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“Dono” is an upcoming action-packed Hindi-language drama film helmed by director Avnish S. Barjatya and produced by Kamal Kumar Barjatya. Set to hit theatres on October 5, 2023, this cinematic experience stars Rajveer Deol and Paloma Thakeria as the protagonists. The narrative unfolds around a pair of brothers; one is a dedicated police officer, while the other is a notorious gangster. Let’s know more in detail about Dono Advance Booking.

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Dono Advance Booking

Dono Advance Booking

Title Dono
Genre Hindi-language Action Drama
Release Date October 5, 2023
Director Avnish S. Barjatya
Producer Kamal Kumar Barjatya
Lead Actors Rajveer Deol, Paloma Thakeria
Plot Two brothers face false accusations and embark on a thrilling journey for justice.
Language Hindi
Expected Runtime Not specified
Dono Advance Booking Status Open

Excitement is building as the release date of the much-anticipated film “Dono” approaches. You can secure your seats in advance through advance booking! Dono Advance Booking typically opens a few days before the film’s official release date, allowing avid moviegoers and fans to plan their visit to the theatre with precision. This pre-booking system has become popular in the film industry, offering numerous advantages.

Firstly, Dono Advance Booking guarantees you a spot in the theatre, even for the most sought-after screenings, preventing the disappointment of sold-out shows. Secondly, it provides the convenience of selecting your preferred seats, whether you prefer the front row for an immersive experience or the back row for a broader view. By participating in “Dono” Advance Booking, you secure your place and become part of the excitement surrounding the film’s release. It’s an opportunity to be among the first to witness the enchanting love story unfold on the big screen.

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Dono Movie Ticket Price

Dono Movie Ticket Price

The ticket price for the highly anticipated film “Dono” will be subject to variation based on the chosen theatre and format. Generally, for a standard 2D viewing experience, ticket prices are expected to range between β‚Ή100 to β‚Ή200, making it accessible to a wide range of movie enthusiasts.

However, premium formats like IMAX, 3D, or special screenings may have slightly higher pricing due to their enhanced cinematic experience. The flexibility in ticket pricing ensures audiences can tailor their movie-going experience to their preferences and budget, making “Dono” an accessible and exciting option for all eager to immerse themselves in its captivating narrative on the big screen.

Dono Movie Cast

In the highly anticipated Bollywood film “Dono,” newcomers Rajveer Deol, son of Sunny Deol, and Paloma Thakeria, daughter of Poonam Dhillon, are poised to make their grand debut. This exciting entry into the film industry is under the guidance of director Avnish Barjatya, the talented son of renowned filmmaker Sooraj Barjatya. The young actors bring fresh energy and promise to the silver screen, generating considerable buzz and anticipation among audiences and industry enthusiasts.

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Dono Movie Release Date

Dono Movie Release Date

“Dono,” the much-anticipated Hindi-language action drama, is generating a buzz of excitement as it gears up for its theatrical release on October 5, 2023. Directed by Avnish S. Barjatya and produced by Kamal Kumar Barjatya, this film is set to captivate both Bollywood fans and general moviegoers. At its core, “Dono” promises an enthralling narrative woven with intense action sequences, profound emotional moments, and standout performances by Rajveer Deol and Paloma Thakeria in leading roles.

Dono Movie Plot

“Dono” is a mesmerizing romantic drama that weaves a captivating tale of love, destiny, and the complexities of relationships. Set against the backdrop of a joyous wedding celebration, the film introduces us to two souls whose lives intertwine in the most enchanting way possible. As the festivities unfold, these two individuals, brought together by their close friends’ union, are drawn to each other with an irresistible magnetic pull.

Amidst the backdrop of love and unity, their connection deepens, and their hearts awaken to the possibility of a profound love story. With each passing moment, their tender emotions flourish, propelling them on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, passion, and the intricate dance of love’s twists and turns. “Dono” takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster, leaving them enchanted by the magical power of love, reminding us that sometimes, the most beautiful love stories are the ones that fate weaves at unexpected moments.

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Dono Advance Booking Procedure

  1. Go to the official website of the movie theatre where you want to watch Dono.
  2. Click on the “Movies” tab and select Dono from the list of movies.
  3. Choose the date and time of the screening you want to attend.
  4. Select the number of tickets you want to book.
  5. Choose your preferred seats.
  6. Enter your contact information and payment details.
  7. Click on the “Book Tickets” button to complete your booking.

If you have any questions about Dono Advance Booking, let us know in the comment section.

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