Is Wicked Tuna Season 13 Happening Or Cancelled?

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Well, it’s still a mystery when Wicked Tuna Season 13 is coming out as NatGeo TV has yet to officially announce the date. We know for sure, it will be another great treat as fishermen scour the depths of the waters for Bluefin Tunas. The 13th season of the popular National Geographic series will feature fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts, competing to catch the fish and make some money. Returning to the North Atlantic this year, fishing captains from Gloucester, Massachusetts, will attempt to catch the elusive fish again. So, without wasting anytime, let’s dive into the topic and find more about Wicked Tuna Season 13.  

Wicked Tuna Season 13
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Wicked Tuna Overview

Wicked Tuna is an American reality television series premiered on the National Geographic Channel in April 2012. The show follows a group of commercial fishermen based in Gloucester, Massachusetts, who fish for the lucrative Atlantic bluefin tuna.

The teams of fishermen are out on the high seas for weeks at a time, with some crews spending up to 50 days away from land fishing for their catch. The show focuses on the competitive nature of the fishing industry as each crew works hard to stay profitable and ahead of their competitors. It has been described as a “docu-soap” due to its focus on interpersonal conflicts between crew members and rival captains.

In each episode, viewers witness wicked weather conditions, mechanical failures, and large waves crashing against their boats. The crew’s determination in some of the most extreme conditions makes this show a thrilling watch. Wicked Tuna crew members include captains such as Dave Carraro, Paul Hebert, TJ Ott, Dave Marciano, and Tyler McLaughlin, who have been with the show since its inception.

Each team has different strategies for catching tuna; some use rod-and-reel methods, while others employ harpoons or schools of baitfish to attract larger prey. As their catches increase, so does their profits, but if too much time passes without a successful haul, they may lose money and be forced to go home empty-handed.

The series is airing its 12th season on the National Geographic Channel and is one of the network’s highest-rated shows. It has also spawned several spinoffs, including Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks and North vs South. With its thrilling adventure and high-stakes competitive nature, it is no wonder that fans are hooked on this show.

The challenges these captains and their crews face make for some great television as viewers witness everything from a captain’s struggle to handle a disengaged crew to the extreme weather they must battle to reach the best fishing grounds. The series gives an insight into the lives of commercial fishermen and provides a unique glimpse into their struggles, successes, and disappointments. Each season showcases new catches, new rivals, and perhaps even some surprising alliances.

Throughout its 12 seasons, Wicked Tuna has become a beloved reality show that continues captivates viewers and bring them back for more. With its unique focus on one of America’s oldest industries and its cast of colorful characters, it is no wonder that Wicked Tuna has become such a hit with viewers.

The series won an Emmy Award 2013 for Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming. In addition to being widely praised by critics, the show has also earned recognition from other outlets, including a nomination for a 2013 Critics Choice Award for Best Reality Show.

The show’s success spawned several spinoffs, including Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (2014) and Wicked Tuna: North vs. South (2015), which ran for several seasons on the National Geographic Channel. The series continues to bring viewers thrilling stories of life at sea as these brave fishermen battle it each season to catch a lucrative haul of bluefin tuna. But no matter how much they succeed, there will always be ups and downs, making Wicked Tuna an unpredictable and entertaining experience. After completing watching a dozen seasons of the show, fans are in rigorous wait for Wicked Tuna Season 13.

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Name of the Show Wicked Tuna
Genre Reality Television
Language English
Country USA
Initial Release Date April 1, 2012
Total Seasons 12
Episodes Count 170
Wicked Tuna Season 13 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Where to Watch the Series NatGeo Tv

Wicked Tuna Season 13 Release Date- What to Expect?

Wicked Tuna Season 13 release date
Credit: Facebook

The Wicked Tuna Season 13 Release date has yet to be announced, but fans can expect more of the same thrilling drama as they join the Gloucester fishermen on their quests for bluefin tuna. Like previous seasons, there will be plenty of high-stakes fishing moments and inevitable rivalry between teams.

Details of Wicked Tuna Season 13 Cast Members

Wicked Tuna Season 13 cast
Credit: Facebook

Wicked Tuna Season 13 cast will feature the same list of captains, such as Dave Carraro, Paul Hebert, TJ Ott, Dave Marciano, and Tyler McLaughlin who have been with the show since its inception. The show may also introduce some new faces in the upcoming season as it usually does at the beginning of each year.

Wicked Tuna Season 13 Trailer Release

If we get the confirmation of the next season, Wicked Tuna Season 13 Trailer will probably come out  a few months before its official release. The trailer will give us an insight into what’s to come in the new season and prepare us for all the exciting events that will take place throughout the show.

What to Expect from Wicked Tuna Season 13 Plot?

Credit: Facebook

The Wicked Tuna Season 13 plot is expected to follow the same pattern as previous seasons. The captains and their teams will venture off to sea in search for the elusive Atlantic bluefin tuna, navigating treacherous waters and battling the elements to bring in a profitable haul.

The season will also feature some interesting rivalries among team members, with each captain trying to outwit his competitors. We can also expect more wild weather moments that challenge the fishermen’s skills and commitment to fishing.

Wicked Tuna Season 13 Episodes- Length and Count

Each season of Wicked Tuna typically consists of 10 episodes, each lasting an hour. Season 13 will likely follow this pattern and consist of 10 one-hour episodes.

At the moment, there is no official confirmation as to when or if the show will return for another season. Fans will just have to wait patiently until an announcement is made by National Geographic Channel regarding the release date of Wicked Tuna Season 13.

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Wicked Tuna Season 13 Premier Date

At this moment, the official premier date for the Wicked Tuna Season 13 has not been announced. We will update you as soon as more information is made available by the production company and National Geographic Channel.  Until then, fans can re-watch previous seasons while they wait for the next season to arrive.

Wicked Tuna Season 13 Renewal Status

We are yet to hear from the National Geographic Channel about Wicked Tuna Season 13 renewal status. The show has been running on NGC since 2012 and has managed to stay popular due its unique focus on commercial fishing industry in America. As soon as we get news of a possible renewal, we will update you here. If you are also excited to see your favorite Captain heading back to the waters, let us know who it will be. We are awaiting your comments.

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