Schools In Bandra

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Are you looking for schools in Bandra? We recognize the shifting educational landscape, where parents expect excellence. It can be challenging to navigate this educational upheaval. But don’t worry; we’ve collected a detailed list of the best schools in Bandra. Our advice guarantees that you can make an informed decision, ensuring your child receives the best education possible.

Schools In Bandra

Finding the best school in Bandra is more than just a matter of geography; it’s a sophisticated decision that reflects the changing interests of parents in the current era. With so many educational options available, parents are looking for schools that provide more than just proximity. The modern educational environment entails analyzing several elements of education, from curriculum and teaching approaches to extracurricular activities and safety precautions. 

Parents are now profoundly involved in providing their children with a well-rounded education, global exposure, and a supportive environment. The finest schools in Bandra perform academically and offer several chances for personal development. These schools prepare students for future difficulties by providing cutting-edge facilities and experienced staff. 

10 Best Schools In Bandra

Schools In Bandra

Rank School Name Key Highlights
1 Kangaroo Kids Innovative curriculum, learner-centered approach
2 Learners Academy School ICSE-affiliated, emphasis on STEM education
3 St. Stanislaus High School Balanced education with a focus on social and intellectual aspects
4 R.N. Podar School CBSE curriculum with real-world applications
5 Mount Mary Convent High School Inclusive education with co-curricular activities
6 Bai Avabai F. Petit Girls’ High School All-girls school, strong emphasis on special education
7 St. Theresa’s High School Holistic development through extracurricular activities
8 Stellar World School Combines IB Curriculum with Stellar Life Literacy framework
9 Beacon High School Incorporates technology and promotes artistic skills
10 Shishuvan English Medium School Holistic education with innovative teaching methods

 Best Schools In Bandra

#1. Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids, founded by Ms. Lina Ashar 25 years ago, is a premier educational institution in Bandra. The school, which has over 100 locations throughout India, the Maldives, Dubai, and Muscat, offers a variety of teaching styles ranging from elementary to Montessori education. Kangaroo Kids takes pride in its innovative curriculum, created by the founder and employees and based on neuroscience research. 

#2. Learners Academy School

Learners Academy School in Bandra has been a symbol of high education since its inception in June 1983. Starting with the Pre-Primary and Primary divisions, the school has grown to include classes up to Std. X (ICSE). 

#3. St. Stanislaus High School

St. Stanislaus High School, which began as an orphanage in 1863, has evolved into one of the best schools in Bandra, Mumbai. The Jesuits manage the school and are well-known for their dedication to education. 

#4. R.N. Podar School

R.N. Podar School, located in Mumbai’s wealthy Santa Cruz neighborhood, is a prominent co-educational institution accredited by the CBSE. The Anandilal and Ganesh Podar Society owns and operates the school, which has established itself as one of the best CBSE schools in Bandra.

#5. Mount Mary Convent High School

Mount Mary Convent High School, a prestigious institution in Bandra, has been legally recognized by the Maharashtra government since its inception in 1910. While it serves predominantly Catholic students due to its Catholic minority management, it welcomes students of all religions. 

#6. The Bai Avabai F. Petit Girls’ High School

Bai Avabai F. Petit Girls’ High School is a prestigious all-girls day-cum-boarding college affiliated with the CISCE. Its illustrious history began in 1913 as a residential school for Parsee girls only before expanding to accommodate students from many religious and ethnic backgrounds as day scholars in 1963. 

#7. St. Theresa’s High School

St. Theresa’s High School, which has its roots in the 1918 Old Khar-based St. Andrew’s Indian Christian School, has thrived under the SVD since 1952. It educates kids from grade 1 to grade 10. St. Theresa’s, regarded as one of the best schools in Bandra, promotes holistic development through various extracurricular activities. 

#8. Stellar World School

Stellar World School is committed to developing well-rounded individuals through a one-of-a-kind educational method. The school strives to foster literacy in all parts of life by merging the IB Curriculum with the revolutionary Stellar Life Literacy framework. 

#9. Beacon High School

Beacon High School in Bandra, established in 2000, has evolved into one of the best schools in Bandra. Beacon High, an independent co-educational ICSE boutique school, incorporates cutting-edge technology into its academic curriculum, creating a welcoming environment for students to pursue their artistic skills, particularly in contemporary theatre and music. 

#10. Shishuvan English Medium School

Shishuvan English Medium School, a famous ICSE institution in Matunga, began its legacy in 2001 and has received recognition from Education Today, Education World, and the Hindustan Times. 

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