Guide To How To Cancel Home Chef Subscription?

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Are you looking for help on how to cancel your home Chef subscription? Congratulations! You have landed at the right place. You may be flooded with articles on “how to cancel Home Chef,” but finding a comprehensive guide that answers all of your questions is challenging. 

How To Cancel Home Chef

To save you time, we went to great lengths to create a guide that is extremely useful if you are glancing for “How to Cancel Home Chef?”

Let us get started.

Highlights: How to Cancel Home Chef?”

Name of the Services

Home Chef


June 2013


Chicago, Illinois


Patrick Vihtelic, CEO 


Meal kit and Food Delivery Company

About Home Chef

Home Chef

From Classical to Oven-ready you are served fresh, pre-portioned meal kits that perfectly fit your cooking needs. There are numerous plans from which to choose. You can have over 30 meals and 18 extras delivered right to your door.

Even you can get your hands on recipes for mouth-watering dishes. For people with an eye on nutritional value, get full nutritional information on your recipe card.

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Reasons for Cancellation of Home Chef Subscription

Reasons for Cancellation of Home Chef Subscription

  • Maybe you want to cut your expenses or maybe you want to utilize your leisure hours. Even some people want to buy their groceries themselves.
  • You may be going on a vacation and you want to avoid food wastage.
  • You start with meal kits but soon you realize that ordering cooked food is much easier. 

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through iOS or iPadOS devices?

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through iOS or iPadOS devices

Canceling your Home Chef subscription is super easy, just follow the steps below-

Step 1- Log in to your “Account” or your iOS/ iPadOS device.

Step 2- Go to “Settings” and click on your profile picture at the top of your screen.

Step 3- Tap on the Subscription menu and go to “Home Chef” in the list.

Step 4- Then, tap on the “Pause Your Subscription” button.

Step 5- You get multiple options to select the reason for the cancellation.

Step 6- Now, confirm your action and that you are done with pausing your Home Chef account.

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through Android devices?

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through Android devices

Step 1- Go to Play Store on your Android Device.

Step 2- Make sure you log in to the Google account registered with Home Chef.

Step 3- You will find the “Subscription” menu there.

Step 4- From the list of your subscriptions select “Home Chef”.

Step 5- You will find an option “Pause my Subscription. 

Step 6- Upon selection, the system prompts you to select the reason for cancellation. 

Step 7- Once you enter the reason, confirm your action and you get a successful message prompted on your screen.

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through the Website?

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through the Website

Step 1- Open the Home Chef website and enter your username and password to log in.

Step 2- On the top right corner of the screen you will find, “My Accounts”.

Step 3- From the drop-down menu select “Account Information”.

Step 4- Under the tab “Delivery details”, you will find the option “Pause your Subscription”.

Step 5- Now Select the reason for pausing your subscription, and you are ready to go.

Step 6- You are asked to confirm your action and it’s done.

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through Call?

Step 1- You can reach Home Chef customer care at 872-225-2433 from 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, the call timings will be 10 AM to 2 PM. No services are available on Sundays. You can drop a callback message as well.

Step 2- Keep your account-related information ready. Tell the customer support representative that you wish to cancel the services. Seek an official confirmation to be sure of no more deduction of charges. 

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through E-mail?

How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription through E-mail

If you are more comfortable emailing rather than placing a call, shoot an email right away at help@homechef.com.

Make sure you write an appropriate subject line “Cancel my Home Chef Subscription”. 

Mention important details related to your Home-Chef account like your Name, Account Number, etc. 

Pro-Tip: This tip applies regardless of the method you use to answer the common question “How to Cancel Home Chef Account?”. 

  • Always obtain an acknowledgment of your request through mail or text message.
  • Make sure you place your cancellation request before Friday 12 PM CST. If you fail to do so, you will be charged for the next week’s meal delivery.

How to Cancel Your First Order With Home Chef?

As you subscribe to the services of Home Chef, your first order is auto-scheduled. Unfortunately, you do not have the convenience to cancel your first order online. 

But, you need not worry.  If you wish to reschedule or skip your first order with Home Chef either-

  • Remove all the meals from your order. However, your order will still show as Scheduled. On the day of delivery, it gets auto-canceled when no items are found.
  • Contact the Customer support team and when IVR prompts you choose “Rescheduling my first order”.

What are the alternatives to Cancelling your Home Chef Subscription?

Are glancing for answers to “How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription?” because you are planning a small trip or maybe you need a break? We can suggest you better alternatives to cancellation.

  • Skip Next Week– You can get your favorite meal kits just after your vacation without going through the hassle of canceling and reactivation.
  • Changing the Delivery Frequency- This is for those who love meal variations occasionally and not daily. You can easily change the delivery frequency to monthly instead of weekly.
  • Scheduling your restart date- If you are planning a vacation a little long, align your next delivery date with your return time instead of cancellation.

By logging into your account and going to “Upcoming Orders,” you can skip/reschedule your deliveries. Scroll down to “The Week,” then tap “Skip Week.” You can also go to “Edit Meals” if you prefer.

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Key Takeaways

How To Cancel Home Chef Subscription

Home Chef is one of the preferred meal kit delivery services that are both healthy and convenient to cook. Still, it may be the best choice for you. Do you also wish to cancel the Home Chef subscription for reasons best known to you? Our illustrative guide on “How to Cancel Home Chef Services?” is the best help you can get.

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