Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & Episodes

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Manga series are everyone’s favorite these days and Chainsaw Man Season 2 has become one of the talking points for many. Chainsaw Man, a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, was popular among readers even before the anime adaptation. Season one of the anime has ended and has become one of the year’s biggest successes. Although Chainsaw Man has not been officially renewed yet, there is still a lot of source material to cover, and Studio MAPPA will likely capitalize on the success. Here is everything you need to know about the possibility of Chainsaw Man season 2.

Chainsaw Man Season 2
Credit: Twitter
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About the Series

The manga series Chainsaw Man was created by Tatsuki Fujimoto and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between December 2018 and December 2020. Its second arc started in Shōnen Jump+ online magazine in July 2022. There are currently 14 tankōbon volumes of the series as of April 2023.

The plot of Chainsaw Man centers around Denji, a poor young man who forms a pact with Pochita, a devil with a canine appearance. This pact results in Denji acquiring the power to turn sections of his body into chainsaws. As the story progresses, Denji becomes a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government organization that tackles devil-related dangers in Japan.

The next part of the story follows Asa Mitaka, a high school student who makes a deal with Yoru, the War Devil. Yoru compels Asa to track down Chainsaw Man and retrieve the devils taken from her.

Both the print and digital versions of the manga are licensed in English by Viz Media in North America. Additionally, the manga is available on the Manga Plus online platform published by Shueisha. A TV anime series adaptation produced by MAPPA was aired from October to December 2022.

Chainsaw Man, a manga series, had more than 24 million copies in circulation by April 2023, making it one of the best-selling series. In 2021, it won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category and the Harvey Awards in the Best Manga category for 2021 and 2022. Critics have praised the series for its storytelling, characters, dark humor, and violent scenes that fit well within the story.

The anime series Chainsaw Man started in October 2022 and had 12 episodes. There is no news about a second season being made, but we expect the show to continue and may return in fall 2023 or 2024. This is because Studio MAPPA has been making a lot of great shows in recent years, and Attack on Titan’s finale is coming out soon.

Name of the Show Chainsaw Man
Genre Action, Comedy Horror, And Dark Fantasy
Written By Tatsuki Fujimoto
Total Seasons Released Only 1
Episodes 12
Language Japanese/English
English Channel Viz Media
Chainsaw man Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
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Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date Expectations

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release date
Credit: Facebook

Fans are speculating that new episodes of Chainsaw Man could arrive in the fall 2023 season since it debuted on October 12, 2022. However, rumors reported by AnimeGeek.com suggest that Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date may be in 2024. It’s important to note that Studio MAPPA doesn’t always follow a yearly pattern. We will provide updates as soon as we hear more, assuming that Chainsaw Man will be renewed.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Cast Members

Chainsaw Man Season 2 cast
Credit: Facebook

If Chainsaw Man gets renewed, viewers can anticipate that the same cast members will return for season 2;

The voice actors for the characters in the anime “Chainsaw Man” are:

  • Kikunosuke Toya voices Denji in Japanese, and Ryan Colt Levy voices Denji in English.
  • Shiori Izawa voices Pochita in Japanese, and Lindsay Seidel voices Pochita in English.
  • Tomori Kusunoki voices Makima in Japanese, and Suzie Yeung voices Makima in English.
  • Shogo Sakata voices Aki Hayakawa in Japanese, and Reagan Murdock voices Aki Hayakawa in English.
  • Fairouz Ai voices Power in Japanese, and Sarah Wiedenheft voices Power in English.
  • Karin Takahashi voices Kobeni Higashiyama in Japanese, and Bryn Apprill voices Kobeni Higashiyama in English.
  • Taku Yashiro as Hirokazu Arai/Jarrod Greene
  • Kenjirou Tsuda as Kishibe/Jason DouglasYou Taichi as Akane Sawatari/Emi Lo
  • Daiki Hamano as Katana Man/Jason Marnocha.

New voice actors may also be added to the Chainsaw Man season 2 cast as new characters are introduced. We will keep you informed of any announcements regarding this.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Trailer Update

Unfortunately, there is no update for Chainsaw Man season 2 trailer as the anime has not been officially renewed. We will keep you informed of any updates on a possible second season. Stay tuned to get the latest news on the show.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Plot

Chainsaw Man Season 2 plot
Credit: Facebook

The Chainsaw Man Season 2 Plot will partially revolve around the initial storyline. The first installment of Chainsaw Man focused on Denji, a young man accompanied by his Chainsaw Devil/dog sidekick, Pochita. After inheriting his father’s debt from the yakuza, Denji takes up the profession of Devil Hunter. Unfortunately, he is defeated by a Zombie Devil, one creature originating from humanity’s fears.

In the story, Denji is brought back to life and merges with Pochita to become Chainsaw Man. He can transform into a living chainsaw by pulling a cord on his head. During the first season, he teams up with Power, Aki, Himeno, and Kobeni to become a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Together, they battle against villains such as the Bat Devil, Ghost Devil, and Katana Man, whom they eventually catch.

In the season finale, the Snake Devil kills Akane, and the team is now searching for the Gun Devil. A mysterious woman is also introduced who asks if one would prefer to be a “country mouse” or a “city mouse.”

To get ahead of the story for the second season of Chainsaw Man, you should read from chapter 39, as it’s where the first season left off. However, it’s uncertain how much of the manga’s first part (Public Safety Saga) the second season will cover. We’ve only covered around 40% of the manga, and fitting it all into a 12-episode season may be too much.

When Chainsaw Man returns for its second season, we can expect it to cover the Bomb Girl arc (chapters 40-52) and the International Assassins arc (chapters 53-70) unless it runs longer. Reze, the woman seen at the end of season 1, will play a major role in the upcoming episodes, and the danger posed by the Gun Devil will remain a central focus. As Division 4 of Public Safety, now merged with a team of Devil Hunters, encounters new allies and enemies, this threat will be strongly felt. No spoilers beyond that.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Episodes Count

The season 1 consisted of 12 episodes and if we have the second season soon, we can expect similar Chainsaw Man Season 2 Episodes Count.

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Chainsaw Man Season 2 Premier Date

The premier date of Chainsaw Man Season 2 is not announced yet. We will update you as soon as we get official news from the producers.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Renewal Status

Chainsaw Man Season 2 is not yet renewed or canceled. Fans are eagerly awaiting the renewal news, and we will update you as soon as we get any information about it. And if you know anything new about the Manga series, feel free to drop your message in the comments box.

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