How to connect Alexa to WiFi?

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Want to connect Alexa to WiFi? Check below details to know the complete process of how you can connect your Alexa device to your WiFi.

What is Alexa?


In 2013, Amazon bought an assistant technology that could be virtually handled and managed and the voice used in that technology was based on a polish speech synthesizer. It was known as Amazon Alexa and renouned as Alexa, which is the voice of Ivona. After buying Ivona’s voice it was used in many products of amazon like amazon echo smart, echo smart speaker and in the last echo dot. 

Amazon developed the Lab126 in which they built the echo studio and Amazon tap speakers. they all can be used as a voice instruction devices  and also work like talk back robots and with along that they were capable of playing music , helps to make to-do lists also can help you in setting the alarm to maintaining your morning routine. 

Along with that, the Alexa speaker is also capable of online streaming news, playing books verbally with the weather forecasts, traffic congestions, sports and much more live information, such as streaming podcasts. Alexa can also handle things by itself as an automation system in smart homes.

Why is Wi-Fi connection important for Alexa?

Initially, you need to connect how to connect Alexa to wifi to make it operative. Without a proper and reliable connection to Wi-Fi, the aforementioned creative functions and performance of Alexa are not really possible. If the Wi-Fi connection is weak, Alexa stops functioning and announces that “I am having trouble connecting to the internet “instead of performing the given task. 

Hence you need to take care of the Wi-Fi connection during how to connect Alexa to wifi.

How to Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi? What is the process?

The procedure for how to connect alexa to wifi is pretty straightforward. There is nothing to confused about in how to connect alexa to wifi but people generally get so.

To connect and link the famous Amazon Alexa to the internet or a Wi-Fi connection for the very first time, the user must download the Amazon Alexa application from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and from the Google Play Store for Android mobile phones.

The procedure of how to connect alexa to wifi starts with the application must be launched properly to start with Amazon Alexa. 

The next step is to plug in the Echo or any other Alexa-powered device to a specific power source and the look and wait for a pulsating bright orange light. A pulsating  light which is orange in colour indicates and shows that your device is in the Setup Mode and is actively  looking to connect and link to the nearest available Wi-Fi network. While using the application, the user must select his or her home’s Wi-Fi network and then diligently follow the onscreen prompts to bring the particular Alexa-powered device online. 

Once the Amazon Echo or any other Alexa-powered device is linked properly and connected to the internet, the user will see a message that displays NOW CONNECTED. If the user sees or notices a light color other than the orange tinge on his device, the device is not in the Pairing mode. To push it into Pairing mode, the user must press and hold the Action button of the device for a few seconds until the light on the Alexa device successfully turns orange.

This is how you can follow the process to how to connect alexa to wifi. Make sure you follow the step one-by-one for connecting it well.

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How can a user change his or her Wi-Fi Settings?

How can a user change his or her Wi-Fi Settings

Sometimes people get confused in how to connect alexa to wifi due to the problem in WI-FI. However here they need to make certain changes. It is described here below.

Sometimes, the user would be required to change the Wi-Fi details with Alexa. If the user is planning to change the Wi-Fi or move/shift to a new location with different Wi-Fi information, this will be an obvious and a necessary step. If Alexa is having  any sort of difficulty connecting to the network of Wi-Fi, the user will see a flashing and striking red ring. Alexa will also announce, “I am having trouble connecting to the internet.”  This is the time look at the help section of Amazon Alexa.

This can be fixed in many ways. The wifi settings can be changed from the already set up devices such as Echo or Echo Show. In the Amazon Alexa application on your phone or device, tap the “Devices” icon located in the lower right-hand navigation and then select “Echo & Alexa.” From there, the user can choose the Alexa-powered device. 

The application will take and guide the user to that particular device’s settings. In the Wireless section, the user must tap “Change” located or placed next to “Wi-Fi Network “and then diligently follow the several onscreen prompts to change the Wi-Fi network as well as the password effectively. If a user does not see a specific network listed, he must scroll down and locate to tap “Add a Network.”

 If the specific Alexa-powered device is not discovered correctly, one must ensure that the user is within the range (within 10 feet) and he must check that the device is plugged in correctly. Then the device must be put into Setup mode by clicking and holding the action button till the device turns orange.

 What Affects Alexa Wi-Fi Connectivity and how can it be solved?

What Affects Alexa Wi-Fi Connectivity and how can it be solved

The strength of the Wi-Fi connection significantly affects Alexa’s speed, efficiency and latency. Here are certain ways and methods to improve and enhance the Wi-Fi signal strength. Hence while concentrarting on how to connect alexa to wifi, you need to take care of the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Reboot Alexa

There is an easy way to establish a strong connection with your home and wireless fidelity  network, just unplug the power adapter of Alexa for roughly 3 to 4 seconds to restart cycle and along with that unplug your router from the main switch for around 10 to 15 seconds and plug it back in switch board for power supply it will help you to make strong and clear connection. 

Once the modem and router appear online, the user must ask Alexa to play a song or maybe answer a series of several questions to look for issues such as signal loss as well as a connectivity error. If the device is still unable to connect properly, the user must make sure that the entered the Wi-Fi password is correct.

How to relocate the Alexa-powered Device?

How to relocate the Alexa-powered Device

Once how to connect alexa to wifi is sorted. Alexa works best within the 30 feet to the wireless router. Amazon says it’s best to keep it in center in your home so that you don’t have to face connection issues specially in multi-story home or larger homes. There is also a instruction by amazon to stay away the Alexa device from thing which are electrical like microwaves, baby monitors and other electric appliances used in home that could be the reason of interference in connection.

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You need to follow the steps carefully if there is a confusion in how to connect alexa to wifi. The procedure is quite simple. You just need to make sure you do have a better connectivity of Wi-Fi at home or at office. So no more confusion about how to connect alexa to wifi, enjoy it further.

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