After 10th Courses List For Girls 2023

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Career planning is one of the crucial decisions to be made by a student during their teen years. Especially in an era where young professionals are laid off from their jobs accompanied by uncertainties such as the Covid 19 pandemic, this choice becomes much more sensitive for the students. All of these factors tend to elevate the intensity of confusion and anxiety, even more regarding women. Brought up in a patriarchal setup (rural parts of India), these women and girls face the job of fearlessly choosing their optimal career path to lead them to an independent life. Information, as we know, is readily available at our smartphone tips, but the guidance and direction needed to address their issues are not often found in a single read.

This article, therefore, seeks to bridge the information gap by listing the top after 10th courses for girls in 2022. To have a comprehensive understanding, read the article till the end. 

Best after 10th courses list for Girls

1 . Air Hostess

Aspiring to be an air hostess is one of the many dreams that a girl may seek to fulfill nowadays. This job not only offers to enhance one’s personality and character but also grants a lavish lifestyle ranging from traveling across countries to residing at renowned hotels during the career. Girls with a passion for hospitality with a vivacious charm and communication skills may opt for working in the aviation industry, which offers a salary no less than a rupees 40 – 45 thousand monthly package. Hence this career is a great option in after 10th courses list for girl.

2. Beauty and hairdressing  

beauty and hair dressing

Driven by the desire for looks and aesthetics, this particular course could be the motivation for a career in the beauty style industry. The training for the same may differ from three to twelve months, depending on the institute. After completing the learning time, this job could fetch an income of around 20 to  30 thousand per month. Girls with this particular course can become professionals. Later they can either work under a firm or start an enterprise of their own to offer services. So, this profession is kept no. 2 on after 10th courses list for girl.

3. Learning several languages

Choosing to learn a foreign language is one of the tops after 10th diploma courses list for girls in India. There has been a growing demand for language professionals and translators in the corporate world since the onset of global companies setting up operations in India. These trained experts get a whopping salary of less than 40 to 60 thousand per month. They can expect to work in foreign embassies and consulates, as a translator for the foreign company, and in public relations.

4 . Event management

event manager

The second position acquired in the top after the 10th diploma courses list for girls in India is that of an event manager. This short-term duration course opens up a wide range of opportunities for students in the management sector which make it a preferred choice on the after 10th courses list for girl. Especially when there’s a reason to celebrate even the smallest joys of life today, the demand for an event manager is sky high. Apart from working under a firm, individual projects can offer a lucrative income in thousands and lakhs of rupees for significant events.

5 . ITI courses

These diploma certificate industrial training institute courses offer various vocational training and specialization in fieldwork recognized by many job organizations. Priced at a very economical rate, these courses are a good opportunity for students inclined toward the science stream. Some professionals one can consider pursuing after attending an ITI course include chemical plant operator, food technician, fireman, etc. ITI Courses is a commonly preffered option on after 10th courses list for girl.

6 . Medical courses

Dreaming of becoming a doctor and working in the medical field could be a long and expensive journey. Nevertheless, these after 10th science courses list for girls provide an established career with on-field experience in the medical field. Diplomas in rural healthcare, paramedic nursing, and hospital assistance are some of the many short-duration courses available after class 10th. May girls picks up this as a career option for them form after 10th courses list for girl.

7 . Fashion designing

fashion designer

If you have taste for design and looking for after 10th courses list for girl then this is something that can interest you. Girls desiring to own a company or a startup can choose various fashion designing diploma courses offered by private institutions. In a world of Facebook and Instagram, where every cloth is a growing trend, personal design skills and business interests may land one onto becoming an aspiring fashion designer and have a glimpse of the evergreen fashion universe.

8 . Computer courses

This is the top preferred course on after 10th courses list for girl. In a technology-driven world, it is almost a necessity to gain some basic computing knowledge. Every firm employs staff to maintain accounts, finances, logistics, and a record of their daily activities, which are to be logged on a desktop. Short-term diploma courses help one get equipped with the needed skill to operate efficiently on a computer and lay a wider future path toward a corporate career. This is among the many renowned after 10th science course list for girl 2022, some of which include a certificate in digital marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, etc.

9 . Hotel management and tourism diploma

Hotel management and tourism

The hospitality industry is another well-esteemed sector among the after 10th courses list for girls in 2022. India has been a significant host destination for tourists worldwide. With the post-pandemic growth of the tourism sector, a two-year diploma in tourism and hotel management is in the heat of the moment. Young professionals in this sector have astonishing career growth, significant perks, and unique benefits. Students want to go board and looking for after 10th courses list for girl picks this option as it open a gateway of opportunities for them.

10 . Engineering diploma

Although not promising a job as an engineer, a diploma in engineering from a renowned polytechnic college could be one of the best decisions to pursue further education after the 10th. These are some branches to earn a diploma in engineering, which include chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, etc. This also has a significant rank among after 10th science courses list for girls in India.

Final Words

This after 10th courses list for girl, display a wide range of profitable opportunities to grab and pursue further education and learning with a mere class 10th level educational qualification. With optimum passion and interest, one can at least frame an independent career out of these with an ideal level of income and lifestyle.

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