Is love brewing between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton? Duo Caught Flirting


Shakira’s journey of healing and new beginnings continues as she leaves behind her past heartbreak with Gerard Pique, the renowned Barcelona defender, and Spain’s 2010 World Cup champion. According to reports, the singer has now found solace in the company of Lewis Hamilton, and their budding connection seems to be filled with warmth and sweetness.

love brewing between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton
Credit: facebook

Is love brewing between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

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Following his impressive performance in the F1 Spanish Grand Prix, where he secured a commendable second place, the 38-year-old racing car driver caught the attention of onlookers as he and the 46-year-old singer were spotted developing a close bond.

Is love brewing between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton
credit: Facebook

In a photograph captured during their post-race evening, Lewis had his arm wrapped around Shakira’s waist.

According to a source interviewed by People magazine, Lewis Hamilton and Shakira have been engaging in playful flirtation, relishing the opportunity to spend quality time together. Through these interactions, they are gradually gaining insights into each other’s preferences and aversions. Their connection began to surface when they were initially sighted together at the Miami Grand Prix, followed by a delightful weekend excursion on a yacht, accompanied by mutual friends.

Gerard Pique, former partner of Shakira, seems to have found happiness in his new romantic endeavor, as evidenced by their public display of affection in Barcelona, where they were spotted walking hand in hand.

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