Dono OTT Release Date, Platform, Rights & How to Watch Online?

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Dono is an eagerly anticipated Hindi romance film featuring Rajveer Deol and Paloma Thakeria in lead roles. Continue reading to learn more about Dono OTT Release Date, OTT platform, digital streaming rights, and more.

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Dono OTT Release Date

Dono OTT Release Date

Title Dono
Genre Romance, Coming-of-Age
Director Avnish S. Barjatya (Debutant)
Producers Rajshri Productions (P) Ltd., Jio Studios
Lead Cast Rajveer Deol, Paloma
Creative Producer Sooraj R. Barjatya
Lyrics Irshad Kamil
Music Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Director of Photography Chirantan Das
Editor Shweta Venkat Mathew
Story Writer Avnish S. Barjatya
Screenplay and Dialogues Avnish S. Barjatya, Manu Sharma
Certification “U/A” (Central Board of Film Certification)
Release Date 5 October, 2023 (Theatrical)
Dono OTT Release Date To be announced
Satellite Rights To be announced

The much-anticipated release of “Dono” was first teased in August 2023, setting the stage for heightened anticipation among cinema enthusiasts. Although the official Dono OTT Release Date has not been made public, intriguing speculations surround its availability on JioCinema. This conjecture gains credence from that “Dono” is co-produced by JioStudios, suggesting a potential digital debut on their platform after the theatrical run.

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Dono OTT Platform

Dono OTT Platform

The OTT platform for the release of “Dono” is eagerly awaited by fans, although the specific platform has not been officially announced yet. Since the film is co-produced by Jio Studios, it may premiere on JioCinema after its theatrical run.

In the modern film distribution landscape, it has become common for films to make their digital debut on streaming platforms like JioCinema, allowing a broader audience to access and enjoy the movie. As anticipation builds, fans are eager to learn the official OTT release details for “Dono” and its availability for online streaming.

Dono Movie Cast

Dono, a cinematic creation helmed by debut director Avnish S. Barjatya, is a collaborative effort between Rajshri Productions (P) Ltd. and Jio Studios. The film introduces audiences to the fresh talents of Rajveer Deol and Paloma, both making their debut in leading roles. Notably, Sooraj R. Barjatya assumes the role of Creative Producer, infusing his creative expertise into the project.

The talented Irshad Kamil crafted the movie’s soul-stirring lyrics, complemented by the musical compositions of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Chirantan Das captures the visual essence as the Director of Photography, while Shweta Venkat Mathew takes charge of the precise editing process. Avnish S. Barjatya is the director of Dono, and the screenplay and dialogues are a collaborative effort of Avnish and Manu Sharma. This promising ensemble of talents promises to deliver an engaging and memorable cinematic experience for audiences.

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Dono Movie Satellite Rights

Once “Dono” graces the silver screen in theatres, the anticipation among viewers to catch it in the comfort of their homes via television is palpable. Satellite rights, a crucial aspect of film distribution, play a pivotal role in this transition.ย 

The film’s producer typically licenses these rights to a television channel, allowing them to broadcast the movie to a broader audience. While the specifics of which channel will secure the satellite rights for “Dono” are yet to be disclosed, fans can rest assured that this information will be available soon.ย 

Dono Movie Plot

Set against the opulent backdrop of a grand destination wedding, “Dono” unfolds as a spellbinding coming-of-age love story that intricately traces the journey of Rajveer and Diya. These two individuals, initially strangers, find their lives entwined by the hand of fate during their friends’ wedding festivities.

Despite the stark contrast in their personalities and backgrounds, Rajveer’s uninhibited exuberance and Diya’s traditions reserve a magnetic pull to draw them together. To sustain their burgeoning relationship, they must bridge the chasm of their differences and embrace the art of compromise, ultimately forging a connection that promises to stand the test of time.

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How To Watch Dono Movie On OTT?

How To Watch Dono Movie On OTT?

Keep up to date:ย Watch for official announcements about the film’s OTT release. The film’s production team or social media channels typically share this information.

Subscription:ย Ensure you can access the OTT platform where “Dono” will be available. Given its collaboration with Jio Studios, it could be JioCinema.

Install the App:ย If you haven’t done so already, install the JioCinema app on your preferred device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

Sign Up: Create an account on the OTT platform. Depending on the platform’s pricing structure, you may need to subscribe to a plan.

Search for “Dono”:ย Once logged in, use the search feature to look for the film “Dono.”

Enjoy the Film:ย Click on the movie title to begin streaming “Dono” from the comfort of your own home.

If you have any queries about the Dono OTT Release Date, let us know in the comment section.

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