Hellbound Season 2 Confirmed! Here’s the Release Date, Cast, Plot, Official Trailer and More


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Hellbound, a highly acclaimed South Korean Netflix original series, is a must-watch for fans of dark fantasy shows. It made its Netflix debut in November 2021, generating significant excitement for the eagerly anticipated second season. We are delighted to bring some exciting news to devoted fans.

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Hellbound Season 2 Renewal Status

Hellbound Season 2 Renewal Status is confirmed! It’s official, Hellbound season 2 is a reality! Netflix renewed the series in the fall of 2022, unveiling the exciting news during Tudum 2022, their annual celebration of original content. They even treated fans to a teaser for the upcoming season. Have a look:

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Fast forward to August 2023, and we’re thrilled to confirm that production for the next chapter of this thrilling series has commenced. Netflix Geeked (X) made the exciting announcement on Twitter with a quick video, showcasing the cast and crew at a table read, signaling the start of filming. This confirmation is fantastic news for dedicated fans, as it verifies that the cameras are rolling.

As previously reported by NME, production was expected to kick off in the summer of 2023, and it appears those reports were spot on!

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date is not out yet. As of August 2023, the release date for Hellbound season 2 remains unconfirmed. Given that production has just commenced, it’s unlikely that the new season will be ready for a 2023 release. Instead, fans can likely anticipate its arrival in 2024.

Typically, Netflix series release new seasons approximately a year after production begins, with some exceptions. Given Hellbound’s reliance on special effects, there’s a possibility it might take a bit longer. With this in mind, our prediction points toward a potential release in the summer or fall of 2024. However, please note that this is a speculative estimate, and we are not affiliated with Netflix, so take it as a rough estimate.

Hellbound Season 2 Cast

Hellbound Season 2 Cast is expected to undergo significant changes compared to the first season. Netflix has officially confirmed several cast members for the upcoming episodes:

  • Kim Hyun-joo
  • Kim Shin-rok
  • Lee Dong-hee
  • Yang Ik-joon
  • Lee Re
  • Yang Dong-geun
  • Lim Seong-jae
  • Moon Geun-young
  • Cho Dong-in

Notably, Yoo Ah-in, who was initially set to reprise his role as Jeong Jin-soo, was removed from the series following an investigation into alleged drug use. In his place, Kim Sung-cheol will assume the role of Jeong Jin-soo in season 2.

As we approach the release date, it’s likely that additional cast members for Hellbound season 2 will be announced. We’ll make sure to update this post with any new additions to the cast.

Hellbound Season 2 Storyline

Hellbound Season 2 Storyline faces the task of addressing lingering questions stemming from the dramatic climax of the season 1 finale and the repercussions of that pivotal event. Notably, the conclusion of Hellbound season 1 diverged significantly from the original webtoon.

In the final episode of Hellbound season 1, So-hyun and Young-jae bravely confront a trio of formidable Hell Beasts in a desperate bid to protect their newborn baby, Toughie. However, their valiant efforts prove futile against these monstrous adversaries. In a final act of sacrifice, the pair forms a human shield around Toughie, with the residents of the compound as silent witnesses to this heart-wrenching moment.

In a seemingly cataclysmic event, all three individuals are reduced to ash as the Hell Beasts vanish into the obscurity of the night. However, a faint cry pierces the darkness, revealing Toughie’s miraculous survival. This astonishes the self-proclaimed messiah, Dong-wook, who rushes forward to fulfill the decree. Just as he’s about to take the plunge, the Hell Beasts reappear, swiftly dispatching Dong-wook.

Amidst the chaos, the compound’s residents obstruct the oncoming New Truth members pursuing attorney Hye-jin, clutching Toughie. Deacon Yoo-Ji loses his composure, brutally assaulting an elderly dissenter who challenges the cult’s beliefs.

The entire harrowing scene is captured on film, causing both the police and New Truth members to question the cult’s motives. Yoo-Ji is arrested, and the New Truth members halt their pursuit of Hye-jin.

Meanwhile, at the site of the initial public demonstration four years prior, Jeong-ja’s charred remains are encased in a glass box, serving as an eerie museum exhibit. Unexpectedly, her burnt body begins to radiate, and she returns from the dead.

Season 2 is poised to revolve around the unexpected return of those condemned to hell, beginning with Jeong-ja. It’s highly probable that the main character, Jinsu, will also make a resurrection, with Kim Sung-cheol taking over the role from Yoo Ah-in. This development raises profound questions about the true nature of the decrees and the New Truth’s ideology in turmoil.

Hellbound Season 2 Official Trailer

Hellbound Season 2 Official Trailer is not been made available yet. The makers have given us a little glimpse of what the upcoming season will look like through a teaser that we have linked above, however, the trailer is anticipated by all.

It is likely that the trailer of Hellbound Season 2 will be released by the end of this year or sooner. Meanwhile, watch the trailer of Season 1 below:

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Hellbound Season 2 Streaming Platform

Hellbound Season 2 Streaming Platform is likely to remain the same as that of its previous season. As with the inaugural season, Hellbound season 2 will remain a Netflix original, ensuring it remains exclusively available on the streaming platform worldwide upon its release.

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