Alice Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Streaming Platform and More!


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Korean dramas hold a special place in our hearts for their unique storytelling. They are cherished worldwide for their distinctiveness and ability to deliver compelling narratives. Among these, “Alice” stands out as a South Korean sci-fi TV series featuring the talented Kim Hee-sun and Joo Won. Airing on SBS from August 28 to October 24, 2020, this series comprises 16 intriguing episodes.

The show is best described as a gripping human science fiction tale, centered around a mysterious time-traveling woman and a man who has lost his emotions. Joo Won’s character, a detective, stumbles upon the existence of individuals who can traverse time, offering him a chance to reconnect with a woman he once knew but who had tragically passed away. Fans were highly satisfied with the first season and are now eagerly anticipating Alice Season 2. Let’s take a detailed look at the progress of the upcoming season!

Alice Season 2 Renewal Status 

Alice Season 2 Renewal Status remains unconfirmed. As of the current moment, the highly acclaimed Korean drama ‘Alice’ has not received confirmation for a Season 2 from SBS, South Korea’s national network. Regrettably, the odds of ‘Alice’ returning for a Season 2 appear to be slim, as the majority of 16-episode K-dramas are typically designed as standalone series without follow-up seasons.

Additionally, there has been no official update from the production company regarding a potential second season. Given that the series concluded in South Korea in October 2020, it would have been expected for any plans for a second season to be announced shortly after the initial season’s conclusion.

Nevertheless, there remains a glimmer of hope for ‘Alice’ to make a comeback for a second season. The show garnered immense popularity in South Korea, maintaining an impressive 7.5% average national viewership rating throughout its first season.

Furthermore, the recent addition of ‘Alice’ to Netflix’s streaming platform may have the potential to reignite interest in the series and influence SBS’s decision regarding a second season. As a global streaming leader, Netflix’s international audience could play a pivotal role in determining the fate of ‘Alice’ and its future seasons.

Alice Season 2 Release Date 

Alice Season 2 Release Date is not revealed yet. Viewers eagerly await the arrival of ‘Alice’ Season 2, as the first season concluded on a positive note, leaving everyone eager for more. However, despite current reports, there has been no official confirmation regarding the second season of the show. Fans are keeping a close watch on any updates regarding the release date, but as of now, there has been no substantial information provided.

This uncertainty is disheartening for fans, especially considering the show’s impressive performance online and its status as one of the most-watched Korean dramas of the year. The project has yet to receive confirmation from the creators and the original network partner, SBS, which leaves viewers in a state of anticipation.

Alice Season 2 Cast 

Alice Season 2 Cast is not locked in at the moment. The cast of Alice Season 1 included Kim Hee-sun, who portrayed the character Yoon Tae-yi and later adopted the name Park Sun-young. Kim Ji-yu took on the role of young Tae-yi, while Joo Won played Park Jin-gyeom. Moon Joo-won portrayed the character of young Park Jin-gyeom, and Moon Woo-jin portrayed the grown-up Park Jin-gyeom. Kwak Si-yang took on the role of Yoo Min-hyuk, and Lee Da-in played the character Do Yeon.

It is expected that the same stars will make the cast of Season 2 as and when it is renewed. We might also witness a set of fresh talent entering the upcoming season.

Alice Season 2 Plot 

Alice Season 2 Plot is kept under wraps until an official announcement on the renewal is made. In the previous season of Alice, the main character Park Jin-Gyeom (played by Joo Won) is depicted as an investigator who keeps his emotions hidden. He exhibits a reserved and calm nature, often concealing his feelings. The show portrays his character effectively, especially as he becomes entangled in a mysterious case that unveils the existence of individuals capable of time travel.

Within the storyline, there exists a time travel organization known as Alice, operating from the year 2050. This organization is led by a married couple, Yoon Tae-yi and Yoo Min-hyuk, who have a compelling motive to travel back to 1992 to obtain a prophetic book. People who traverse time do so through a space referred to as Alice. This book is of utmost importance to them, as it contains information about the eventual outcome of their time travel endeavors. However, a twist arises as other individuals seek to acquire the same book.

As the couple prepares to depart with the book, Yoon Tae-yi discovers she is pregnant. Realizing the risks of time travel in her condition, she decides to remain in the present and give birth to her child. After some time, she gives birth to a son who faces significant challenges in expressing himself.

Tragedy strikes when the lady passes away shortly after her son begins attending school, setting off a secret case. Park Jin-Gyeom takes on the mission to prevent adverse events related to Alice. During this journey, he reunites with Yoon Tae-Yi (Kim Hee-Seon), a brilliant physicist who holds the key to understanding time travel. Together, they unravel the mysteries of time travel and uncover hidden truths about her past.

It will be exciting to see how the storyline of Alice Season 2 unfolds!

Alice Season 2 Official Trailer 

Alice Season 2 Official Trailer is not out yet. The show lacks confirmation from the makers which makes it difficult to guess when a trailer of the upcoming season will be out. While we patiently wait for season 2, let’s revisit the trailer of Alice:
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Alice Season 2 Streaming Platform 

Alice Season 2 Streaming Platform is likely to remain the same as that of its previous season. The previous season is streaming on Netflix and it is expected that season 2 will also be premiered on the same!

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