Tuca And Bertie Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & Episodes

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If you’re a true fan of the famous duos in animated sitcoms, you might wonder if there will be Tuca And Bertie Season 4. Although Netflix canceled the show after one season, Adult Swim picked it up and has announced a third season. The show went on air in mid-2022, but right after that, the show was announced canceled. There’s no information either for a spin-off or a substitute in the future. It’s not good news for fans as they loved the pair of surreal humorists. So, we decided to speculate about the show, and what it would be like if the show had renewed along with the plot and cast.

Tuca And Bertie Season 4
Credit: Facebook
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About Tuca And Bertie Animated Series

The animated sitcom, Tuca & Bertie, was created by Lisa Hanawalt for Netflix. The show, starring Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong, started streaming on May 3, 2019. It also features actors Steven Yeun, John Early, Richard E. Grant, and Reggie Watts. The first season was received positively and was recognized as one of the best shows of 2019 by various publications. The main characters are two female birds, Tuca and Bertie, with each episode centered around their relationships with each other and those around them.

Netflix canceled Tuca & Bertie after one season in July 2019, but a second season was ordered by Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block in May 2020. The second season premiered on June 13, 2021; in August 2021, the show was renewed for a third season, which premiered on July 10, 2022. Many people have praised the show’s depiction of adulthood and themes centered around friendship, as well as its art style and humor.

Hanawalt confirmed in November 2022 that Adult Swim canceled the series after airing for two and three seasons on their network.

The show’s main characters are Tuca Toucan (voiced by Tiffany Haddish) and Roberta “Bertie” Songthrush (voiced by Ali Wong). They are anthropomorphic birds who live in the same apartment complex and are friends. Tuca is impulsive and a toco toucan, while Bertie is career-minded, nervous, and song thrush.

Tuca has recently stopped drinking alcohol and often works odd jobs for income. Bertie works two jobs – one at the Conde Nest office and another as an apprentice at a bakery. The show’s main plot revolves around the main characters’ friendship and their struggles in adulthood, including topics like alcoholism and sexual abuse.

Tuca often interacts with her wealthy aunt Tallulah (voiced by Jenifer Lewis) in multiple storylines. Meanwhile, Bertie’s love interest is Speckle (voiced by Steven Yeun), an American Robin architect. For most of the first season, Bertie works at a bakery owned by Pastry Pete (voiced by Reggie Watts), an emperor penguin. Other relationships of Tuca’s vary from episode to episode.

Bertie shares her workplace with several coworkers, including her boss Holland (voiced by Richard E. Grant), a blue jay. Tuca and Bertie’s apartment complex is home to Draca (voiced by Shamir), an anthropomorphic houseplant, and Dapper T. Dog (voiced by John Early), a striking dog who are also their neighbors.

At the 47th Annie Awards, Tuca and Bertie’s episode “The Jelly Lakes” was nominated for three awards and won one. It was nominated for Best General Audience Animated TV/Film, Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting (for Ali Wong), and Outstanding Achievement for Writing (for Shauna McGarry).

Shauna McGarry won the Outstanding Achievement for Writing for the same episode on January 25, 2020. Additionally, “Planteau” won the Animation category at the 74th Writers Guild of America Awards. In 2023, the episode “The Pain Garden” was nominated for Best TV/Media Mature at the Annie Awards. This much recognition is enough to guess how brilliant the show was and why fans want Tuca And Bertie Season 4 to arrive.

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Name of the Show Tuca & Bertie
Genre Adult animation, Animated sitcom, Surreal humor, and Slice of life
Creator Lisa Hanawalt
Initial Release Date May 3, 2019
Total Seasons Aired 3
No. of Episodes 10
Language English
CountryΒ Β  USA
Tuca & Bertie Season 4 Release Date Status Canceled

What Could be Tuca & Bertie Season 4 Release Date?

Tuca And Bertie Season 4 Release Date
Credit: Facebook

The show was taken over by Adult Swim after Netflix. Since then, it got renewed every year in succession. So, if it could renew, we expect Tuca And Bertie Season 4 by mid-2024. But unfortunately, the show got canceled after 3 seasons. It’s sad that fans won’t get to watch this show anymore and will never know what would have happened in future episodes if it had been renewed for season 4.

It is heartbreaking for the fan base, as everyone expected a lot from this delightful series. But all good things sometimes end, and so did this one. The end of Tuca & Bertie brings heartache, but thankfully, there are more animated shows that bring laughter and joy into our lives.

Tuca & Bertie Season 4 Cast Members

Tuca And Bertie Season 4 cast
Credit: Facebook

Although a fourth season of Tuca and Bertie may never come to fruition, we can still imagine what could have been. The main cast would have returned for the fourth season. The main characters include:

  • Tiffany Haddish as Tuca Toucan (toco toucan)
  • Ali Wong as Roberta “Bertie” Songthrush (song thrush)
  • Steven Yeun as Speckle (American Robin architect)
  • Jenifer Lewis as Tallulah (Tuca’s wealthy aunt)
  • Reggie Watts as Pastry Pete (emperor penguin bakery owner)
  • Richard E. Grant as Holland (blue jay boss at Conde Nest)
  • Shamir as Draca (anthropomorphic house plant)
  • John Early as Dapper T. Dog (striking neighbor dog)

We would also expect some members to return to Tuca And Bertie Season 4 cast had it been renewed. This includes comedians like Jermaine Fowler, Maria Bamford, Aparna Nancherla, and Reggie Watts in some roles. There could be others, too, depending on the fourth season’s plot. We will never know.

Tuca & Bertie Season 4 Trailer Update

The show was canceled before the production of Tuca And Bertie Season 4 had even begun, so we can assume that a trailer for the fourth season would have never been released.

It’s a shame that we weren’t able to see more of Tuca and Bertie in action. Despite its cancellation, the show left an indelible mark on viewers and fans alike with its unique blend of comedy, heartfelt stories, and characters. We will always remember this amazing show fondly.

What Could Be Tuca & Bertie Season 4 Plot?

Tuca And Bertie Season 4 plot
Credit: Facebook

The plot of Tuca And Bertie Season 4 would have explored further the friendship between Tuca and Bertie as they continue to tackle the struggles of adulthood. With Tallulah joining their squad and other unique characters, it could be a wild ride for viewers.

We would also expect to see more episodes that focus on topics such as mental health, addiction, sexual abuse, and body image – all important issues in today’s society. Furthermore, we can assume that Speckle would remain part of the main cast and play an even bigger role in Bertie’s life.

Tuca & Bertie Season 4 Episodes Expectations?

Of course, since the show was canceled and no fourth season was ever made, fans never got to see what would have been in Tuca And Bertie Season 4. However, there are still some guesses about what we can expect from each episode.

Tuca And Bertie Season 4 episodes could explore different aspects of Tuca and Bertie’s lives, including their romantic relationships with Speckle and Tallulah, respectively. Other possible topics for episodes include mental health issues, body image struggles, toxic relationships, family dynamics and more.

What Could be Tuca & Bertie Season 4 Premier Date?

Since the show was canceled before production of a fourth season had begun, there will be no Tuca And Bertie Season 4 premier date. It’s a shame that fans didn’t get to see more of this beloved show, but thankfully, they still have the previous three seasons to enjoy and remember.

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Tuca & Bertie Season 4 Renewal Status

Unfortunately, Netflix canceled Tuca & Bertie in July 2020, and there will be no fourth season as Adult Swim gave another shocker to fans canceling the show in November 2022. Fans were definitely disappointed by the news as this was one of their favorite shows. The show’s cancelation can be attributed to a few factors that led to its downfall.

One reason is low viewership ratings on Netflix, which might have caused the streaming service to not renew the show for a Tuca And Bertie season 4. In addition, with other top-notch animated shows like BoJack Horseman and Big Mouth taking up most of Netflix’s attention and resources, it made sense for them to cancel other shows like Tuca & Bertie.

Despite its cancellation, the show will still remain close to the hearts of many fans who appreciated it for its unique story and characters. If you loved the show like other die-hard fans, share your favorite stories in the comments box below.

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