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Who is John Adams Morgan?

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John Adams Morgan

John Adams Morgan is a successful American businessman, sailor and Olympic medalist with a fortune of $100 million. He also serves as chairman of Morgan Joseph. John Adams Morgan obtained his wealth through being a direct descendant of banker J.P. Morgan and American President John Adams. 

Overview of John Adams Morgan’s Life

Full Name John Adams Morgan
Gender Male
Date of Birth 17 Sept, 1930
Age (as of 2022)  92 years
Birth Place Oyster Bay Town, Long Island, New York
Father Henry Sturgis Morgan
Mother Catherine Frances Lovering Adams
Brother Henry Sturgis Morgan Jr.
Sister Not Known
Nationality American 
Zodiac Sign Vergo
Profession Olympic Medalist, American Sailor and a rich businessman
School/High School Groton School (College-preparatory school in Groton, Massachusetts)
University Yale University (Private University in New Haven, Connecticut)
Net Worth  $ 100 Million USD
  • 5’9” inches
  • 179 centimeters (cm)
  • 72 Kg
  • 158 lbs
Marital Status Married
  • Elizabeth Robbins Choate (1953-1957)
  • Tonia Goss (1962-)
  • Sonja Tremont (1998-2006)
  • Connie Morgan (2010-current)
  • John Adams Morgan
  • Quincy Adams Morgan
  • Chauncey Goss Morgan
Renowned for Investment & rich businessman

John Adams Morgan Birth Info

John Adams Morgan was born on September 17, 1930, in Oyster Bay, a census-designated place on Long Island, New York. He is 92 years old (As of September 2022). Moreover, his zodiac sign is Virgo.

John Adams Morgan Education

John Adams Morgan attended Groton School (located in Groton, Massachusetts) and graduated in 1949. He then attended Yale University, a private university located in New Haven, Connecticut, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1953.

Who is John Adams Morgan Wife? 

John Adam Morgan wedding has had five marriages. Elizabeth Robbins Choate (1933-1998), the daughter of Robert Burnett Choate and the sister of Robert B. Choate Jr., was his first wife in 1953. They had John Adams Morgan Jr. before their divorce in 1957. In 1962, he married Tania Goss, a graduate of the Ethel Walker School and Vassar College. His third wife, Anne Chute, died in 1992, and his fourth wife, Sonja Tremont (b. 1963), died in 1998. Connie H. Morgan is his fifth wife, whom he married in 2010. 

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John Adam Morgan ancestors and his family

John Adams Morgan gained his money as a descendant of banker J.P. Morgan and American President John Adams. JP Morgan is his great-great-grandfather on his father’s side, while President John Adams is his three times great grandfather on his mother’s side.

  1. P. Morgan, John’s great grandpa, was the founder of J.P. Morgan & Co. Henry Sturgis Morgan, his father, was a co-founder of Morgan Stanley and a major figure in worldwide financial services. Catherine Lovering Adams was John’s mother’s name. Henry Sturgis Morgan Jr. is his brother’s name. John has been married and divorced four times.

Who are John Adam Morgan children? 

john adams morgan daughter

  • John Adams Morgan Jr.
  • Chauncey Goss Morgan
  • Quincy Adams Morganbusi

John Adams Morgan Relationship 

Sonja Morgan alleges her ex-husband owes her up to $3 million in the divorce settlement and $300,000 in child support. At the same time, John Adams Morgan was about 80 years old, which makes him 33 years older than his ex-wife. In 2011, Sonja was forced to declare bankruptcy. Whereas the couple divorced in 2006, around the time Sonja’s firm was financing a film, Fast Flash to Bang Time, with Hannibal Pictures that was scheduled to star John Travolta.

John Adams Morgan Divorce issue

Sonja Morgan has irritated fellow Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley. She compares her marriage to ex-husband John Adams Morgan to Medley’s marriage, which ended in divorce. Medley alleges Morgan cheated on her ex across the south of France. Morgan married Connie H. Morgan in 2010. Quincy has been featured on RHONY several times, but her father has never appeared on the show.

Does Sonja Morjan defrauds John Adams Morgan?

Sonja Morjan

John Adams Morgan and Sonja both had romantic relationships, but they broke up. John Adams didn’t abandon Sonja, according to Sonja; her spouse was the one who left. Dorinda Medley was similarly depressed when her husband died of cancer. She also stated that they still love each other, although it is terrible for them.

She divorced her husband John Adams in 2016, after more than a decade of marriage. However, the majority of them claim that she is still exhibiting interest in John. He and she both say that life after divorce isn’t what we think it is. Perhaps this is our final chance to see the folks who loved us. This demonstrates that she still has feelings for him.

About John Adam Morgan wife Connie (Current Wife)

Connie Adams Morgan and John Adams Morgan

According to Wikipedia, John was married three times before marrying Connie in 2015. In 1953, he married Elizabeth Robbins Choate, but they divorced in 1957. He then married Tonia Goss in 1962, although the date of their divorce is unknown. Sonja married him in 1998, and the couple split in 2006, when she was shooting The Real Housewives of New York. Morgan is 92 years old and the mother of three children.

In addition to this, Sonja Morgan discussed her relationship with her ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, in the Real Housewives of New York reunion episode. Sonja was already going through divorce procedures when she began filming the show in season three. He married a woman named Connie a few years ago. After their marriage in 2015, she became Connie Adams Morgan.

John Adams Morgan business career

  • He served as a partner at Dominick & Dominick from 1956 to 1966, and then at Smith Barney from 1966 until 1982. Morgan Lewis Githens & Ahn, Inc. launched a retail and brokerage company in 1982. 
  • It conducted a leveraged acquisition of Olin’s cigarette paper business with the Olin Corporation in 1985. In 1987, the company helped Alleco acquire Service America Corp. for $450 million in cash and securities.
  • Morgan Joseph was created in 1999 as a broker-dealer and high-yield firm for mid-size companies, taking advantage of laid-off investment bankers during the 2000 technology market bubble. The business was purchased in 2001 by MLGA Holdings, which eventually became Morgan Lewis. 
  • Morgan served as chairman of the board of directors of Morgan Lewis, now Morgan Lewis Advisors, until his death in 2009.
  • Morgan Joseph LLC joined with Tri-Artisan Partners LLC in December 2010 to become Morgan Joseph TriArtisan Group.
  • Apollo Global Management acquired Morgan Joseph TriArtisan in April 2011 and registered as a brokerage business to discover customers and deals for its buyout and hedge funds.

What are John Adams achievements and awards? 

John Adams Morgan worked for J.P. Morgan, the last US President, banker, and prominent financier. After marrying Sonja Tremont, one of the most prominent “Real Housewives of New York,” he received fame and a lot of media attention. John also competed in the Summer Olympics in Helsinki in 1952, winning a gold medal in the Six-meter class with the boar Llanoria.

Furthermore, John Adams Morgan worked for the corporation Upham & Co. Inc. as a Director. John worked as a Director at TriMas Corporation until 1998. He has also served as a director for firms such as Furnishing International Inc and Metaldyne. John Adams was a member of the executive committee or a trustee for the New York Company, Provident Loan Society. Later, he joined the Pierpont Morgan Library Company as a Director.

John Adams Morgan Olympic career

John’s Olympic career began in 1952 when he won a gold medal in the 6-meter class with the boat Llanoria at the Helsinki Summer Olympics. John presently resides on Caritas Island, a 3.5-acre private island complex off the coast of Stamford, Connecticut, with a 26-room, 14,000-square-foot home built in 1906.

John Adams Morgan collaboration with other businesses

Morgan Lewis Githens & Ahn Inc. was founded in 1982 by John Joseph Morgan, the great-grandson of J.P. Morgan. In 1985, he authorized a bought buyout of Olin’s Ecusta cigarette paper business from the Olin Corporation, an industrial chemical concern based in Stamford, Connecticut. Morgan Joseph and Fred Joseph (B-1937D-2009) co-founded the new institution Morgan Joseph LLC in 2002.

Facts about John Adams Morgan

  • John Morgan was born on September 17, 1930, in Oyster Bay, New York, United States.
  • John is a businessman, a former Olympic champion, a sailor from the United States, and the creator of Morgan Joseph.
  • He has been married five times, four of which he divorced, and is now married to Connie H. Morgan, whom he married in 2010.
  • He owns Caritas Island, a 3.5-acre private island compound in Connecticut, complete with a 14,000-square-foot residence and a 26-room mansion erected in 1906. He listed the island for $18.9 million.
  • Sonja Morgan, his fourth (4th) ex-wife, is extremely protective of her family. Even though she was divorced from her husband, she maintained that they were still in love. She also never hesitates to speak up in his defense.
  • Sonja Morgan is a socialite, philanthropist, and American television personality.
  • In 1990, she shared a special sensation award with Mira Sorvino and Vanessa Noel at the St.Regis Hotel for her service.
  • When John and Sonja separated in 2007, she claimed he owed her up to $3 million and $300,000 in child support as part of the divorce settlement.
  • He married Connie Morgan in 2010, and he is currently happily married to Connie.


1) What is John Adams’s Nationality? 

John Adam’s Nationality is American. He was born in New York.

2) What is John Adams Morgan’s Net worth?

John Adams Morgan Net Worth is $ 100 Million.

3) What is John Adams Morgan’s salary? 

Jonh’s net worth is reported to be more than $100 million USD, with some credible sources claiming that he made a lot of money as a banker. John also continued his family company, which further increased his wealth.

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