When is National Ex Day 2023?

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People are frequently interested in how their ex-partners have been doing following the separation or breakup. And many people want to know when is National Ex day

For the most part, we attempt to move on from them and get on with our lives, but there are times when we recall them or can’t get them out of our heads. Texting your ex on National ex day is one way to accomplish this. 

Every year on October 30th, National Text Your Ex Day is observed. It’s great to text them once a year to keep up with their location and life. So, get out your phone, think of something to say, and celebrate National ex Day.

History of National Text your Ex Day

National Ex Day History


Texting technology has been available since 1988. On December 3, 1992, a 22-year-old engineer sent the first ‘Merry Christmas’ instant SMS message to Richard Jarvis. There were many fantastic love stories back then as well. But one thing is certain: it was not as easy to get out of a relationship or marriage back then as it is today. California Governor Ronald Reagan signed the nation’s first no-fault divorce statute bill in 1969.

The new law made it unnecessary for spouses to manufacture marital misbehavior in order to obtain a divorce. It stripped marriage of its legal authority to bind husband and wife, allowing one partner to end a marriage for any reason or no reason at all. It is now seen as an excellent approach to dealing with your anger or resentment following a breakup.

It wasn’t until 2010 that every state got their own no-fault divorce legislation, with New York being the laggard state, requiring exes to reside in separate houses for a year before a court could transform their separation into a divorce. National ex-spouse day is recognized yearly on April 14th for married couples.

What can be done on National Ex day?

What can be done on National Ex day

This is understandable given that the individual who formerly meant everything to you is now in a completely new environment with other people. It’s great to text them once a year to keep up with their location and life. Texting National Ex day quotes is one way to accomplish this. On National Ex Day, one can do the following.

  • You may participate on this day if you are certain that you are not emotionally attached to that individual. If the breakup hasn’t yet allowed you to live a peaceful life, it’s best to avoid contacting them.
  • The goal of this day is to normalize things and have a light-hearted talk about the good moments you’ve had, remembering that everything, even the breakup, happened for a reason.
  • On National Ex Day, use it to express your regrets about the relationship or breakup to your ex. There is no better day to assess your love life, so go on a date with someone else and be proactive in your search for someone special.

Why is it important to celebrate National Ex day?

Importance of National Ex day

Most of the time, we lose opportunities to communicate ourselves correctly to our ex so that they may unable to understand why the break-up occurred. National Ex day provides us the opportunity to contact our ex again and observe how they react today. What you say in the text and how you respond to their comments can either make or destroy this healing opportunity, so select your words carefully.

You may still love or despise your ex by now, but we recommend that you text your ex on this day and inquire about what’s going on in his/her life. This way, you will also know whether he/she has entirely moved on or is in a relationship with someone else. By comparing your situation to that of your ex, you will have a better understanding of your future relationships and will not feel guilty about it. On National Ex day, text your ex and inquire about what’s going on in his or her life. It’s also a terrific method to see how your ex is doing right now in comparison to you.

How to celebrate National Text Your Ex Day?

How to celebrate National Text Your Ex Day

What do you do if you’re not over your ex on National Ex Day? On this day, you might SMS your ex in a few different ways. You may send them a funny note if you’re now friends and there are no hard feelings, or if you’ve moved on with someone else. If you made a mistake and want to apologize, texting might be a good way to express yourself. It might also be a terrific method to move on from your split.

When you truly want to text your ex, the first thing that comes to mind is how to start the discussion. The wording should be informal yet nice, without being overly needy or unpleasant. Going on a date might help you overcome your nervousness and become more driven to meet someone unique and suitable for you.

National Ex Day 2022 provides you with a deadline for completion. But it doesn’t imply you have to send the SMS right now. You may also utilize it to get rid of any unresolved ideas, sensations, or emotions that arise when you think about your ex. And FEEL the liberation!

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What are the reasons people show interest in celebrating National Ex day?

Reasons people celebrate National Ex day

National Ex Day provides the perfect occasion to contact your ex and seek closure. If your previous relationship left you heartbroken or damaged your partner’s heart, sending an SMS is the ideal opportunity to mend. But, what you say in the text and how you respond to their comments can make or destroy this healing opportunity, so select your words carefully. It’s sometimes helpful to be reminded that you made the correct decision.

Bottom Line

National Ex day provides an opportunity to talk to your ex and either gain closure or deal with the difficulties that led to your breakup. Some people may be feeling guilty about their previous actions and sins. This is the finest day for them to honestly apologize for their errors. People make a point of celebrating the day with pleasure, amusement, and good actions. Happy National Ex Day to everyone who is waiting to celebrate this day.

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