Missing F35 Fighter Jet Found? Know About The Cost & Engine

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Authorities near North Charleston, South Carolina, continue their hunt for a missing F-35 fighter plane on the second day. On Sunday afternoon, a US Marine pilot jumped from the plane, and it disappeared. They have asked the public for help in their hunt. This post will go into great depth about the missing F35 fighter jet.

Missing F35 Fighter Jet

Missing F35 Fighter Jet

Aspect Details
Aircraft Type F-35 Fighter Jet
Incident Date 17 September 2023
Location Near Charleston, South Carolina
Pilot’s Ejection Yes
Debris Field Discovery Yes
Recovery Efforts Underway
Total F-35 Program Cost $1.7 trillion
Estimated Unit Cost $75 million to $80 million (varies by variant)
Previous F-35 Crashes 2018 (Beaufort County, SC) and [Year/Location]
Causes of Previous Crashes Manufacturing defect
Notable Features of F-35 Stealth capabilities, advanced technology, multi-role fighter
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corporation
Engine Pratt & Whitney F135 Engine
Engine Characteristics Turbofan, optimized for thrust, reliability, and efficiency
Current Status Recovery efforts ongoing, investigation underway

Military officials in the United States have asked the public for help identifying a fighter plane that went missing over South Carolina after its pilot evacuated. Following a “mishap,” a Marine Corps pilot safely exited the F-35B Lightning II fighter above North Charleston on Sunday afternoon, according to military sources. The hunt for the missing aircraft has focused on two lakes north of North Charleston.

At about 2 p.m., the pilot successfully released a parachute and landed safely in North Charleston. Maj Melanie Salinas said they were later brought to a nearby hospital and found stable. The identity of the pilot has yet to be public. According to Senior Master Sergeant Heather Stanton of Joint Base Charleston, attempts to find the F-35 Lightning II fighter are focused near Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, both located north of North Charleston.

Missing F35 Fighter Jet Found

Missing F35 Fighter Jet Found

On Monday, after the pilot ejected, a debris field was located and verified to be the remains of an F-35 fighter plane that had gone missing a day earlier near Charleston, South Carolina. The Marine Corps and a defense official familiar with the search operations revealed this information.

The debris field is about two hours northeast of Joint Base Charleston. According to a Marine Corps press release, JB Charleston, which led the search effort, is handing over incident leadership to the USMC as they begin the recovery phase. Residents were urged to avoid the area until the recovery crew secured the debris field and began recovery operations.

F35 Jet Missing Cost

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program costs $1.7 trillion, including procuring, operating, and repairing the aircraft and equipment during operational lifespans.

This data comes from a Government Accountability Office study released in May. Notably, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is the Defense Department’s most expensive weapons system endeavor, with each F-35 plane costing $75 million to $80 million.

Who Makes The F35 Fighter Jet?

The F-35, a single-seat fighter aircraft used by numerous militaries across the globe, is manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp. This aircraft features a vertical take-off variant operated by the United States Marine Corps and is well-known for its stealth qualities, making radar detection difficult.

The F-35 program, widely regarded as the most costly weapons program in US history, is expected to cost $400 billion for development and purchase, with an extra $1.2 trillion set aside for fleet operations and maintenance over 60 years. Each aircraft may cost more than $160 million, depending on the type.

It is not the first such incident with F-35. According to the Government Accounting Office, an F-35B variant crashed in Beaufort County, South Carolina, in 2018 due to a manufacturing flaw in a fuel tube. Next, a Japanese F-35A stealth aircraft crashed into the Pacific Ocean during a training exercise the next year, which Japan blamed on pilot confusion rather than technical faults.

About F35 Fighter Jet

F-35 fighter planes are advanced combat aircraft that have been a part of the United States military for many years. Lockheed Martin, a major aerospace company, has produced over 1,000 stealthy aircraft dubbed the “world’s most advanced fighter jets.”

However, when the US military first picked Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to design and construct the aircraft in 2001, the program suffered considerable obstacles, including cost overruns and technical concerns. The first F-35 accident was documented in 2018 and classified as a “Class A” disaster. 

F35 Fighter Jet Engine

The F-35 fighter aircraft boasts a cutting-edge engine, contributing significantly to its outstanding performance. The Pratt & Whitney F135 engine is well-known for its power and efficiency. The F-35’s turbofan engine delivers the power necessary for various tasks, including supersonic speeds and stealth operations.

In the F-35B model, the F135 engine integrates innovative technology, such as a specialized lift fan system for short take-offs and vertical landings.

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