Wakefield season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Canceled?

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Wakefield is a popular Australian series that gained immense popularity after the launch of the first season. But, since the last episode of Season 1, fans have been sincerely waiting for some news regarding Wakefield season 2.

wakefield season 2
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But, the viewers and the fans of Wakefield cannot be overjoyed as there has been no official confirmation regarding the cancellation or the renewal of the show’s second season. The viewers are always expecting the launch of the second season of the Wakefield Australian series.

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Overview of Wakefield Season 2

Season Wakefield
No of season 1
No of episodes 8
Director Jocelyn Moorehouse
Writer Kristen Dunphy
Cast Rudi Dharmalingam, Geraldine Hakewill, Mandy McElhinney
OriginΒ  Australia
Language English
Season 2 Release Date Not Confirmed
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When will Wakefield season 2 be released?

wakefield season 2
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There has been no official confirmation regarding the launch of Wakefield season 2. The BBC network has not released any official statement regarding the Australian show’s renewal or termination. Therefore, the release date for the Australian show is still a topic of debate. If viewers want to watch Wakefield season 2, they will have to wait and keep patience for any positive news.

Probable storyline of Wakefield Season 2

Regarding the storyline of Wakefield, the show has a super interesting concept behind its running. The series is all about dealing with and handling the psychiatric hospitals placed between the lavished blue mountains of New South Wales. The series continues to focus on the workers and the patients of the hospitals, especially on Nik Katira. In the show, Nik is a gifted psychic whose gifts always turn out to be a bane or a boon. When he is struck with a song in his head, he remembers her family’s deeply hidden histories and pasts. Nik must be able to differentiate between madness and reality while his consciousness comes crashing down.

What was the storyline of the first season of Wakefield?

wakefield season 2 storyline
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The first season of Wakefield ended with Renuka’s wedding. At her wedding, Nik and Renuka walk down the aisle. But Nik still has visions of his dead brother in his mind. At her wedding, Nik tries to enjoy himself while Georgi tries to flirt with him. However, Nik had feelings for Kareena that forced him to shove Georgi’s feelings.

However, as the wedding event continues, Nik becomes more paranoid, forcing him to leave early. And he returns back to the hospital, looking after the patients and the workers. However, Tessa and James can’t find the final piece of the puzzle, forcing them to seek Nik’s help. And with an attitude of sincerity, Nik begins his hunt for finding the final piece of the puzzle.

Since Nik grows violent and starts panicking, the staff has to lock him up in the bathroom. While locked up, Nik could know the truth about his brother’s death. The first season of Wakefield ends with Nik admitted to the hospital and Kareena trying to comfort him.

What can be expected from Wakefield Season 2?

Kristen Dunphy, the creator of Wakefield season 1, has not yet revealed any information regarding the show’s second season. However, the certainty of the show being renewed is significantly less. However, with the chronology of season 1 ending, we could guess the series of events of the second season. Now that the first season ended with Nik being admitted to the hospital, he knows everything about his brother’s death.

This might change his thought procedures and the course of his feelings in Wakefield season 2. Even if the second season of Wakefield is renewed, there might be some unexpected revelations. However, the fans and the viewers will have to keep patience and wait for the occurings of Wakefield season 2 to unfold.

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How many episodes will be there in season 2?

With the huge success of Wakefield season 1, fans eagerly wait for the renewal of season 2. They might also be thinking about the number of episodes that the season might have. According to some cast and crew members, there might be around 8 episodes in Wakefield season2. However, with no official announcement, nothing cannot be said officially. All the revelations and the guesses are completely anticipated.

Final Words

The Australian TV series and the shows are making a significant impact on the mind of the viewers and audiences. With fans loving the first season of Wakefield, it is highly expected that they will also love watching the second season. However, the producers, scriptwriters, and directors need to make a final call regarding something official on Wakefield Season 2.

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