Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plotline

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Kota Factory is an Indian Hindi web series created and directed by Saurabh Khanna and produced by Arunabh Kumar. Saurabh Khanna and Raghav Sabbu produced and directed The Viral Fever’s Kota Factory, an Indian Hindi-language online series.

Because Kota, Rajasthan, is a well-known educational hub with different coaching facilities, the action takes place there. Kota Factory Season 3 release date is announced to be August 26, 2022. The narrative is set in Kota, Rajasthan, a popular educational destination noted for its coaching centres. Vaibhav (Mayur More), a 16-year-old from Itarsi, is the play’s protagonist. It focuses on city student life as well as Vaibhav’s efforts to get into an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) via the Joint Entrance Examination. Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa, Alam Khan, Ranjan Raj, Revathi Pillai, and Urvi Singh all play key parts as being the amazing Kota Factory Season 3 cast.

When is the Kota Factory Season 3 releasing?

kota factory season 3 release date

The Indian television business has made considerable strides in recent years, both in terms of audience demand and overall series quality. The Viral Fever’s adorable Kota Factory is perhaps one of the largest and greatest Indian series of the last several years. The Viral Fever has officially renewed the hit Indian comedy-drama Kota Factory for a third season. Kota Factory Season 3 release date is August 26, 2022. The Viral Fever’s Kota Factory is an Indian Hindi-language web series created and directed by Saurabh Khanna.

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What is the story of Kota Factory Season 3?

The story of Kota Factory Season 3 revolves around the lives of Kota aspirants. Students residing in Kota who are studying for the IIT JEE. The storyline concentrates entirely upon JEE and his day-to-day activities. Students’ attempts to pass the JEE test. This web series’ tales all concentrate around the lives of an average student. This is currently one of the most popular streaming programmes on Netflix and YouTube.

This is one of the greatest online shows about student life. People like this online series, and it has gained a significant fan following as a result. This Kota factory is popular with people of all ages. This is one of the finest shows and the Kota Factory Season 3 trailer is outstanding.

What is the cast of Kota factory Season 3?

Kota Factory Season 3 is one of the most popular online series, with numerous searches linked to it. And I strongly advise you to visit the official media partner to watch Kota Factory Season 3 online. The Kota Factory Season 3 cast includes Jeetendra Kumar’s plays Jeetu Bhaiya, Mayur More’s plays Vaibhav Pandey, Ranjan Raj’s plays Balmukund Meena, Alam Khan’s plays Uday Gupta, Ahsaas Channa’s plays Shivangi Ranawat, Rohit Sukhwani’s plays Rohit, Revathi Pillai’s plays Vartika Ratawal and Urvi Singh’s plays Meenal Parekh.

Where will be the New Season i.e. Kota Factory Season 3 stream?

The Kota Factory web series, directed by Raghav Subbu and Saurabh Khanna, is widely regarded as the finest original series. Kota factory season 3 trailer has been launched and is one of the most popular Indian online series Kota Factory is on the way. Season 3 of Kota Factory has been announced. Like any other season, the Kota Factory Season 3 will also be streaming on Netflix.

Who is the writer and director of the show?

The program’s creator, Saurabh Khanna, stated that he hopes to challenge the prevailing narrative in Indian pop culture regarding Kota and preparation for IIT-JEE and NEET through the show.  From April 16 to May 14, 2019, the series debuted concurrently on TVFPlay and YouTube. The series garnered generally excellent reviews from critics, who praised its monochromatic environment, realism, and important technological features.

How many episodes are going to be there in the series Kota Factory 3?

Kota factory Season 3 is great series for those who are preparing for their IIT Jee Mains and like every other series, it has around 5 episodes in the Kota Factory season 3.

Why are fans crazy for the Kota Factory Season 3?

kota factory season 3 cast

Season 2 of Kota Factory concluded on a cliffhanger with Vernali’s suicide (or attempted suicide). It indicates that the popular series will return for another explosive Kota Factory Season 3 with more convoluted plotlines and significant character changes (especially Jeetu Bhaiya). Though the season has completely finished filming, fans are anxiously anticipating its release. With season 3 there are various theories and projected plotlines surrounding around Kota Factory’s new inning that are making the rounds on social media.

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What is the viewership rate of the show Kota Factory Season 3?

Tragically, Netflix did not provide official viewing figures for its programming at the time of season 2’s release, but more than 150 million views on YouTube were clearly enough for the streaming giant to buy the broadcasting rights for season 2. This not only demonstrates how successful the web series has been since its debut in 2019, but it also adds to the case for Kota Factory Being the Viral Fever’s most popular title. The series also has outstanding ratings on numerous user-generated feedback websites, including an astounding 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9.1/10 rating on IMDB – the latter of which has over 68,000 reviews.

The second season garnered a highly mixed reception from critics, with many rating the series a rather dismal three out of five stars. However, given Netflix’s push into original Indian programming and the series’ global appeal, it was only a matter of time until Kota Factory season 3 was confirmed.

Series Name Kota Factory Season 3
Star cast Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar

Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai, Urvi Singh

Director Raghav Subbu and Saurabh Khanna
Music By Ankur Tewari
Production Company The Viral Fever
Release Date August 26, 2022


While the first season received positive praise, following the second season. When discussing the Kota Factory, the tale advances and what happens to the characters, as well as what each character’s path is. It would be an exciting experience to see who makes it to IIT and who does not.

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