What is India’s stand on Israel War? India Supporting Israel Or Hamas?

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Following a surprise attack by the terrorist organization on sections of Israel on October 8, Israel declared war on Hamas, the governing entity in the Gaza Strip. The continuous fighting has resulted in more than 1500 terrible deaths. Israel claims to have effectively reclaimed control of the Gaza border barrier, the point at which Hamas infiltrators are suspected of entering Israeli territory. The Israeli military has announced the recovery of the corpses of at least 1,500 Hamas fighters within Israel amid continuous airstrikes and continued battles. This post will give detailed information about whether India Supporting Israel Or Hamas.

India Is Supporting Israel Or Hamas?

India Is Supporting Israel Or Hamas?
Prime minister of India - Narendra Modi

In a tweet on Saturday, Prime Minister Modi underlined India’s everlasting solidarity with Israel, expressing sorrow for the deaths of Israeli civilians in the Hamas attack. “The news of terrorist attacks in Israel deeply shocks us,” he added. Our hearts go out to the innocent victims and their families. During this terrible time, we stand in solidarity with Israel.”

Furthermore, Naor Gilon, Israel’s ambassador to India, stressed the importance of India’s assistance. According to Hindustan Times, he said that India’s support is critical for Israel for two reasons: first, India’s worldwide significance, and second, its historic fight against terrorism.

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Does India Support Israel?

India Is Supporting Israel Or Hamas

Yes, India strongly supports Israel, as proven by Prime Minister Modi’s emotional tweet of solidarity following a Hamas attack. Modi expressed condolences for the loss of Israeli lives in his message and reaffirmed India’s steadfast support for Israel during this challenging period.

This gesture was emphasized by Israel’s ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, who stressed the importance of India’s assistance. He noted that India’s support is critical for Israel because of India’s worldwide significance and its ongoing struggle against terrorism.

Does Congress Support Hamas?

Does Congress Support Hamas?

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) has called for an immediate cease-fire between Israeli forces and the militant group Hamas, highlighting their long-standing support for Palestinian rights. While the committee condemns the attacks on the Israeli people, it remains committed to working for Palestinians’ legitimate objectives, including their rights to land, self-government, dignity, and respect. The demand for negotiations to resolve underlying concerns and promote dialogue demonstrates the CWC’s commitment to finding peaceful solutions.

However, this sympathy for the Palestinian cause and the call for a cease-fire does not imply Hamas’s active assistance. The party’s position emphasizes its commitment to resolving the dispute through conversation and diplomacy while recognizing the importance of Israel’s national security. The Congress Working Committee supports a peaceful conclusion to the long-running Israeli-Palestinian issue rather than outright backing for any violent group.

Why does India Support Israel?

Why does India Support Israel?

India’s support is significant because of its historical ties to the Palestinian cause and its current warming relationship with Israel. This proclamation corresponds with India’s geopolitical intentions to play a more prominent role in the Middle East, which needs skilled diplomacy amid the ongoing crisis. While the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy have all stated their unflinching support for Israel while categorically denouncing Hamas, some Middle Eastern countries have blamed Israel for the present crisis.

Against this context, Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with Mr. Netanyahu becomes more significant. This debate occurs in the background of Palestine’s ambassador acknowledging India as a friend of Israel and Palestine and encouraging India to join in and help resolve the problem. It puts India in a difficult diplomatic position as it attempts to balance its historic sympathies, expanding connections with Israel, and expectations of serving as a mediator in the crisis.

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Why is Israel Close To India?

Israel and India have a strong relationship based on common strategic interests and democratic principles. Their diplomatic relations were formally established in 1992, marking a watershed moment in their relationship. One of the critical factors fortifying their alliance is their shared history with terrorism and the ongoing challenges to their national security. Both countries have faced chronic security challenges, which have led to a shared recognition of the significance of solid defense structures and intelligence collaboration. In addition, India’s recognition of Israel as a sovereign state in 1950 paved the way for future partnership.

Both countries have collaborated significantly in various industries, including defense, technology, agriculture, and counter-terrorism. India has profited from Israel’s innovative agricultural techniques and water management strategies, which have helped the country address critical difficulties. Their military cooperation has developed significantly, with Israel being one of India’s most important defense partners. Acquiring defense equipment and technology from Israel has considerably increased India’s military capability.Β 

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