Arcane Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More

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After the Animated action series debuted on Netflix, fans are almost psyched about Arcane Season 2. Well, there is one thing certain about TV series these days: never-ending entertainment. Like every other web series, this one will surely have many more seasons to entertain the fans. However, a solid release date for Arcane Season 2 has not been announced yet. But since the first season was released on November 6, 2021, we expect the 2nd instalment to arrive sometime around the mid of 2023. Here is what we know about Arcane Season 2 so far.

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About Arcane aka Arcane: League of Legends

Arcane aka Arcane: League of Legends

Created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee, Set in Riot’s League of Legends fictional universe, the animated action-adventure streaming television series centers around sisters Vi and Jinx. It first premiered in November 2021, with a second season currently being produced for an anticipated release after 2022. Prepare to be enthralled as you follow these two characters’ thrilling journeys.

Arcane has been universally praised, with many recognizing its powerful animation, narrative, worldbuilding, and the show’s characters’ emotional depth. Furthermore, praise was also directed at its music score and voice acting abilities. Interestingly, the series appealed to viewers who have not played League of Legends and existing game fans.

In fact, within 7 days after airing on Netflix, it became their highest-rated show ever. It achieved first place on Netflix’s Top 10 Chart from 52 countries worldwide while settling for second rank in the US alone. The popularity factor is why creators must considerย Arcane Season 2ย release date soon.

Name of TV Series

Arcane: League of Legends


Action-adventure/Science fantasy/ย  ย  Steampunk

Initial Release

November 2021

Total Seasons Released



Christian Linke and Alex Yee

Series Adaptation

League of Legends by Riot Games


Pascal Charrue and Arnaud Delord


Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, Kevin Alejandro, Katie Leung, Jason Spisak, Toks Olagundoye, Harry Lloyd, JB Blanc, Reed Shannon, and Mick Wingert

Country of Origin

France and United States

Watch it on


Arcane Season 2 Release Status

Coming Soon

Arcane Season 2 Release Date And Production Status

arcane season 2 released date

While the exact release date for Arcane Season 2 remains uncertain, rumors indicate it is sometime in late 2023. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait six years like last time; however, our patience may still be tested as we await its arrival. Riot Games and Fortiche Productions are working hard to deliver a breathtaking season full of spectacular animation that will certainly be worth the wait.

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent has confirmed that production for Arcane Season 2 is already underway. However, we’ll have to wait until at least 2023 to reunite with our beloved champion cast.

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Arcane Season 2 Cast Members

Arcane Season 2 Cast

While the Arcane season 2 cast hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, we can make some educated guesses based on who’s leftover by the end of season 1. The season 2 announcement trailer confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, and Katie Leung would reprise their roles as Vi, Jinx, and Caitlyn.

However, the confirmed cast members expected to return to Arcane Season 2 will be:

  • Hailee Steinfeld (Vi)
  • Brett Tucker (Singed)
  • Ella Purnell (Jinx)
  • Ellen Thomas (Ambessa Merdarda)
  • Harry Lloyd (Viktor)
  • Katie Leung (Caitlyn Kiramman)
  • Kevin Alejandro (Jayce Talis)
  • Mick Wingert (Heimerdinger)
  • Reed Shannon (Ekko)
  • Toks Olagundoye (Mel Medarda)

Supporting Cast Members for Arcane Season 2 can be anyone from:

  • Abigail Marlowe (Cassandra Kiramman and Eve)
  • Amirah Vann (Sevika)
  • Bill Lobley (Huck)
  • Dave B. Mitchell (Vern, Hoskel, and Harold)
  • Erica Lindbeck (Elora)
  • Fred Tatasciore (Benzo)
  • Imagine Dragons (The Last Drop band)
  • JID (The Last Drop band rapper)
  • Josh Keaton (Deckard and Salo)
  • Kimberly Brooks (Sky Young)
  • Mara Junot (Shoola and Jules)
  • Mira Furlan (Babette)
  • Miyavi (Finn)
  • Ray Chen (orchestra concert soloist)
  • Remy Hii (Marcus and Tobias Kiramman)
  • Roger Craig Smith (Claggor)
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo (Grayson)
  • Yuri Lowenthal (Mylo)

Arcane Season 2 Trailer Release

Though Season 2 is still some time away, a teaser was recently unveiled to get us all excited for what’s to come. Unfortunately, no trailer has been released yet.

Arcane Season 2 Plot

As previously discussed, Noxus will play a pivotal role in the second season of Arcane. However, even from the first season, we could get glimpses and hints at Swain’s part in all that transpired throughout Runeterra.

As we look forward to the imminent Season, there is no denying that Singed will be a central figure. As seen in the conclusive scene with Warwick โ€“ who many speculate to be Vander โ€“ and if one has delved into League of Legends lore, it’s evident that Singed is responsible for all events transpiring in Runeterra. His champion lore discloses he abandoned Zaun to aid Noxus’ intrusion on Ionia; maybe this will serve as our next adventure. How exhilarating would such an experience prove.

A Glimpse of Arcane Season 2 Episodes

The new season of Arcane will likely consist of 8 episodes based on the previous season. These episodes may even be longer than their predecessors, as Riot Games intends to add more story and action-packed scenes for fans to enjoy.

If all goes according to plan, we can expect the first episode sometime in late 2023. Until then, watch for any rumors or speculation about a release date.

Arcane Season 2 Premier Date

While Riot Games hasn’t announced an official premier date for Arcane Season 2, we can expect the first episode to drop sometime in late 2023. Until then, keep an eye out for any rumors or speculation about a release date as production continues. Additionally, League of Legends players should keep an eye on their patch notes for clues about new characters and plotlines that could be released at the start of season 2.

Arcane Season 2 Renewal Status: Confirmed?

It’s confirmed, but the only concern is when the production will begin. Riot Games has officially confirmed the second season as part of their latest announcements. While no premier date has been set, fans can expect the new season to drop sometime in late 2023. Additionally, the company shared that they plan to make the upcoming episodes longer and more action-packed than the ones from Season 1, so viewers should stay tuned for what’s in store.

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