Apple Vision Pro Price, Design, Lunch Date: The Ultimate AR You Should Experience

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Apple’s Vision Pro, the much-awaited Augmented Reality headset was finally revealed in WWDC 2023 Conference on June 6. Apple has announced the release of Vision Pro, a product packed with advanced technology that justifies its expensive price tag and has been in the making for several years. Moreover, the company has also introduced visionOS, a new operating system, and a range of apps that will be accessible on the OS and the Vision Pro upon release.

Apple Vision Pro
Credit: Twitter

Apple has also created a simplified guide that includes all of the information regarding Vision Pro and visionOS, making it easier for you to keep track of everything. With that mentioned, let’s explore more about the device that will take you deep down into spatial computing.

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What is Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset that merges the physical and virtual worlds. It is considered a spatial computer, and Apple claims it to be the most immersive and powerful personal electronics device ever.

Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset that allows users to interact with a three-dimensional space that combines real-life and digital elements. Unlike competitors, it doesn’t require controllers but utilizes your hands, voice, and eyes for operation. To achieve this functionality, the headset utilizes high-quality hardware, including advanced Apple Silicon.

The company states that they have been developing Vision Pro for several years, which is unique compared to other mixed reality products. This spatial computer generates a realistic virtual environment, allowing users to remain in the physical world.

Apple Vision Pro: Pricing and Launch Date

Apple Vision Pro pricing & Lunching date
Credit: Twitter

 The Apple Vision Pro boasts numerous features and is a top-tier product. Consequently, its high cost is understandable.

The Vision Pro headset has been priced at $3,499 and will be released by Apple in early 2024 in the U.S. However, the worldwide market will have to wait until late 2024 to purchase the Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro- Design and Appearance

Apple Vision Pro- Design
Credit: Twitter

Apple’s Vision Pro product features the same sophisticated and elegant design that users have grown to appreciate in their products. It uses various materials, including glass, steel, and fabric, to achieve its overall aesthetic and high-quality standards.

The headset’s front is made of a single piece of glass formed into a lens and polished. The headset’s cameras and sensors use this to understand the real world. The glass is attached to a custom aluminum alloy frame that fits comfortably around a user’s face.

The Vision Pro headset features a button on its top and a crown on its right side for controlling immersion. Its modular design allows for a customized fit, thanks to the click-like enclosure on its right side. The alloy frame is also equipped with vents to let air in and enhance overall comfort.

The Vision Pro headset has a comfortable, breathable, and stretchy headband made from a single piece of 3D knitted fabric. Its balanced design makes it a pleasant headset to wear.

The Apple Vision Pro has a slot on its bottom left for a battery pack that connects to the headset via a wire. The wire clicks onto the headset using visible light. Some other notable features of Apple Vision Pro include:

  • Full-Scale Immersive UI with Apple Apps
  • Environments Clear Away Distractions
  • A Full Controller-Less System

 The Eyesight Feature of Vision Pro

Feature of Vision Pro
Credit: Twitter

The new Apple AR headset has a feature called “Eyesight”, which lets users stay aware of their surroundings. When someone approaches a user wearing the Vision Pro, the display will become transparent, allowing both people to see each other.

The Eyesight feature also provides visual cues to others about what the user is looking at. The Eyesight feature is distinct from Meta Quest’s passthrough because it enables the headset wearer to see both the virtual and real worlds simultaneously with more detailed visuals, whereas passthrough only dims the display.

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What’s New in visionOS- The Operating System?

The Apple Vision Pro features impressive hardware, but its software is entirely unique. It runs on the new visionOS, an operating system specifically designed to meet the low latency needs of spatial computing.

What is Apple Vision Pro Display?

Apple Vision Pro Display
Credit: Twitter

Although Apple didn’t provide specific details about the displays in the Vision Pro, it’s believed to use micro-OLED technology. Apple claims this technology fits 23 million pixels into two displays, roughly the size of a postage stamp. Despite their small size, these displays offer wide color and high dynamic range, which Apple says results in a resolution greater than that of a 4K TV for each eye.

The Apple Vision Pro has custom catadioptric lenses that provide exceptional sharpness and clarity, as shown in the reveal. It is powered by Apple Silicon, which will be discussed later, but users who wear glasses may still use it. Apple has collaborated with ZEISS Optical Inserts to ensure accessibility and clarity for glasses wearers.

Audio Specifications of Apple Vision Pro

Audio Specifications of Apple Vision Pro
Credit: Twitter

Contrary to expectations, the Vision Pro does not have many speakers installed to create an immersive audio experience. Rather, only two amplified drivers inside each audio pod located next to each ear achieve this.

These drivers collaborate with the user’s head shape to provide a spatial audio experience. This means that you will still perceive it even if you do not have complete surround sound. Moreover, Apple employs Audio Ray Tracing technology that intelligently detects your surroundings and delivers an even and pleasant audio experience.

Chipset and Configuration of Apple Vision Pro

The high-level technology of the Apple Vision Pro requires a lot of computational power to eliminate any delay. Apple has tackled this challenge by combining the M2 Chip and a new R1 chip, revolutionizing the MR game.

The M2 chip manages the computational tasks and ensures the headset stays cool and comfortable. The R1 chip is responsible for processing input from the headset’s 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones. The R1 chip is exclusively designed for this task.

The chip has a low latency of 12 ms, which is remarkably fast and streams new images to the display. Apple says this latency is 8 times faster than the blink of an eye. The Apple Vision Pro has a high-performance external battery that uses up to two hours on a single charge. When the device is plugged in, it can last the entire day.

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