Walker Independence Season 2 Release Date & Cast

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The search for a new home in Walker Independence has finally been canceled at the CW. After the end of the first season, the show’s producers and directors decided not to continue with the second season, as reported by Deadline. The first Walker Independence season 1 season aired on 2nd March at 9 PM. The show was aired on The CW. The series that made its debut in the fall of 2022 has attracted audiences who have fallen in love with the Western. It is not a typical offering for the network.Β 

Walker Independence Season 2
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Season one of Walker Independence began with a long mystery, including why Abigail Walker’s Husband, Liam, was killed. Also, it questioned why the new sheriff of Independence, Sheriff Tom Davidson, is as bad as he appears at the onset of the series. But, there is no official statement that the Walker Independence Season 2 has been completely cancelled.

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However, with all the happenings of Season 1, fans will have to say goodbye to the series as the Walker Independence Season 2 will not be cast or aired on television. However, it is not easy for the fans to accept that season 2 will not come to television again. Therefore, is the goodbye permanent, or will season 2 come in the future? You should read through this guide to know more about it in detail.

Is Walker Independence Cancelled?

No, Walker Independence has not been canceled completely, as there is still a chance for Walker Independence Season 2 to happen sometime in the future. The audience always wanted the show to be given a second chance. Therefore, The CW has yet to make a proper decision regarding the event’s future.Β 

Is the Walker Independence show renewed?

Walker Independence Season 2 release date
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No, neither the show has been canceled nor has it been renewed. And therefore, we cannot keep the Walker Independence Season 2 completely out of the question. Although it is not a secret that the show producers and developers are trying to cut back on the content significantly, the Walker Independence Season 2 happening should not be kept out of the question.Β 

However, Seamus Fahey, the popular showrunner of Walker Independence, has said that if the producers do not wish to continue with the show, there is always a Plan B to help the series find a new home.Β 

Walker Independence Season 1 Review

Walker Independence Season 1 Review
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The last and final episode of Walker Independence Season 1 was last aired on March 2, Thursday. The episode had the title “Let Him Hang.” The series was a prequel, and it was led by Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker. The character features a wealthy Bostonian whose husband was murdered before her during their journey to the West.Β 

During her journey of revenge, Walker meets Hoyt Rawlins, a lovable person finding some purpose, and their journey finally takes them to the town of Independence. In that town, they both meet with diverse and weird people running from their troubled pasts and trying to chase their dreams.Β 

The show has been very popular with fans of the original Walker and newbies to the series. But, the question was always whether it would be enough to create the Walker Independence Season 2.

But, some of the crew members from Walker Season 1 are still hopeful for something unexpected to happen. With this, the fans of this show are still in expectation of the launch of the Walker Independence Season 2.Β 

Overview of Walker Independence

Name of the Show Walker Independence
Release Date 6th October, 2022
Cast Katherine McNamara, Matt Barr, Katie Findlay, Greg Hovanessian, Philemon Chambers, Justin Johnson Cortez, Lawrence Cao, Gabriela Quezada and others
Total Number of episodes 13
Final episode 2nd March 2023
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Final Words

The First Season of Walker Independence had gathered millions of viewers with an attractive plot and storyline. But, that was not enough for the producers and the developers to launch the Walker Independence Season 2. The CW aired this TV show for a long time and made a huge fanbase. Between all the speculations and reports, the crew members of the Walker Independence and even the eagerly waiting fans are still hoping for the show’s comeback, which is very less possible. But, some say that the show will find something for its continuation.

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