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In Yoo Kwan-2021’s South Korean TV series, “Police University,” featuring Cha Tae-Hyun, Jung Jin-young, and Krystal Jung, the storyline revolves around a hacker who enrolls as a first-year student at a university, where a seasoned police professor with two decades of experience mentors them. The show originally aired on KBS2 every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 (KST) from August 9, 2021, to October 5, 2021.

Now, anticipation is building for Police University Season 2, as viewers are eager to discover whether Kang Sun Ho can overcome his obstacles to become a police officer. In the previous season’s finale, they successfully apprehended the online gambling site killer, and Kang Sun Ho decided to return to college after resolving his personal issues.

Let’s delve into the details of what to expect in the upcoming Police University Season 2!

Police University Season 2 Renewal Status

Police University Season 2 Renewal Status is yet to be confirmed. The previous season of Police University made its debut on KBS2 on August 9, 2021, with fresh episodes airing every Monday until October 5, 2021. However, as of now, there is no official information available about Police University Season 2. The network has not released any official statements about the show’s second season, and thus, the confirmation of Season 2 remains pending.

Police University Season 2 Release Date 

Police University Season 2 Release Date is not out yet. As of now, there is no confirmation regarding the renewal of Police University for a second season, and consequently, no premiere date has been scheduled. If the show gets picked up in early 2022, there’s a possibility of a premiere in that year. However, there is also a significant chance that the show may not return for a second season.

Police University Season 2 Storyline

Police University Season 2 Storyline is kept under wraps due to lack of official information on the renewal status. The National Police University serves as the backdrop for a diverse cast of characters, delving into the lives of students and faculty alike. Yoo Dong-man (Cha Tae-hyun), a seasoned detective boasting two decades of experience in criminal and cyber investigations, takes an unexpected turn in his career when he’s tasked with teaching at the institution. Dong-man, known as “Bird” in the cyber realm, forms an unlikely online partnership with Kang Seon-ho (Jung Jin-young), a hacker operating under the alias “Yoon,” as they chase leads on an illicit bitcoin gambling site connected to Seon-ho’s fiancée’s death.

Their paths collide, sparking unintended friction between the two. However, Seon-ho’s life takes a new direction when he falls for Oh Kang-hee (Krystal Jung), an aspiring policewoman. Inspired by her, he enrolls at the police academy, leading to another encounter with Dong-man. Together, they forge a trio and embark on a mission to uncover school corruption. The series explores the intricate dynamics between teachers and students, as well as the dark underbelly of law enforcement and criminal activity on campus.

The inaugural season of Police University centered around a group of Korean National Police cadets and their instructors. Yoo Dong-man, a cyber analysis expert, found himself teaching these aspiring detectives at the academy. Meanwhile, Seon-ho and Dong-man crossed paths coincidentally, both having invested in an illegal cryptocurrency website linked to Seon’s fiancée’s tragic demise. Their initial encounter was far from amicable.

In the midst of this, Seon-ho and Oh Kang-hee, who aspired to be a police officer, embarked on a romantic journey. The first season saw the establishment of a task force investigating corruption within the police academy. As for Season 2, there have been no updates on the storyline’s progression, leaving viewers in suspense about the direction it might take. If a second season materializes, it’s likely to continue from where the first season left off, potentially continuing the love story of Seon-ho and Oh Kang-hee and introducing new characters to the university in the upcoming year.

Police University Season 2 Cast

Police University Season 2 Cast is yet to be locked in. The cast of “Police University” includes Cha Tae-hyun portraying Yoo Dong-man, a former detective now teaching at the National Police University, armed with two decades of experience spanning homicide to cyber investigations. Jung Jin-young takes on the role of Kang Seon-ho, a freshman at the university with a previous history as a hacking criminal. Krystal Jung embodies Oh Kang-hee, another freshman, passionately pursuing her dream of becoming a police officer. Hong Soo-hyun appears as Choi Hee-soo, the Judo Department professor, while Lee Jong-hyuk assumes the role of Kwon Hyuk-pil, the law professor.

Hong Soo-hyun appears as Choi Hee-soo, the Judo Department professor, while Lee Jong-hyuk assumes the role of Kwon Hyuk-pil, the law professor. Seo Ye-hwa plays Baek-hee, the director of the university’s Guidance Department, and Kang Shin-il becomes Seo Sang-hak, a professor overseeing the Scientific Investigation Research Society.

Additionally, the ensemble includes characters like the owner of ‘Gossi Beer,’ portrayed by Shin Seung-hwan, and various students brought to life by actors such as Choo Young-woo, Lee Dal, Yoo Young-jae, Park Seun-yeon, Lee Do-hoon, Ha-Jun Jung, Min Chae-eun, Ain, Kim Jong-Hoon, Kim Jae-in, Byeon Seo-yun, Yoo Hyun-jong, Song Jin-woo, Choi Seo-won, Yoo Tae-woong, Kim Young-sun, Choi Woo-sung, and Hwang Seung-eon.

As and when a Season 2 of Police University comes to fruition, it’s likely that we will see these faces in the cast alongside some fresh talent joining in.

Police University Season 2 Official Trailer

Police University Season 2 Official Trailer is not been revealed yet. The upcoming season lacks a confirmation from the makers which makes it extremely difficult to predict when we can witness a season 2 trailer.

Meanwhile, watch the trailer of Police University below:

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Police University Season 2 Streaming Platform

Police University Season 2 Streaming Platform is likely to remain the same as that of its previous season. You can watch the KBS2 series Police University with English subtitles online through Viki for your convenience. You will get to watch season 2 on Viki itself.

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