Dave Franco’s & Alison Brie’s fairytale love life!

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Here is everything you need to know about one of the most low-key and private couples in Hollywood:

How did Dave and Alison meet?

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The Nerve actor and the GLOW actress first met in early 2011 while celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans. “It’s a very romantic story and very sweet and it starts off in New Orleans at Mardi Gras where all great love stories begin,” Alison jested. Jules, Alison’s friend, was the matchmaker who set the two actors up after a coincidental run-in at an airport. Jules, the matchmaking friend, had invited Franco out to dinner with them, “He was sitting next to her across the table and… my friend texts me under the table and was like, ‘You should hook up with Dave’… and I responded with, ‘Yes, please’ with a lot of thumbs up emojis. A very enthusiastic response.”

To put a cherry on top of the cake, Jules showed the text messages to Franco and he enthusiastically confirmed he was “in”. Dave Franco was equally as excited about the idea if not more, “He was like, ‘I’m in!’ It was 48 hours of drugs, sex, a lot of making out,” the GLOW actress said with a laugh.

When did they start dating?

Eventually, Franco took Brie out on a proper date in New York City after their meet-cute, leaving a secretive note that read ‘Come with me to Paris’ in her sweater.  Franco was shooting in New York City where there was “wining and dining” with Brie and later had a shoot in Paris to which he wanted Brie to tag along. The low-key couple started dating in 2012.

After three months of dating, Brie without realizing that Franco is not a fan of surprises throws him a surprise birthday party. While appearing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Franco mentioned that he found the gesture “very sweet” but the guest list had gotten out of control. He also mentioned that he ate a “weed cookie” to calm his nerves which somehow caused him to have his first panic attack.

“Alison and I still talk about how if we can survive my surprise party, we can survive anything,” he joked.

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When did they get engaged?

Alison Brie & Dave Franco

Franco popped the question after three years of dating which initially shocked Brie so much that she did not even say yes right away. “I was so shocked that I actually burst out laughing, and I asked him a number of times if he was being serious before saying yes,” she recalled.

The proposal was “awkward” as the Now You See Me star likes to call it. When the couple first met in Mardi Gras, Brie had a silver mask on her face that she wore throughout the trip. She left the mask along with a note to Franco at the end of the trip when he decided to include both the mask and the letter in his proposal years later.

Franco was aware of the fact that Brie wanted to pick out her own engagement ring so he bought a “placeholder ring” from a vintage store for 10 dollars. The big question was popped at Big Sur in California in 2015 August.

“So, we go up to Big Sur, we’re on the back patio, she’s out overlooking the ocean,” he recalled.

“She turns around, I’m on one knee, I’m wearing the mask, I’m holding up the ring. And because it had been five years, she couldn’t place the mask. She didn’t know what it was. So, what she sees is me wearing this weird, stupid mask, holding up this janky stone ring. And so, the entire proposal is her saying, ‘What is happening right now?’ And it’s me trying to explain how sweet it is that I kept the mask for five years.”

When did they get married?

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The couple tied the knot in March 2017 holding an intimate and private ceremony. Upon asking what the actress’s favourite moment from the wedding was, “Probably our wedding vows,” she answered, adding, “because we wrote our own and didn’t know what the other person was going to say.”

Brie had once mentioned that it was not until Franco had come into her life that she entertained the thought of marriage.

“I never wanted to get married…..I was just like, ‘Well, that’s not my life path, because I’m choosing this crazy lifestyle.’ And then, you know, I fell in love”, revealed the actress in an interview.

What projects have they worked on together?

In 2017, Franco and Brie starred together in their first movie together, The Little Hours.

“It was so wonderful to work together. So easy, so wonderful to work with someone that you’re getting married to.” Brie mentioned in an interview when asked how was it to work together with the Nerve star.

Later in 2017, the couple once again starred in a James Franco (Dave Franco’s brother) direction, The Disaster Artist.

“It’s delightfully easy. He just makes a great point and he and I talk about this all the time. We do really love working with each other.” Brie on working with husband Dave Franco.

In June 2020, Dave Franco made his directional debut with a horror film called The Rental which he also co-wrote. He cast his wife Alison Brie in one of the roles.

In 2021, the couple once again announced that they would be working together on a romantic comedy Somebody I Used To Know which they co-wrote during quarantine. The film will premiere on Amazon in 2023.

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Are there kids in the couple’s future?

The talented actress had mentioned in 2018 that she and Franco do not want to have children. The cats they have, Harry and Arturo, are already a “handful” on their own. Sadly, the couple’s loved cat, Harry, passed away in June 2020.

What is the key to their happy marriage?

It has been over 10 years since the couple started dating and they are in as love as ever, if not more. What is the key to their happy marriage, you ask? Well, the actress gives you one word for it- Communication.

“It’s all about communication…Everybody says it, but I think that’s why we try to work together so much honestly, just so we can spend more time together. So we don’t have to be apart so much.” Alison Brie told ET.

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