Prison School Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, and Episodes!

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Prison School, a 2015 ecchi-comedy anime based on Akira Hiramoto’s manga, revolves around a unique system within a strict school. Prison School’s storyline follows five male students—Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Joe, and Andre—who enroll in the formerly all-girls Hachimitsu Academy. Their ill-fated attempt to peek into the girls’ bathing area lands them in the school’s prison, under the jurisdiction of the Underground Student Council, for a month. Any escape attempts result in extended sentences, and a third attempt means expulsion.

Prison School Season 2
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While embracing its raunchy nature, Prison School balances its comedic tone without taking itself too seriously. The so-called “protagonists” revel in their masochistic tendencies, finding pleasure in their punishments. The first season of Prison School concludes with a captivating twist, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. Here’s everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Prison School: Season 2.

Prison School Season 2 Renewal Status

Prison School Season 2 Renewal Status
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Currently, the J.C.Staff studio has not made any official announcements regarding the renewal or cancellation of Prison School Season 2. The show’s status remains pending. However, there is a strong likelihood of a second season considering its overall popularity and the remaining story to be told. Although the first season of Prison School concluded in September 2015, it didn’t cover all the material from the manga. Furthermore, the release of the 28th chapter on April 6, 2018, indicates that there is still more story to explore.

After eight years, there are concerns about whether J.C.Staff has abandoned the project. When Naoyuki Uchida, an author of mystery and horror novels, reached out to Tsutomu Mizushima, the director of Prison School and SHIROBAKO, on Twitter about the possibility of a second season, Mizushima responded in the following manner: “Thanks for continuously watching since SHIROBAKO! I cannot confirm the 2nd season. I want to do it, but… (embarrassed face emoji).”

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Series Name

Prison School Season 2


Comedy Anime 

Total Seasons 


Prison School Season 2 Release Date 

Not Available

Streaming Platform 

Crunchyroll,  Funimation

Prison School Season 2 Release Date

Prison School Season 2 Release Date
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Unfortunately, there have been no updates regarding the release of Prison School Season 2, leaving fans in the dark about its renewal or cancellation. Although an OVA titled Prison School: Mad Wax exists, and there have been occasional rumors about a potential follow-up season, no official statements have been made by the manga author or any associated companies. As a result, the likelihood of Prison School: Season 2 seems quite slim.

While eagerly awaiting news of a new season, fans can find solace in the completed manga series, which concluded in 2017. It serves as the best option for those who can’t wait to discover the story’s ultimate conclusion. Patience will be key for anime enthusiasts longing for more Prison School content.

Prison School Season 2 Plot

Prison School Season 2 plot
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If the highly anticipated Prison School Season 2 does come to fruition, what could we expect from its storyline? I’m sure you’ve pondered this idea yourself. Well, to quench your curiosity, let me share what might unfold in Season 2 of Prison School. The enigmatic secret student council is likely to take center stage in the next season, potentially leading to their comeuppance. Building upon the 2016 OVA, the story could also delve deeper into the experiences of our main character after their release from jail, exploring their relationships and the shenanigans they get involved in.

While these plot points may appear straightforward, they offer ample opportunities for hilarious twists and turns. The potential inclusion of more sitcom-like elements could add to the show’s charm, allowing for further character development and engaging storytelling. With a general idea of what the sequel’s story might entail, let’s delve into what people have been saying about it online.

Prison School Season 2 Cast

Prison School Season 2 cast
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Let’s introduce the notable individuals comprising Prison School Season 2 cast. The story revolves around Hachimitsu Academy, a renowned educational institution. Among the jail school characters, Kiyoshi Fujino, portrayed by Taishi Nakagawa, takes the lead. Additionally, Takehito Morokuzu is embodied by Tokio Emoto, while Shingo Wakamoto portrays Masato Yano.

Another prominent figure in Joji Nezu’s work is Daiki Miyagi, while Reiji Ando brings forth the well-known character Galigaligalixon. Including these familiar faces and their respective roles adds an element of intrigue for the readers. Join Mari is set to portray the role of Kurihara Shiraki, alongside Momoru, and Hana Midorikawa will grace the screen as Aoi MKorikawa.

Devoted fans of this movie are eagerly anticipating the events that will unfold in Prison School Season 2. The prospect of what lies ahead has kindled excitement and curiosity among the audience.

Prison School Season 2 Trailer

Fans of Prison School are eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated trailer or first look of Prison School Season 2. However, with no official word on the release of the new season, a trailer for Season 2 of Prison School is not yet available. As the suspense builds, fans understand that patience is key, and they will have to wait for any updates or glimpses of what’s to come. The anticipation continues to grow.

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Prison School Season 2 Streaming Platform

To enjoy the captivating adventures of Prison School, you have several options for accessing Season 1. You can stream it on popular platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation. If you prefer to own the series, you can purchase it digitally on Apple TV or the Microsoft Store. For those seeking a physical collection, Prison School: Season 1 is also available on Blu-ray, allowing you to immerse yourself in the mischievous world of the show at your leisure.

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