarkable growth of Dal-mi and Do-san’s small start-up into a thriving company. As the CEO and CTO, the couple’s success is accompanied by their blissful marriage. Additionally, Ji-pyeong and In-Jae continue to contribute to the company and have found their own happiness along the way. The series concludes with a heartwarming scene, as they all come together, donning smiles, to attend a shareholders’ meeting.

With the expectations of another season of the show unfolding, we as the fans of the show naturally expect much more. This sentiment holds true for the dedicated fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Start-Up season 2. Filled with anticipation, we are hopeful to witness fresh and innovative elements in the upcoming season. If at all the series make its return, it promises to deliver ample entertainment, allowing fans to reunite with their beloved cast members. Furthermore, there is a possibility of new faces joining the Start-Up family in season 2, further enhancing the viewing experience.

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Start Up Season 2 Official Trailer

Start Up Season 2 Trailer is not available due to no production work in progress for the show. Once the confirmation on the renewal of Start Up Season 2 is out, we are sure the makers will grace us with its first glimpse.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the trailer of Season 1 of Start Up below:

Start Up Season 2 Streaming Platform

Start Up Season 2 Streaming Platform, if at all renewed, will be Netflix.

The entire first season is readily accessible on the popular platform Netflix. Furthermore, if a new season of Start-Up is released, it is likely to be available for streaming on the same platform.

Comment below and tell us how excited are you to watch your favourite characters and favourite show Start Up with a Season 2!

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