W: Two Worlds Season 2 Renewed? Here’s the Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More!


This article will help you in understanding everything you need to know about ‘W: Two Worlds Season 2.’ Read on!

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‘W’ or ‘W: Two Worlds’ is a captivating 2016 MBC Korean drama. Comprising 16 suspenseful episodes, this series is masterfully directed by Jung Dae-Yoon and skillfully penned by Song Jae-Jung. At its core, ‘W’ unravels the intriguing narrative born from the convergence of two disparate worlds – our tangible reality and an alternate universe nestled within a webtoon. This striking duality lends itself to the series’ moniker.

Unsurprisingly, ‘W’ garnered substantial acclaim as a fantasy series right from its inception, boasting massive viewership numbers. Throughout its run, it consistently reigned supreme atop the Content Power Index, solidifying its status as a critically acclaimed and wildly popular show. We are here to explore all the possibilities of ‘W: Two Worlds Season 2.’ Let’s have a look!

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Renewal Status

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Renewal Status is still unconfirmed at the moment of writing. It’s virtually certain that we won’t see it within the next six months. This is primarily due to the producers’ deliberate avoidance of confirming a second season, a significant contributing factor.

Another pivotal element in the network’s decision to keep a lid on Season 2 news is the absence of a concrete concept and storyline. Given the exceptionally high bar set by the first season, anticipation for the sequel has only grown. The producers, mindful of the fervent fan base and their lofty expectations, are diligently in search of a storyline that won’t disappoint or shatter those hopeful aspirations.

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Release Date

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Release Date is not out. Season 1 of ‘W’ made its grand debut on MBC on July 20, 2016, captivating viewers with its Wednesday and Thursday 22:00 (KST) time slot. The thrilling journey spanned 16 episodes, each with a duration of 70 minutes, culminating in its conclusion on September 14, 2016. In a swift ascent up the rating charts, ‘W: Two Worlds’ garnered an impressive average viewership of 14.59%.

The series finale paints a bittersweet picture, where the central characters ultimately secure their happiness but not without significant sacrifices. Consequently, fans, hungry for more, pondered the possibility of additional ‘W’ seasons following the show’s conclusion. However, a second season seems improbable in our estimation. The narrative, while it may leave some yearning for a tidier resolution, effectively ties up loose ends, offering a sense of closure.

The show even bid farewell with a special episode on September 17, 2016, featuring cherished moments and behind-the-scenes glimpses, reinforcing the notion that this marks a definitive farewell.

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Cast

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Cast is not locked in yet. The cast of ‘W: Two Worlds’ is a diverse ensemble of characters brought to life by a talented group of actors. Lee Jong-suk stars as Kang Cheol, the lead character in the popular comic series ‘W.’ Kang Cheol is not only the co-CEO of JN Global, an e-commerce company, and owner of broadcasting channel W, but he’s also an Olympic gold medalist in shooting from his youth. Han Hyo-joo takes on the role of Oh Yeon-joo, a second-year resident cardiothoracic surgeon at Myung-sei Hospital, whose life becomes intricately entwined with Kang Cheol’s.

Hyun Seung-min portrays teenage Yeon-joo, while Park Min-ha plays child Yeon-joo. Other notable characters include Kim Eui-sung as Han Sang-hoon, the true killer of Kang Cheol’s family, and Jung Yoo-jin as Yoon So-hee, Kang Cheol’s steadfast secretary and long-time friend. Lee Tae-hwan embodies Seo Do-yoon, Kang Cheol’s loyal bodyguard and close confidant.

This ensemble is further enriched with characters like Park Won-sang as Han Cheol-ho, Cha Kwang-soo as Son Hyun-seok, Kim Eui-sung as Oh Seong-moo, Lee Si-eon as Park Soo-bong, Nam Gi-ae as Gil Soo-sun, Heo Jung-do as Park Min-soo, Kang Ki-young as Kang Suk-beom, Lee Se-rang as Gil Soo-young, Ryu Hye-rin as Sun-mi, Yang Hye-ji as Yoon-hee, Kim Ik-tae as an Assemblyman, Noh Haeng-ha as Kim Yoo-ri, and Ri Min as Team Leader Park.

Together, this talented cast breathes life into the intricate and engaging world of ‘W: Two Worlds.’

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Plot

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Plot is kept under wraps until an official announcement is made. The inaugural season of Two Worlds Apart delivered a self-contained narrative that culminated in a definitive and conclusive season finale. As of now, the show’s creators have not unveiled a compelling concept that can replicate the viewers’ interest as effectively as the first season did, which has led to the absence of a confirmed second season.

However, if we approach the prospect of a second season with pragmatism, we might anticipate encountering the same protagonist ensnared in an entirely distinct webtoon universe, significantly diverging from the initial setting. The ensuing curiosity lies in how the writer will intricately weave the storyline of this second season.

Regrettably, such musings remain speculative until the producers officially announce the arrival of the show’s highly anticipated second season.

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Official Trailer

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Official Trailer is not available yet. The show lacks confirmation on its renewal and hence, expecting a trailer would be too soon.

You can watch the trailer of W: Two Worlds below:

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W: Two Worlds Season 2 Streaming Platform

W: Two Worlds Season 2 Streaming Platform is likely to remain the same as that of its previous season. The show is streaming on Hulu and it is expected that Season 2 will also be streamed on the same.

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