Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date, Time & LIVE Update

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Have you heard it? ISRO is ready to launch Aditya L1 Mission. ISRO made every Indian proud in August, 2023 as Chandrayan 3 landed on the South Pole of the moon. Now, it’s time to become the first nation to do the same on Sun. All the equipment of Aditya L1 are made in India; that’s something more to feel proud as an Indian. If you are just curious or want to discover more about Aditya L1 Mission, we are proud to present you some facts about it in detail.

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About Aditya L1 Mission: Exploring The Sun

 About Aditya L1 Mission: Exploring The Sun      

Adtiya L1 is a space coronagraphy spacecraft developed by the Indian Space Research organization, Made in India. The spacecraft is designed built to study the solar atmosphere. Aditya L1 will enter into the Halo orbit around the L1 point between the Earth and the Sun. The motive behind doing so will be to study solar atmosphere, solar magnetic storms and its impact on environment around Earth.

The Aditya L1 Mission will be the first mission by India for which the spacecraft will be launched on September 2, 2023, according to Nilesh M Desai, director of Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad. The team of scientists is led by senior Solar Scientist Dr. Sankarasubramanian as the Principal Scientist of the ‘Aditya-L1’ Mission.

Changes in space weather can change the orbits of satellites or impact their lifespan or damage electronics system of the satellites. This event may and cause power blackouts and several other disturbances on the Earth.

When it comes to understanding the Sun, nation has tried to go this far. Having proper knowledge of solar events is vital to understand space weather. To understand about earth-directed storms and track them, and to draw conclusions about their impact, continuous solar observations are essential. Many of the equipment and components of the spacecraft are solely made in India, which is another milestone for the Indians.

Aditya L1 will comprise seven payloads to study the solar atmosphere consisting of chromosphere and the outermost layers of the Sun. The spacecraft haS electromagnetic particle and magnetic field detectors that will assist with the studies.

Out of seven payloads, four will help view the Sun directly from point L1; while the other three will study particles and fields at that point to observe the effects of solar dynamics in the interplanetary medium.

Facts about Aditya L1 Mission

Name of the Mission

Aditya L1

Full Form

Aditya Lagrangian Point 1 Mission

Total Modules/Payloads Contained


Observation Subjects

Photosphere, Chromosphere and Corona

Administering Authority 

ISRO, India

Project Developed By


Principal Scientist

Senior Solar Scientist Dr. Sankarasubramanian

Total Mass

244 Kg

Launching Site


Launched Via

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV XL Rocket)

Launch Date

September 2, 2023

Distance to Cover

1% of 1,500,000 km (930,000 mi)

Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date

ISRO has planned to launch the Aditya L1 Mission on the 2nd of September, 2023. The Spacecraft carrying all the seven payloads of the Aditya L1 will be launched by PSLV XL Rocket. After launching, the mission will take around 109 days (estimated) to reach the Halo orbit.

The spacecraft will be launched from SDSC and placed in the Earth’s Low Orbit. After that, the orbit will be made elliptical, and finally, the spacecraft will be launched towards the Halo Orbit L1.

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Aditya L1 Mission Turn Around Time

The spacecraft has a long ahead as it will take approximately 5.2 years. According to ISRO Chief S Somnath, Aditya L1 will take approximately 4 months to reach the L1 Point from the launch.

During its journey, the spacecraft will gather and provide data to the scientists for better understanding of the weather-related problems. These problems will be related to:

  • Coronal heating
  • Dynamics of space weather
  • Pre-flare and Flare activities
  • Coronal Mass Ejection
  • Other aspects

Aditya L1 Mission Budget

According to India Times, the total estimated cost for the Aditya L1 Mission is about INR 368 Crores. However, the exact budget allocation details and overall costs for Aditya L1 Mission are currently unpredictable.

As mentioned earlier, the mission’s duration is around 5.2 years, which is quite a long time to decide the overall cost for the Aditya L1 Mission. Let’s not forget that the equipment used in the spacecraft is technologically advanced and added according to their tasks and roles. On the other hand, miscellaneous costs may also add up to the overall budget.

What to Expect from Aditya L1 Mission

ISRO has tasted success after a couple of setbacks, and we can proudly say the efforts came to fruition after a successful landing of Chandrayan 3 on the Moon’s surface. We do hope that the Aditya L1 Mission will be another milestone achieved for ISRO and will be added as another feather in the crown of our nation. By creating history, India has shown the world that we are not a developing nation anymore. Vande Mataram.

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