Doctor Prisoner Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and More!


This article will help you in understanding everything you need to know about Doctor Prisoner Season 2. Read on!

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Korean dramas have garnered a global following, captivating audiences with their stories, music, and culture. Today, we introduce you to one of the finest Korean dramas that is sure to leave a lasting impression. “Doctor Prisoner,” written by Park Kye-ok and directed by Hwang In-hyuk, is a compelling South Korean medical drama produced by the KBS Drama Division and brought to life by Jidam Inc. This series centers around a doctor whose life takes a dramatic turn when he is accused of medical malpractice, leading to the suspension of his medical career and a prison sentence.

With the show being a hit amongst the audience, its natural for them to expect a season 2. Let’s take a look at all the possibilities of Doctor Prisoner Season 2. Keep reading!

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Renewal Status

Doctor Prisoner 2 renewal Status remains unconfirmed. Season 1 made its debut on March 20, 2019, and concluded its run on May 15, 2019, comprising 32 episodes, each lasting 35 minutes. The audience warmly received Season 1, awarding it an impressive rating of approximately 9.5, with an 80% approval rate.

However, the success of season 1 has still not been reciprocated by the makers as they still haven’t made their mind on the upcoming season of the show. It has been more than 4 years and we still await a final verdict from the makers with regards to the renewal status of Doctor Prisoner.

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Release Date 

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Release Date is not available at the moment. Since the conclusion of Season 1, fans have eagerly anticipated the arrival of Season 2. Initially, the creators announced a Season 2 release on March 15, 2020. However, no further updates or news regarding Season 2 have surfaced since that announcement.

Viewers are left wondering whether Season 2 has been canceled or not, as there has been no official communication on the matter. Until an official announcement is made, it would be premature to speculate about the status of Season 2, so it is best to await a final decision from the creators.

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Cast 

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Cast is not locked in yet. As of the present moment, there has been no official announcement regarding the cast of Season 2. Neither the creators nor the cast members from Season 1 have provided any confirmation about their return. However, should the series be renewed, there is a likelihood that the cast from Season 1 may make a return.

In Season 1, the lead role of Na Yi-je was portrayed by Namkoong Min, a talented doctor who deeply cares for his patients but is forced to leave the hospital due to a particular incident. Kwon Nara played the character Han So-geum, a psychiatrist employed at Taegang Hospital who also volunteers in a prison setting.

Additionally, the ensemble included Kim Byung-Chul as Seon Min-Sik, a medical director working within the prison, and Choi Won-young as Lee Jae-Joon, the primary heir to the prominent Taegang Group conglomerate. The supporting cast featured Jin Hee-Kyung as Mo Yi-ra, a former actress who becomes the second wife of Lee Duk-sung, and Lee Da-in as Lee Jae-in, the youngest daughter of the Taegang family who combines both beauty and intellect. To safeguard her family, she pursues a legal education to become a lawyer, and Park Eun-Seok portrayed Lee Jae-hwan, the second son of the Taegang family.

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Storyline 

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Storyline is kept under wraps until an official statement by the makers is out. In Season 1, we are introduced to Na Yi-je, a skilled, intelligent, and compassionate individual who excels in both his profession and his interactions with people. His life follows a smooth trajectory until an unexpected twist alters his existence significantly. This pivotal change stems from an incident involving one of his patients, who tragically loses their life in a hit-and-run accident caused by a wealthy individual who flees the scene.

The culprit behind the accident is Lee Jae-hwan, the second son of the Taegang family, who feels neglected in comparison to his more favored brother, Lee Jae-Joon, the primary heir of the family. Unfortunately, Yi-je becomes the target of blame, falsely accused by the affluent individuals, which ultimately leads to him resigning from his job.

Now working as a doctor within the confines of a prison, Yi-je is determined to seek vengeance against those responsible for the ruination of his life. He sets his course and prepares himself for the impending battle. The series revolves around the intricacies of life within the prison, the hospital, the culprits, and a web of mysteries.

As for Season 2, the official plot remains undisclosed, and viewers are eagerly awaiting any news of its release.

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Official Trailer 

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Official Trailer is not revealed yet. Until a confirmation is made on the renewal of season 2, expecting a trailer would be impractical. Let’s keep ours fingers crossed and wait for some good news on the upcoming season.

Watch the trailer of Doctor Prisoner below:

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Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Streaming Platform 

Doctor Prisoner Season 2 Streaming Platform is likely to remain the same as that of its previous season. The first season is streaming of Amazon Prime Video and Viki. As and when season 2 is renewed and ready to be streamed, the show is expected to be available on Amazon Prime Video and Viki.

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