Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Release Date, Cast & Trailer

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After an emotional season four and its ridiculously attractive cast, we are already eager for Too Hot to handle Season 5 where the characters can’t express their passion through physical contact. The series was released in two parts: the first five episodes on December 7th and the final five on December 14th. We were left with more questions than answers, but our biggest and burning question remains: will there be Too Hot To Handle season 5? The answer to this is a simple yes. The main question is when? So letโ€™s find out what we have to uncover about the show.

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About Too Hot To Handle

too hot to handle season 5

For the upcoming Too Hot To Handle season, a lucky group of single participants is invited to an extravagant getaway – unaware they’ve been chosen for this innovative dating show. The catch? They must exercise restraint and avoid physical contact with one another if they want to have the chance at winning maximum prize money.

Under the watchful eye of virtual assistant Lana, contestants must form meaningful connections and commit to the process to remain on the show. Failing to do so will result in elimination from the series.

Across the entire series, money gets taken away from a communal prize fund when contestants become too close to one another. Ultimately, during the finale episode, one couple is voted victors, and they divide up whatever amount remains in the pot. In Season 4, for instance, Jawahir and Nick split an impressive $89K between them a nice sum of around $35800 each.

Series Name

Too Hot To Handle


American-British Reality Competition/Dating Show

Total Seasons Released


Created by

Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett

Streaming Platform


Previous winners

Francesca Farago

Harry Jowsey

Kelz Dyke

Bryce Hirschberg

Chloe Veitch

David Birtwistle

Lydia Clyma

Nicole O’Brien and

Rhonda Paul

Sharron Townsend

Too Hot to handle Season 5 Release Status


Is Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Release Date Confirmed?

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Release Date

It’s time to get the good news, reality TV fanatics. Netflix has just announced that Too Hot To Handle will be renewed for a fifth season this January 2023. Although the exact premiere date is unknown, it might launch around late 2023 since previous seasons had similar gaps. In addition, this much-anticipated series may stream live on Netflix at midnight (Pacific Time) or 3:00 am (Eastern Time), typical timeslots the streaming platform uses for its shows.

Stay updated on when Too Hot To Handle Season 5 will air by enabling notifications. Additionally, monitor the show’s social media handles for any new developments. The official Instagram account of the show confirmed its return with a post quoting, “Fancy another one? Too Hot To Handle will return for season 5 โ€“ watch this space.” So don’t miss out, and stay tuned.

What will be Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Cast like?

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 cast

As of now, the lineup for a potential Too Hot To Handle Season 5 has yet to be determined. Previous seasons included individuals from across the globe, such as Australia, Canada, South Africa, Britain, and Americaโ€“all models/influencers/students expecting an extremely romantic retreat until Lana came along to ruin it.

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Is there Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Trailer?

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Trailer

Well, no. Since the show’s renewal was only recently announced, Netflix is yet to release an official Too Hot To Handle Season 5 trailer. However, we can expect a teaser for the upcoming season to come out in mid-2023. Until then, you can watch the trailers from Seasons 1-4 on YouTube to rekindle your excitement for this fan-favorite series.

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Plot Reveal

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 plot

Even though we can’t predict what will occur in the upcoming season (as if we were mind readers), we can make a reasonable guess. Season five will likely follow an identical pattern to the prior one. First, a squad of young adults believes they are participating in a brand new, fictitious reality TV show before eventually realizing they have been on ‘Too Hot To Handle.’

The contestants must forgo intimate relations or face being fined and having their grand prize money significantly reduced. These individuals will go through workshops throughout the season that facilitates strong emotional ties with their new acquaintances. Ultimately, one contestant will be credited with a generous financial reward to acknowledge all their personal growth during this unique experience.

How many Episodes will there be in Too Hot to Handle?

Like the previous ones, the 5th season will also have 10 episodes. In each episode, contestants will participate in different activities and challenges to test their physical and mental endurance and explore their relationship with one another. At the end of each episode, the team with the most points will be crowned the winners and receive a cash prize.

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Premier Date

We expect it by the end of this year.ย To summarize, Too Hot To Handle Season 5 is currently in production and will be available for streaming on Netflix later this year. The cast lineup has yet to be announced, but we can expect a teaser trailer to come out sometime in mid-2023.

Too Hot Handle Season 5 Renewal Statusย 

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 renewal

Yes, it has been officially confirmed that Too Hot To Handle Season 5 will be released. The exact date is yet to be revealed. Trust us when we say that the wait won’t be long. So stay tuned and keep your notifications enabled for updates. We are just as excited as you are. That’s all the information we have right now on Too Hot to Handle Season 5, stay tuned for more details as they come out. Keep checking back here for all of the latest news about this show and its upcoming season.

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