Who is Supporting Hamas & Providing them Rockets?

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In recent years, the war between Hamas and Israel has increased, provoking a variety of responses from states around the world. Some countries staunchly support Hamas, while others sharply condemn its acts. The Middle East has long been a hotbed of complex geopolitical concerns. Among these problems, the stances of several countries on assistance for Hamas stand out. This post will inform you about the complete details regarding Who Is Supporting Hamas.

Who is Supporting Hamas?

Does Qatar Support Palestine and Hamas?

Qatar is Hamas’ main financial backer and significant foreign ally. Qatari Emir Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani became the first head of state to visit the Hamas government in 2012. Qatar has supplied substantial financial support to Hamas, transferring €1.5 billion ($1.8 billion). In contrast, Israel expects Qatar to join the US-mediated Abraham Accords and establish diplomatic ties, as numerous Arab states have already done.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed political support for Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh immediately before the movement launched rocket assaults on Israel. Furthermore, Hamas is supported by several non-state organizations and institutions, some of which are in Germany. According to Der Spiegel, German-based NGOs are increasing their payments to Hamas.

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Which Countries Are Supporting Hamas Against Israel?

Who Is Supporting Hamas?

Several countries, notably those in the Middle East, have rallied behind Hamas throughout the crisis. According to the Hindustan Times, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi recently met with Hamas. Iran has traditionally supported Hamas, providing financial and military aid to the Palestinian militant organization.

Meanwhile, a longtime Hamas supporter, Qatar, published a statement blaming Israel for the present escalation. Qatar has routinely provided significant financial assistance to Hamas. Furthermore, many individuals in Beirut, Lebanon, have shown solidarity with Hamas in their fight against Israel.

Where Does Hamas Receive Their Rockets?

Recently, there has been an extraordinary increase in the number of rockets fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip. On Tuesday, Hamas claimed to have launched 130 missiles in minutes to overwhelm Israel’s powerful Iron Dome air defense system. While Hamas rockets are less modern and more expensive than Iron Dome interceptor missiles, they constitute a significant threat. On Friday, the Israeli army stated that over 1,800 rockets were launched from the Palestinian coastal enclave. For many years, Hamas depended exclusively on Iranian-supplied missiles.

According to Fabian Hinz, a Middle Eastern missile technology expert, numerous organizations in Gaza have increased their rocket stockpiles. According to estimates, they have thousands of missiles, which Israeli media outlets confirm. According to Israeli intelligence sources reported by The Jerusalem Post last week, Hamas’ arsenal consists of 5,000 to 6,000 rockets.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group works with Hamas and has amassed an extra 8,000 rockets. Hinz explained that Iranian missiles had been smuggled into Gaza via Sudan and Egypt. It became more difficult once Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir was deposed in 2019. With external aid, Hamas is building most of its rockets within the coastal enclave.

Is China Supporting Hamas?

Chinese social media users have supported Palestine amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. According to Business Insider, posts on Weibo, a site with almost 600 million users, have seen an increase in antisemitic slurs and fury directed at Israel. While Weibo is moderated strictly and may not entirely reflect China’s broader attitude, it does provide insight into the narratives and opinions permitted in the country’s digital domain.

Some commenters drew analogies between Israel and Japan, a country reviled in China due to its actions during WWII. Others went so far as to call Israel a Nazi state. Furthermore, many users recalled Du Zhaoyu, a 34-year-old Chinese lieutenant colonel killed in a 2006 Israeli air raid while on a peacekeeping assignment in Lebanon. Officially, China has appealed for calm in the aftermath of Hamas’ massive attack on Israel, which prompted Israeli airstrikes and a siege of Gaza.

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A Brief Summary Of Hamas’ History

Since its foundation in the 1980s, Hamas has persistently fought Yasser Arafat’s PLO. According to reports, the Israeli government offered early financial backing to Hamas to build a counterbalance to the PLO. However, all parties deny any Israeli role in the organization’s formation. Unlike the PLO, Hamas rejects Israel’s right to exist.

Its emblem shows Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock and refers to Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank as a united Palestinian state. Arafat secured a peace agreement with Israel under the Oslo Accords in 1993, effectively ending the first intifada in 1987. Hamas refused to participate in the peace process and continued undertaking terrorist operations against Israel. Hamas won a majority in Gaza’s general elections in 2006.

It cemented its grip on the coastal enclave with a coup in 2007. Since then, the moderate Fatah party, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, has administered the West Bank, while Hamas has dominated Gaza. Hamas has continued its battle with Israel from within the Gaza Strip, describing its acts as “self-defense.” In 2008/09, 2012, and 2014, the movement fought fierce fights with Israel’s armed forces.

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