Congratulations OTT Release Date, Platform & Cast

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The much-awaited Sharman Joshi movie Congratulations OTT Release Date will be declared soon. As the comedy-drama flick released on Feb 3 2023, across Indian cinemas, Binge watchers are also looking forward to its OTT release. The Sharman Joshi-starrer Gujarati movie still needs to be more predictable as to which OTT will buy the rights to stream the movie. The Sharman Joshi-starrer Gujarati movie is one of the most awaited films in India, as it promises to tickle the funny bones of its viewers.

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Movie Name



Comedy Drama

Film Industry


Star cast

Sharman Joshi and Manasi Parekh


Vedant Maheshwari, Sharman Joshi, and Rehan Chaudhary

Congratulation OTT Release Date


Music by

Kedar Bhargav, Mir Desai, and Abhishek Gautam

Status of Congratulations OTT Rights Sold


What’s in Congratulations?

Congratulations OTT Release Date

The story is seemingly much intriguing to many viewers as they await Congratulations OTT release. It’s a movie that redefines love and parenthood in the 21st century. Starring Aditya (Sharman Joshi) and Ragini (Manasi Parekh), Congratulations is a heartwarming story of a couple overcoming a tragic miscarriage.

Following their marriage, Ragini ardently desired to have a baby. Though Aditya was initially hesitant, it soon became her only hope until she tragically miscarried and delivered a stillborn baby, rendering her unable to become pregnant again. Aditya does something unimaginable and decides to conceive a baby to show love for his beloved wife.

The movie follows the couple’s journey of discovery as they embrace parenthood and deal with the joys and sorrows that come along with it. It is an emotional roller-coaster ride of love, heartache, hope & happiness as Aditya & Ragini strive to be the best parents for their baby.

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Who is in Congratulations?

Sharman Joshi is a Bollywood actor with incredible talent. He can captivate audiences with his amazing acting skills and infectious charm. His performances are always memorable, energetic, and full of life. Some of his iconic performances include Golmaal, Rang De Basanti, and 3 Idiots. This Gujarati movie is the one in which he plays the leading role, and that’s why many viewers await Congratulations OTT release so eagerly.

Known for her spended role in Uri: Surgical Strike, Manasi Parekh is a rising star in the Bollywood industry. Her on-screen presence and natural acting skills have made her stand out, making her a favorite among viewers. Coupled for the first time, fans expect something unique from this Gujarati Drama movie. Even with a low budget in production Congratulations OTT release is expected to collect more due to its unique storyline.

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Congratulations OTT Platform

Congratulations OTT Platform

The movie will make it to the big screen on 3rd of February this year, while there are just speculations about Congratulations OTT Release status. From what the critics and writer Rehan Chaudhary say, it’s going to be a worthwhile experience watching Sharman Joshi in a new version of parenthood.

How to Watch Congratulations Movie Online

Congratulations OTT Release date is yet to be clarified; however, there are several ways to watch it online. If you have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or any other streaming platform, then head over there and search for Congratulations. You should be able to find the movie easily. The next option is perhaps the sneakiest of them all; scour the internet for free streaming sites that list Congratulations movie. Be careful, though, as some websites could contain viruses or malware, so make sure you take necessary precautions before clicking on links and downloading files.

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